We have compiled the top 10 best games during the corona pandemic for the different platforms. Games at a distance – that was the motto of the past few months, while Covid-19 brought pretty much everything to a standstill. If you want to play without physical contact, it is best to switch to video games, PC games, console games or online games. Online role-playing games in particular experienced a real hype during the Covid19 pandemic and the associated corona lockdown. But online parlor games such as online board games and online dice games are currently very popular because you can play them contactlessly with friends. Anyone who wants to play at a table with the family can choose one of the common board games.

Video games

During the corona pandemic, video games are more popular than ever. Due to the many regulations and Corona Lockdown, you hardly have a chance to meet up with friends or acquaintances. Therefore, online games or story games are ideal for having fun in your free time despite the Corona Virus. Contactless games are particularly popular in times of pandemics, especially if they have a multiplayer mode, because that’s how you meet your friends online and play video games together. These distance games have become more and more important in recent months. We have summarized the best Corona video games for you:

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As expected, console games were once again more popular during Corona. Lots of games for Playstation, XBox and Nintendo were sold through online providers. Especially the Playstation 5 release in November 2020 caused a big run on the brand new game console and you had to be a little lucky to get hold of a console directly. Not much has changed in that respect to this day and many Playstation 5 fans are still waiting to finally be able to put the new Playsation console into their shopping cart.

It is much less stressful if you want to bring an Xbox One, Xbox Series X (XBS) or Nintendo Switch home, for example. Most games for the game console are already available for almost all consoles. We have the best console games during Corona times for you here:

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If you only have a computer at home and do not have a game console, you could at least try out PC games without end during Corona. The proportion of PC games sold in the corona pandemic has increased rapidly. You don’t have to be surprised, because games for the PC are the perfect activity for children and adults during a lockdown, when you can’t meet friends. The top 10 computer games during the pandemic are listed below:

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During the corona pandemic, cell phones, smartphones, iPhones or iPads are essential devices for keeping in touch with friends. Important information is always available via social media, and messenger services such as WhatsApp, Instagram and others enable you to contact friends quickly. But the mobile device also serves as a pastime, because the game app for the mobile phone is a great way to banish boredom, even when you are on the move. So you can declare war with the help of the Corona games, because you don’t have to worry about mask requirements and distance rules. A huge selection of mobile games can be found in the Google Play Store or in the App Store for iOS mobile devices. App downloads for free Apple games and Free Android games are particularly popular. We have summarized the most popular Android apps and iOS apps here:

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Board games

Board games are all the rage again. Since the Corona crisis at the latest, board games, card games and dice games have been on the table again. The game scene is looking forward to numerous new releases and with the freestyle to game of the year , the world of board games experiences a climax every year. We have listed the most popular board games for you here:

Board game

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Card game

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dice game

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Party game

Contactless games in the Corona period are in great demand, because even if you can celebrate with several people again, it is best to play the party games without contact. At school, too, people like to play a game and the same applies here: games with a distance make sense. The following party games without physical contact can also be played at school or in your free time without any problems:

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Games Corona theme

play corona

Covid-19, lockdowns, quarantine, closed facilities, closed shops and devastating news on the topic of Corona for months – who is surprised that so many game makers have come up with something. Among them even an eight-year-old girl, Jana Martin, who spontaneously played the card game “ Corona is annoying ” has developed. But other titles in which you fight Corona during the games have stormed the games market. You can find a small selection in the following videos:

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