Fair Play & Magic Casinos

Fair play game libraries and magic casinos are after the Mercury and Löwen Play amusement arcades are most widespread in Germany. However, these are not represented online with games, but there are a few more slot machines and slots at the stationary.

Magic Casino – game library

In terms of number, the Magic Casinos are the third largest chain of gaming libraries. With almost 100 gambling dens all over Germany, many have certainly seen them in any larger city.

Magic play library

All Magic Casinos in Germany

Here we have put together all the dates and locations in Germany for you. Address, opening times and contact information in a clear list with search function.

Magic CasinoBad Mergentheim97980Beim Ölsteg 7 06:00–00:0007931 4812589
Magic CasinoBad Rappenau74906 Raiffeisenstraße 2406:00–00:0007264 8901206
Magic CasinoBöblingen71034Hanns-Klemm-Straße 2206:00–00:0007031 2043700
Magic CasinoBöblingen71032Stuttgarter Str. 907:00–00:0007031 4637592
Magic CasinoBretzfeld74626 Franz-Schulz-Straße 508:00–00:0007946 9496321
Magic CasinoCalw75365 Kimmichwiesen 706:00–00:0007051 9362174
Magic CasinoHeilbronn74076 Moltkestraße 5208:00–00:0007131 7249909
Magic CasinoHorb am Neckar72160 Rauher Grund 3ohne Angaben07451 6250616
Magic CasinoKonstanz78467 Reichenaustraße 21806:00–21:3009306 90910
Magic CasinoLottstetten79807 Industriestraße 808:00–00:0007745 928196
Magic CasinoOffenburg77656 Marlener Str. 3A06:00–00:000781 6390792
Magic CasinoRielasingen-Worblingen78239 Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 306:00–00:0007731 186421
Magic CasinoSindelfingen71063 Corbeil-Essonnes-Platz 106:00–00:0007031 8194905
Magic CasinoStockach78333 Höllstraße 2406:00–00:0007771 876605
Magic CasinoStuttgart70173 Lautenschlagerstraße 208:00–00:000711 22930744
Magic CasinoÜberlingen88662 Zum Degenhardt 17ohne Angaben09306 90910
Magic CasinoVillingen-Schwenningen78056 Rottweiler Str. 9608:00–00:0007720 9417965
Magic CasinoVöhringen72189 Carl-Zeiss-Straße06:00–00:0007454 9607996
Magic CasinoForchheim91301Daimlerstraße 3209:00–03:0009191 978107
Magic CasinoHohenbrunn85521 Otto-Hahn-Straße 13A09:00–03:00089 60807876
Magic CasinoGrub am Forst96271 Gruber Straße 18ohne Angaben09560 982563
Magic CasinoHimmelkron95502 Kulmbacher Str. 5ohne Angaben09273 966824
Magic CasinoKaufering86916 Viktor-Frankl-Straße 309:00–01:0008191 9157988
Magic CasinoKronach96317 Fröschbrunn 609:00–03:0009261 5063970
Magic CasinoKulmbach95326 Am Milchhof 309:00–03:0009221 8041744
