Online casino without verification

online casinos ohne verifizierung

Would you like to play in an online casino without verification? Then you should read through our instructions in this post, because here we explain how to play online in a casino in a few steps without video identification verification (KYC verification). Your identity will be verified with the help of a video chat via the KYC process. A valid identity card or passport is required as KYC documents in the casino with verification, sometimes also a document with which you can prove your home address. It is easier to play in an online casino without verification. We have selected the best and yet safe casinos for you without any restrictions.

The reason for verification

The new regulation for online casinos from Germany, or casinos with a German license, hits particularly hard with high rollers who are used to investing higher sums in gambling. German online casinos have been offering since the new Gambling Act no more jackpots, no table games and no live casino either. But why do you have to verify yourself anyway?

The government is of the opinion that the new legal situation has a preventive effect on gambling addiction, because you are no longer able to invest too much real money in gambling due to the € 1000 monthly deposit limit, the 5 second rule and automatic player bans. The KYC verification is another deterrent measure that discourages new customers from registering in the online casino. In addition, the State Treaty on Gambling is intended to protect minors, which is understandable. Still, there is a solution for high rollers and other gaming enthusiasts.

The solution – an online casino without verification

providers description rating  preview
Insider tipslotilda Die Mutter aller Casinos
  • High stakes in all games
  • € 450 free bonus money
  • Casino without verification
  • No deposit limit
  • No 5 second rule
recommendationDuelz Eine ganz neue Art von online Casino
  • Play against other players
  • No verification required
  • No 5 second rules
  • Without a € 1000 limit
  • No limits & high stakes
newcomerPlatinCasino Platin Casino – keine Limits!
  • New online casinos
  • Big bonus for players
  • Slots, Roulette & Black Jack
  • Registration without verification
  • Latest provider in the test
4.5 / 5 stars to the test report
Top providerzodiac casino Zodiac Bet Casino – Spielen ohne Risiko und Limit
  • Without video identification verification
  • Online for over 10 years
  • High stakes possible
  • No € 1000 limit
  • Not a 5 second rule
4.5 / 5 stars to the test report
Book of Ra!ocean breeze casino Ocean Breeze Casino
  • No bet limit
  • No deposit limit
  • Slot machines, roulette, jackpots
  • EU license without limits
  • Our Book of Ra Tip 2021
4.5 / 5 stars
Adventure!slot-hunter-casino Slot Hunter Casino
  • No limits & regulations
  • No verification
  • Slot machines, roulette, jackpots
  • EU license without limits
  • Best selection of slot machines
4.5 / 5 stars
No limit!gambola Gamboloa Casino
  • Table games, slots & jockpots
  • No video ID required
  • No betting limits
  • MGA license without limits
  • Best new provider
4.5 / 5 stars

Instructions for playing in the online casino without verification

Here you can find out in just a few steps how to play in the online casino without verification.

Find online casino without verification

online casinos ohne verifizierung

For German players there are only a handful of online casinos without verification. At least when it comes to providers who offer their website and games in German. We have explained the reason for this in detail above. If you don't want to be verified online, you can only play in online casinos with a European license. We have reviewed and tested the best of them and can recommend them with a clear conscience. Take a look at this list which casino suits you best and register there without having to go through a verification with the KYC process.

Registration without verification

registrierung ohne verifizierung

Visit the website you prefer – for example the one from Slotilda Casino – and click on the ‘Register now' button. Here you have to enter your valid email address, choose an individual username and enter a password. Submit the registration and confirm your registration email in the mailbox. That's it! Then you can use the entire offer as usual. At the other online casinos recommended by us without verification, the registration process is no different.

Registration in the casino without verification

login casino ohne verifizierung

For your registration you just have to go to ‘Login' or ‘Register' and enter your chosen username and password. Submit the input and you are in the middle of the action. If you still want to take advantage of a welcome bonus, you will find all available bonus offers in the player account. Select, make your first deposit and you can play without restrictions and use your bonus balance or real money balance.

Play without restrictions

ohne verifizierung spielen

In the casinos without verification you can play after registration without any breaks and without a € 1 stake limit per spin. Casino play without restrictions is only possible in online gambling halls that are not licensed by German regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, they are safe and fair, because they all have an EU gaming license and are also monitored – just not by the German authorities, without limits and without verification.

These casinos were without verification until June 2021

online casinos without verification

The new State Treaty on Gambling was not yet valid until July 2021 and you could play in almost all online casinos, online gaming libraries and online gambling halls without limits and without restrictions. You only needed verification if you wanted to cash out your winnings and this was very easy to do with a copy of your ID card. You have scanned your ID and emailed the image to the respective provider – very easy. Today it is a bit more complicated, unless you are playing in an online casino without verification. The process is still as usual there and you still have no restrictions when playing. A list of the best online casinos with no restrictions can be seen above.

But what restrictions do you have now because of the new one State Treaty on Gambling exactly in the casinos with a German license? Apart from the video verification, which puts many off in the first place? Due to the new casino law, casinos in Germany will be legal from July 2021, but whether legal casino gaming is still as fun as it used to be can be doubted. You have to expect these restrictions in the casino with a German gaming license:

  • Wagering limit / wagering limit of € 1 per spin
  • Monthly deposit limit of a maximum of € 1000
  • 5-second rule (5 seconds waiting time between the individual shoots)
  • No table games such as poker, blackjack or roulette
  • No jackpot slots or other lucrative jackpot games
  • No live casino
  • No autospin possible
  • No option to purchase free spins

Advantages and disadvantages of playing in the online casino without verification

Play with no bet limitFew measures to prevent addiction
No 5 seconds ruleAllegedly (!) Worse player protection
No monthly Deposit limit
Table games are possible
Live dealer games available
Well-filled jackpots
Autospin function
No KYC verification
Lucrative bonus offers
Free spins can be purchased

As you can see quite well, the advantages of the casinos without verification outweigh the advantages. We dare to doubt that the player protection would actually not be sufficient, because nothing really has changed with the providers in this regard. The casino operators still have a fixed company address, are still licensed, still have their fixed deposit and payment options and still offer casino games that they have always had in their portfolio. So why should that suddenly have a negative effect on player protection? We have tested the casinos up-to-date without any restrictions and could not make any negative findings in this regard.

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