Why should you play in online casinos without online banking? Most providers use this variant to verify the data when registering. However, there are certainly customers who for various reasons do not want to enter their bank details in the online casino. Therefore, alternative payment methods are becoming more and more popular in online casinos and most operators now offer a long list of other payment options.

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Online casinos with Girocard

online banking kreditkarte

Everyone who has a bank account receives a girocard when opening an account. With this EC card you can withdraw money at the machine, you can pay for purchases at the supermarket checkout or you can pay in with the Girocard in the online casino. It is the ideal means of payment in everyday life in many areas of life.

If you pay with your Giro Card in the online casino, you will be forwarded to your account-holding bank via an encrypted SSL connection during the payment process. There you log in as usual with your online banking PIN and thus legitimize yourself as the cardholder. With this payment method, the account balance is also checked directly and payments are only made if the account has sufficient funds.

Cashless payment transactions are a secure option for both players and casino operators. The actual payment transaction takes place via bank transfer from one account to the other. As a player, you have immediate access to the online casino, even if the casino has to wait a while for its money. However, the casino provider does not have to worry about payment defaults because the liquidity check is carried out directly. It is also practical that you can make both deposits and withdrawals with one and the same payment method. However, a payout always takes place in the form of a transfer and cannot be processed directly via the EC card in the casino.

Provider with EC & ELV payment

ec karte online banking

If you are looking for an online casino with ELV deposit, you will hardly find it. The electronic direct debit procedure ELV is not a payment method used in serious online casinos. It is far too insecure for the operator, because if there is no account balance, the money can be reclaimed. Since the liquidation check takes a little longer, the deposited amount could already be used before the chargeback is made. In this case, the casino operator would go away empty-handed and would have to claim the amount from the player in some other way. Since this process is not always successful and can be quite tedious and annoying, online casinos generally do not offer ELV deposits.

Direct debit & direct debit

Direct debit casinos and direct debit online casinos do not exist up to now. Casino operators shy away from SEPA direct debit, because banks can reclaim a direct debit on behalf of their customers without giving any reason within a certain period of time. In addition, a direct debit authorization would first have to be issued by the customer for a direct debit. This is another shortcoming with direct debit, because hardly any player likes to give an online casino direct debit.

Furthermore, when collecting money via direct debit, the online casino cannot directly determine whether the player’s account is covered at all. It can happen that the amount booked on the player account has already been gambled away before a liquidity check can take place. Very annoying for the operator, who has to chase after his money if the cover is not covered. In this case, the amount will be returned to the current account a short time later, but in this case it has already been spent in the casino. These are arguably the main reasons why this type of deposit does not really catch on in online casinos.

Online casinos on account

Online casinos accept a variety of deposit methods. It is no longer necessary to make deposits via credit cards or online banking. If you want to do without it for security or discretion reasons, there are plenty of other alternatives. It is also easy to make deposits with cash in virtual casinos.

Playing on account in the online casino is hardly possible. Too often bills are not paid. It takes far too long to deposit with an invoice that needs to be paid in advance. There are much faster and better payment methods where you can play with your real money within a very short time and which are still discreet.

What are online casinos without online banking?

Online casino customers can deposit using a variety of payment methods. Credit cards, traditional bank transfers and e-wallets are just as possible as payment initiation services. Some customers do not want to deposit with these methods and are looking for online casinos without online banking.

Basically: Almost every casino accepts digital payment methods such as credit card, Trustly, Skrill, etc. However, there are casinos that accept other payment methods and thus enable their customers to make payments without their own online banking and to a certain extent entirely analogue.

Why are online casinos in demand without online banking?

online banking cyber sicherheit

Why are online casinos so popular without online banking? There are several reasons for that. Some consumers shy away from paying over the Internet for security reasons. Others, on the other hand, fear for their discretion if payments are made through the account (which may be shared with a partner). Still others do not have certain means of payment for reasons of creditworthiness.

No risk of cyber crime

With the appropriate technical measures and the necessary caution, the risk of cybercrime when making deposits in the casino is extremely low. Nevertheless, many people are afraid of this risk – and still want to deposit and play in the online casino.

If online casinos allow deposits to be made without online banking methods, cyber criminals are sure to get nothing.

Payments do not go through the current account

If you make a deposit with Trustly or Klarna, you can see it on the account statement. When making a deposit in the online casino by credit card, the turnover appears on the credit card statement. The same applies if a credit card is first used to pay into an e-wallet and money is transferred from there to the casino. Discretion is not necessarily guaranteed here, as such payments are already noticeable in a joint account, for example.

Casinos without online banking allow payments that do not appear on the bank statement or on the credit card statement.

No credit check

Several million people in Germany do not have an impeccable credit rating. Not only does that mean that these consumers cannot borrow large amounts of money. This also means that banks do not provide credit cards. With negative entries from certain credit agencies, real credit cards with a credit limit are hardly available.

Many consumers also do not want their creditworthiness checked for a credit card or other means of payment. In fact, most digital payment methods do. Banks request data from credit agencies such as the German credit agency SCHUFA and also report the conclusion of card contracts there.

Deposit methods without online banking

online banking casino

The good news: There are a number of payment methods that players can use to deposit into online casinos without online banking. This is even possible with cash – even if this is not placed directly on the counter of the casino operator.


One possible variant is, for example, cash-to-code. This is a digital payment service that specializes in accepting cash. With Cash-to-Code, payments can be made with cash on the Internet, just as quickly as with a credit card or payment initiation service. Users receive a transparent receipt and do not have to enter any bank account or credit card details. A credit check is also not required.

