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If you want to play in online casinos, you have the choice between several payment methods. Online casinos with Giropay are still very popular because you do not need an additional account for a Giropay deposit in the casino, but the payment is conveniently booked via your existing checking account. You can find out how secure the payment service is and in which online casinos it is available in the following article.

The 10 best Giropay online casinos 2023

Test winner EU casinos 04/2022:
1000 € bonus + 150 FS
Fast spins, no limit & verification
EU license - without restrictions
Exclusively in Germany 05/2022:
GreatWin Casino
100% bonus up to €500 + 200 free spins
No limits, no game breaks
New online casino with EU license
Test winner casino games 04/2022:
200% up to € 500 + 200FS
No limit, without 5 sec. Rule & without verification
EU license without limitations
Play without limits:
Zoom Casino up to €450 Bonus and 150 Free Spins
Without 5 sec. Pause & no €1 limit per game round
Addictive casino games with no restrictions

Best Newcomer 2022:
300% up to 1000€ + 300FS
No limit, without 5 sec. rule Rule & without Video-Ident


Curacao license without limits

Your welcome gift
MegaSlot Casino 100% up to € 200
+ 200 free spins on Viking Voyage
No limits, no restrictions
Test winner games 05/2022:
5Gringos up to €1000 and lots of free spins
Less than 5 seconds Pause & verification, no €1 limit
Huge game selection without limits
Newest Casino:
Oh my spins 100% up to € 500 bonus + 200 FS
Prize drops, cashback & reload bonuses
No limits & regulations
Best Slot Provider:
SlotHunter Casino 200 Free Spins + up to €300
Bonus code: OPEN50
Without limits and regulations
Test winner Germany:
National Casino € 550 bonus + 250 free spins
Without limitations & video identification
No 5 second break
Without rules & limits with EU license
Slots & much more:
Magical Spin Casino € 3000 bonus + up to 100FS
2 million euros drops & wins
No restrictions
Newcomers for 2022:
Wazamba Casino 100% bonus up to € 500 + 200FS
Reload bonus every weekend € 700 + 50 FS
No limit, less than 5 seconds Pause & no verification
Top Casino Games Portal:
GSlot Casino
€ 200 + 200 free spins
No deposit and wagering limits + 300+ live games
MGA license without limits
Playing fun without restrictions:
Ricky Casino up to €1200 Bonus and 120 Free Spins on the first 6 deposits
No limits & no game breaks
With table games, jackpots and live games
Recommendation of the test team:
Up to € 500 bonus + 200 free spins
Fast spins, high stakes
Play with no bet limits

This is how the Giropay online casino works

It is not easy to keep track of the various payment methods in online casinos. Some providers offer so many payment options that you are actually spoiled for choice. Giropay is still one of the most serious and secure payment methods in a virtual arcade. Above we have listed some online casinos where you can pay securely with Giropay and top up your player account with real money.

Giropay is now a partner of most banks and savings banks in Germany. Nevertheless, if you want to work with this payment method, you should make sure that your house bank, where you have your current account, also has a partnership with the payment service provider. Otherwise, a deposit with Giropay is not possible. But even then there are similar alternatives, such as instant transfer via Klarna.

Advantages of Giropay casinos

If you want to make a deposit in the online casino with the financial service provider Giropay, the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to create an additional account. All you need is your user account in the casino and your normal current account or salary account. In addition, your account must of course be activated for online banking and you must have your access data ready if you want to use this form of direct banking.

The deposit amounts that are transferred to the player account appear immediately after the transfer has been approved in your customer account in the casino. Giropay informs your online casino that you have approved the deposit and the amount has been transferred. Even if the transfer to the online casino account will take some time, you have direct access to the amount and can play directly.

Giropay automatically handles the cover request from your bank. If your account shows a minus or if the granted overdraft facility is completely exhausted, no deposit into the casino account will be possible. If the casino provider receives a release from Giropay, he is on the safe side that the amount can actually be debited from your account. So he can make it available for playing beforehand without hesitation. Of course, this approach is also advantageous for you, because you cannot get into debt.