Magic CasinoMainaschaff63814 Im Trauenloh 409:00–03:0006021 4512307
Magic CasinoMühldorf am Inn84453 Rheinstraße 4600:00–00:00 24h08631 1857774
Magic CasinoMünchen81549 Aschauer Str. 17-21ohne Angaben089 60665101
Magic CasinoMünchen80686Hansastraße 1807:00–03:00089 54244081
Magic CasinoMünchen80801Leopoldstraße 1909:00–03:00089 33037943
Magic CasinoMünchen81673Neumarkter Str. 66–6809:00–03:00089 43519207
Magic CasinoMünchen80336Senefelderstraße 14ohne Angaben089 54547987
Magic CasinoMünchen80993Triebstraße 4624 Stunden geöffnet089 14010695
Magic CasinoNürnberg90473 Oppelner Str. 22324 Stunden geöffnet0911 81779980
Magic CasinoRegensburg93049 Puricellistraße 17ohne Angaben0941 299742
Magic CasinoRegensburg93053Merowingerstraße 3ohne Angabenohne Angaben
Magic CasinoRegensburg93051Merianweg 4ohne Angaben0941 28078893
Magic CasinoRegensburg93059Reinhausen 12ohne Angaben0941 42765
Magic CasinoSchweitenkirchen85301 Liebigstraße 1ohne Angaben08444 9191960
Magic CasinoSchweinfurt97421 Am Oberen Marienbach 109:00–03:0009721 4754609
Magic CasinoUlm-Seligweiler89081Seligweiler 1ohne Angaben0731 1767944
Magic CasinoWolfratshausen82515 Hans-Urmiller-Ring 54ohne Angaben08171 348156
Magic CasinoEdermünde34295 Frankfurter Str. 110:00–04:0005665 4079083
Magic CasinoEschwege37269 Königsberger Str. 2-410:00–04:0005651 2275866
Magic CasinoFrankfurt am Main60433 August-Schanz-Straße 3324 Stunden geöffnet069 54806682
Magic CasinoGießen35394 Oberlachweg 1224 Stunden geöffnet0641 4808801
Magic CasinoHerborn35745 In der Au 9ohne Angaben02772 574610
Magic CasinoHofheim am Taunus65719 Casteller Str. 97ohne Angaben06192 3090180
Magic CasinoKirchheim36275 Hauptstraße 1ohne Angaben06625 915706
Magic CasinoOffenbach am Main63067 Berliner Str. 203/216ohne Angaben069 80101088
Magic CasinoGarbsen30823Alte Ricklinger Str. 45 -47ohne Angaben05137 9379883
Magic CasinoWenden57482 Auf dem Ohl 13ohne Angaben02762 9858871
Magic CasinoAlzey55232 Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 3ohne Angaben06731 9979813
Magic CasinoIngelheim am Rhein55262 Budenheimer Weg 5ohne Angaben06132 433268
Magic CasinoKastellaun56288 Fordstraße 1ohne Angaben06762 407192
Magic CasinoBad Driburg33014 Am Siedlerplatz 106:00–01:0005253 9740869
Magic CasinoRatingen40878 Am Sandbach 3306:00–01:0002102 7408382
Magic CasinoPetersberg07616 Eichenweg 5aohne Angaben036691 864177
Magic CasinoPfalzfeld56291 In der Scheib 609:00–17:0006746 802245
Magic CasinoKoblenz56068 Emil-Schüller-Straße 4508:00–02:000261 9886430
Magic CasinoKöln51149 Lina-Bommer-Weg 524 Stunden geöffnet02203 1031980