And this is how it works: If an online casino offers cash-to-code as a payment method, this is selected in the account. A barcode is then created using the smartphone. This only takes 1 second. A cash-to-code branch is now visited with the barcode on the smartphone. These can be petrol stations, kiosks, retailers, etc.

In total there are more than 100,000 such branches. The barcode is shown on the smartphone to the checkout staff at the branch. The staff now scans the barcode. The amount stored on the barcode is then paid in cash to the cash-to-code branch. This branch issues a receipt for this.

That’s it: The deposited amount is available in real time on the game account and can be used immediately.

Cash-to-code is very simple and only requires a smartphone and the desired amount of cash. As a rule, the way to the nearest cash-to-code branch is short. Deposits of up to EUR 400 are possible per transaction. The number of transactions is not limited, however. So you can also book more than € 400 on your player account, but you need several codes for this.

For consumers, there are generally no costs for deposits in the casino with cash-to-code. The costs are borne by the casino, which also has to pay a fee to the payment service provider for deposits by credit card, e-wallet, etc.


Paysafecard is another way to deposit into online casinos without online banking. Again, this is possible with cash. Users do not need a bank account and do not have to undergo a credit check. Payments can be made in real time. Many casinos accept Paysafe. This payment method is absolutely secret because no data is requested.

The basic principle: With a Paysafecard, a code is acquired on which a credit is deposited. If this code is entered at the payee, the credit behind the code is transferred to this payee. The following applies: Whoever has the code also has the credit stored there. Paysafecard is thus similar to cash.

Players can use a code with credit purchase online . For this, however, other payment methods such as credit cards are required. The online casino does not have access to your personal bank details because you only have to enter the code you have purchased during the Paysafe payment process. However, there is also the option of purchasing the codes with cash. All players have to do is go to a point of sale. These are often petrol stations, kiosks, etc.

Paysafecard enables payments in real time. The money is available in the game account just as quickly as with deposits with credit cards, etc. In principle, the use is free of charge (the casino operators pay a small fee to Paysafe). Consumers only incur costs if there is a currency conversion, credit is exchanged or not used for a long period of time. The maximum amount per payment is limited to EUR 50. However, the number of payments is not limited.

Prepaid credit cards

Anyone who wants to pay into online casinos without online banking often fears a credit check and / or risks from cybercrime. One possible option in the online casino is prepaid credit card payments. These are credit cards that only work with previously loaded credit. Cardholders can only spend what is on the card account.

If unauthorized persons come into possession of the card number and the CVC code, they can only cause damage to the credit balance. If there is no credit on the card, no damage can occur. Since there is no credit function associated with a prepaid credit card, these cards are available without any credit check. Most banks issue such prepaid cards.


Some consumers who want to pay into online casinos without online banking want a high level of discretion. And not “only” to the spouse, but also to the bank, the authorities, etc. For these players, crypto currencies can represent a possible deposit method. More and more casinos are accepting Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin .

Cryptocurrencies are separate payment and currency systems and are completely independent of traditional currencies such as euros or US dollars. The purchase of cryptocurrencies is possible in different ways. Most buyers open an account with a crypto exchange and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Co. using traditional means of payment. From the wallet of the exchange, the coins can then be transferred to the wallet of the casino. Special services such as Coinspaid often support this.

Is online banking safe in the casino?

Why are some players looking for online casinos without online banking or casinos with alternative deposit methods? One reason for this is the reporting around cybercrime. There are repeated attacks on bank customers who, in the worst case, lose a lot of money as a result.

How secure are payment transactions in online casinos? How can consumers recognize which online casino uses secure payment methods and which is negligent? The good news: It is not the online casino that decides on the encryption method used, but only the payment service provider. Online banking is now very safe.

Credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard, but also payment initiation services such as Trustly and Klarna, are responsible for the entire processing of transactions and also provide all of the technology. This is only integrated by online casinos. The payment is therefore carried out by professional, licensed and strictly supervised companies with the highest technical standards. Payments in the online casino are therefore safe – no matter which payment method is used, even if it is online banking.

But: A small residual risk remains – but can be minimized with Paysafe and Co.

Measures for more security in online banking

The biggest weak point in online banking with regard to cybercrime remains the human being. Most cases of damage related to online banking can be traced back to user error. The risk of such cases can be drastically reduced with a few measures.

Bank customers should never pass on PIN numbers and CVC codes for online banking, use a secure TAN procedure and always protect their PC and smartphone with anti-virus and anti-malware software. In addition, bank statements and credit card statements should be checked regularly and anomalies reported to the bank immediately. Consumers can object to unauthorized direct debits from their current account or from a credit card and thus get the money back.

Those who adhere to these rules do not necessarily have to look for online casinos without online banking – they can also deposit using the widely used payment methods such as credit cards or payment initiation services.


Anyone looking for online casinos without online banking is afraid of cyber crime, prying eyes on the bank statement or a credit check. The good news: There are enough online casinos without any obligation to online banking. With alternative deposit methods such as Cash-to-Code and Paysafecard, players can deposit with cash quickly and securely.

There are no higher costs for this – only the way to the next acceptance partner of the payment services has to be mastered. Anyone who mistrusts online payments on the Internet but appreciates convenience can switch to a prepaid credit card.

In principle, however, the following applies: Online payments via online banking are also extremely safe in online casinos. The casinos do not make the payments themselves, but have the entire transaction processed by regulated payment providers at the highest technical level. Those who do not act negligently usually have no cause for concern.

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