This is how you deposit with Giropay in the online casino

giropay in the online casino

First you have to choose an online casino where you want to play for real money. At the top of our list we have listed the 10 best casinos with Giropay from our casino test for you to choose from. Have you already decided? Great! Now you have to do the following:

  1. Register in the online casino of your choice and open your player account. This is done in a few seconds. Now it is only a few steps to the first real money game.
  2. Find out about the welcome bonus offer at the online casino. You can only claim this when you make your first deposit. If you want to play with the new customer bonus, you can select it during the deposit process.
  3. Go to the cashier area of the online casino. You can find this in your account. Some providers also have a ‘deposit’ button on their website, which you can use to conveniently access the banking area.
  4. Select the Giropay deposit method.
  5. Enter the desired deposit amount in the field provided.
  6. Now you have to enter your bank code. After sending, you will be forwarded directly to your bank’s online banking portal.
  7. Here you log into your account with your usual access data. This data is neither visible to Giropay nor to the online casino.
  8. Checks the pre-filled transfer, confirms the payment and releases it using the TAN procedure. A PIN is only requested in addition in rare cases.
  9. The amount is then credited to your player account in real time and is immediately available for your bets in the online casino.

Limits for Giropay payments in the online casino

Some online casinos set deposit limits. Since the deposit limits vary from casino to casino, you must find out how much real money you can deposit into your casino account in one go before making a deposit in the cashier area. In online casino Germany, due to the new State Treaty on Gambling , the highest possible amount for deposits is limited to EUR 1000 per month. EU casinos are usually more generous in this regard, because if there are deposit limits at all, they are often significantly higher.

GiroPay withdrawal in the casino

As great as it is to be able to deposit money quickly, securely and easily with Giropay – unfortunately, payments to your bank account are not yet possible with this service provider. Of course, you can still access your player credit if you want to pay it out. You can simply have the desired amount booked directly back to your checking account.

To do this, you have to select bank transfer from the available payment methods in the checkout area. Enter your data and the desired payment amount and you will receive your payment to your checking account. Transfers from the online casino to your house bank usually take a few days and are not booked quite as quickly as the deposits that you made via Giropay. There is no need to register with a third-party provider, because you don’t have to buy an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill to get your winnings.

Initiate Giropay payments via mobile phone

It is easily possible to be able to deposit into the casino on the go via mobile phone. The individual processing steps for mobile payment via Giropay transfer remain the same as described above . When making a casino deposit via mobile phone, it is possible that a PIN will be requested in addition to the TAN. In some cases, the necessary data is sent to your smartphone via SMS and you have to enter it in the payment order so that the transfer is approved.

For the mobile transfer with Giropay you do not need a separate online banking app or a download. Online payment works just as easily with both Android and iOS devices as it does at home on the PC if you want to make an online transfer.

Your safety with an online transfer with Giropay

Of course, we also tried several payment methods in our online casino test of the individual providers. Including Giropay. Our experience has shown that when it comes to security, the casinos we recommend do everything they can to provide players with a safe and fair gaming experience. Of course, this also includes safety precautions such as SSL encryption of all transactions. Your player data is always protected and the casino does not even get sensitive bank data or account access data if you pay via Paydirekt.

Payment by direct transfer is doubly protected, because on the one hand your account is secured by the security measures of your bank, on the other hand the financial service provider Giropay also has high security standards, which are implemented in all transactions via ‘paydirekt’. Since you will be forwarded directly to your bank via the payment service, you do not have to entrust your bank details to any third party. Everything stays with you and your house bank and you have one less thing to worry about if you pay online. This not only applies to the transfer to the online casino, but also if you want to pay for items in an online shop. There is hardly a safer way to pay online than with a direct transfer.