Slot machines

The advantage here is clearly in the free play libraries, because they can and may offer games from all manufacturers. It doesn't matter if it's the Merkur slot machines , Novomatic or Löwen Play.

Magic Casinos operator

Harlequin gaming and entertainment machines Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Roentgenstrasse 15
D-97295 Waldbrunn
Phone: 09306 9091-0
E-mail: info@harlekin-spiel.de
Internet: www.magic-casino.de ( website )

Fair Play Casino – game library

These casinos are rather unknown in Germany, but with almost 40 gaming libraries they are the fourth largest provider.

All fair play casinos in Germany

Here we have put together all the dates and locations in Germany for you. Address, opening times and contact information in a clear list with search function.

Fair Play CasinoUlm89073 Neutorstr. 12 06:00–00:000731 - 1436811
Fair Play CasinoUlm89073 Keltergasse 3-506:00–00:000731 1436804
Fair Play CasinoUlm89073 Bahnhofsplatz 106:00–00:000731 1436952
Fair Play CasinoUlm89073 Hafenbad 2506:00–00:000731 1436895
Fair Play CasinoUlm89077Klosterhof 4506:00–00:000731 96919553
Fair Play CasinoUlm89077Elisabethenstr. 1406:00–00:000731 1404936
Fair Play CasinoBöfingen89075Haslacher Weg 7106:00–00:000731 96919553
Fair Play CasinoWiblingen89079Schulze-Delitzsch-Weg 1306:00–00:000731 1598628
Fair Play CasinoNeu-Ulm89231 Turmstr. 43 09:00–03:000731 9808811
Fair Play CasinoNeu-Ulm89231 Turmstr. 43/109:00–03:000731 1768900
Fair Play CasinoPfuhl89233Leipheimerstr. 9709:00–03:000731 71101111
Fair Play CasinoBamberg96047 Langestr. 1809:00–03:000951 28405
Fair Play CasinoBurgau89331Ulmer Str. 4309:00–03:0008222 411521
Fair Play CasinoAugsburg86152 Oberer Graben 5509:00–03:000821 3198006
Fair Play CasinoDurach87471Füssener Str. 2b09:00–03:000831 5656925
Fair Play CasinoGunzenhausen91710Weißenburger Str. 1409:00–03:0009831 8836371
Fair Play CasinoHofheim97461Rügheimerstr. 309:00–03:0009523 5038770
Fair Play CasinoJettingen/Scheppach89343Siemensstr. 1209:00–03:0008225 3097804
Fair Play CasinoKrumbach86381Schlachthauserstr. 309:00–03:0008282 827438
Fair Play CasinoKaufbeuren87600Mindelheimer Str. 409:00–03:0008341 9716494
Fair Play CasinoKirchdorf am Inn84375Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 1709:00–03:00 08571 9233539
Fair Play CasinoNeutraubling93073 Bayerwaldstr. 409:00–03:0009401 2466
Fair Play CasinoNeuötting94524Ludwigstr. 3909:00–03:0008671 9246449
Fair Play CasinoRegensburg93047 Amberger Str. 136-138 09:00–03:000941 46713634
Fair Play CasinoPassau 94032Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Str. 2809:00–03:000851 96696110
Fair Play CasinoPressath92690Eschenbacherstrasse 709:00–03:0009644 6809933
Fair Play CasinoRötz92444 Schergenstr. 109:00–03:0009976 2009647
Fair Play CasinoViechtach94234 Schlatzendorf 436 09:00–03:0009942 9482665
Fair Play CasinoVohburg85088 Donaustr. 2909:00–03:0008457 9367702
Fair Play CasinoWallersdorf94522 Vierhöfener Weg 109:00–03:00ohne Angaben
Fair Play CasinoAalen73430 Bahnhofsplatz 1 (i.Bhf.)06:00–00:0007361 69982
Fair Play CasinoAlbstadt/Ebingen72458Bahnhof 106:00–00:0007431 591468
Fair Play CasinoLudwigsburg71638Bahnhofstr. 2906:00–00:0007141 905925
Fair Play CasinoLeinfelden/Echterdingen70629Terminal 3 / Flughafen06:00–00:000711 7072242
Fair Play CasinoWaldhausen/Lorch73547 Lorcher Str. 6306:00–00:0007172 9144333
Fair Play CasinoLeinfelden/Echterdingen70629Terminal 4 / Flughafen06:00–00:000711 78285254

Slot machines

Operator of the fair play casinos

FAIR PLAY Automaten-Betriebe GmbH
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Weg 9
89075 Ulm
Phone: 0731 – 96601 – 10
E-mail: info@fair-play-casino.de
Internet: www.fair-play-casino.de ( website )

Are the games libraries open on public holidays?

This is regulated very differently. Each game library can decide for itself when it is open. Most of these have shorter opening times on high public holidays such as Christmas or New Year's Eve. Often only open in the mornings on Christmas Eve and New Year, but the usual opening times on “normal” public holidays.

Are the drinks free?

Until a few years ago you could still get free coffee and water if you played long enough in the holy play centers. But more and more casinos and gambling halls are now taking a small fee for these drinks.

How many years can I play there?

In all of Germany, entry into casinos is only permitted from the age of majority, i.e. at the age of 18. It is true that people often do not ask for ID, but if they are checked by the responsible public order office, severe penalties can be imposed. For the arcade operator and also for the young player.

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