Giropay Paydirekt as a free function of the current account

Information about the payment service provider

giropay logo klein
company nameGiropay Ltd
line of businessfinancial service providers
headquartersFrankfurt am Main / Germany
founding year2006
Customers who use Giropay in Germanymore than 35 million
Transfer feesToll-free

The significant advantages and disadvantages of Giropay Paydirekt

Simple and secure payments No withdrawals possible
No separate account required Possibly fees from the online casino
Fast payment method
Mobile payments possible
No transmission of bank details
Amounts available immediately
fee-free transfer
independent of normal bank transfer times

Alternative payment service providers

giropay online zahlungsdienstleister

If your bank does not support Giropay Paydirekt, there are often very good alternatives to this payment service provider in online casinos. For example, you can make an instant transfer via Klarna, whereby the payment process is very similar to that with Paydirekt. Also with Klarna you don’t need an extra account and you will be redirected directly to your bank to make a deposit in the online casino. With IMMEDIATE transfer, easy and secure transactions are also possible.

Do you prefer to pay cash? Then the only option left is to use a Paysafecard. You can buy these with cash in many newsagents, at kiosks and often also in retail outlets. An activation code is printed on your Paysafecard receipt, which you must enter during the payment process. However, it is also not possible to request a payout via this payment method. This is then done on request by transfer from the online casino to your normal bank account.

In the meantime, payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller have also proven their worth. These are e-wallets, i.e. online purses that you can load with money and from there make transfers to your online casino. Incidentally, payments from most casino providers are also possible on such e-wallets. If you apply for a prepaid Mastercard from Skrill or Neteller, you can use it like a normal credit card for online purchases in many shops, but also when paying in stores. Transfers to your checking account are also possible.

FAQs on Giropay online casinos

How long does a Giropay transfer take?

Since the financial service provider automatically submits a cover request to your house bank, the amount is credited directly to the online casino account. After you have confirmed the transfer, you can access your balance in the casino directly and play with real money.

How secure is the payment method?

The payment service provider Giropay uses the latest encryption technology and ensures secure data exchange between the companies involved in the payment. It only serves as an intermediary between your online casino and your bank. This means that he does not have access to your data, because you only have to log into your bank account at your house bank as usual. The payment service only receives a message from your bank that you have made the transfer and informs the casino of this and the amount. The money is credited directly and can then be used.

What games do Giropay casinos offer?

In Giropay Casinos you will find all casino games that you can usually play in online casinos. Our tested online casinos with an EU license can even offer table games, jackpots and live dealer games, which are no longer allowed in casinos in Germany.

Is there a difference between Klarna and Giropay?

Both are payment service providers for direct payments. The payment process is the same. With both payment methods, you will be forwarded to your bank, where you can release the payment via your online banking using a PIN/TAN. For transfers of less than EUR 30, it is sometimes not even necessary to enter a TAN.

Are bank transfers to online casinos allowed?

The direct payment method was even specially developed by the German banks for online payments of this type. Whether you shop in the web shop, top up your credit in the internet casino or want to pay for another service online – with the payment service provider Giropay it is possible without any problems. The special advantage is that you are not tied to the normal bank transfer times, but the amount is available for playing directly in the online casino after your transfer has been approved by the bank.

What are the fees for direct transfer?

Giropay does not charge any fees for the transaction from the bank to the online casino. Online casinos usually provide this payment method free of charge as well. To be on the safe side, you can check the table of fees in the cashier area of your favorite internet arcade.

Are winnings paid out with Giropay?

Unfortunately, you cannot request a payout of your winnings via this financial service provider. But that’s not a problem, because you can also have them transferred directly from your casino account to your bank account. To do this, you have to enter your bank details with bank code and IBAN at the online casino, but you do not need an online login to your bank account. The personal data is safe at your favorite casino and will not be passed on to third parties. In addition, nobody can access your account because you do not have to enter your online banking login data for the money transfer.

Why should you use Giropay?

This payment method is particularly popular because it is very secure. All data required for the deposit is transmitted in encrypted form and is inaccessible to unauthorized persons. In addition, the money transfer takes place in a matter of seconds, so that the deposited amount is available in your internet casino within a very short time. There is no need to register with a third party. The money transfer is processed by Giropay directly with your bank and the online casino. The casino operator has no access to your bank details.

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