Board games have been the most popular for hundreds of years Board games . Every household around the world should have at least one board game at home, and in most cases it does. People are always playing and now you can even play one or the other board game online. In times of Corona, many people meet at the virtual gaming table to play one or more rounds. There are now thousands of board games in a wide variety of designs.

You can find out which of these are the best-known, most popular and best-selling games here with us. Of course, the list is to be viewed subjectively, because playing is always a matter of taste. Do you know any other games that you would have preferred to see in the top 10 most popular board games? Let us know in the comments!

Top 10 most famous board games

The big game publishers report record sales in times of the pandemic. During the curfew and ban on contact, family games, especially board games, return to the playrooms at home. After all, board games are a perfect way to keep children occupied and to pass the time too. You can meet friends in the virtual world to play board games online. One or the other of the top 10 board games can be found in the games portfolio of every household. Anyone who owns a games case or a collection of games will definitely have one of the following Top Ten board games at home – that is to say, don’t get annoyed. The classic game is part of the basic equipment in every range of games.

Top 10 – Azul

Azul board game

The quite new game lands in 10th place and thus in last place in the top 10 board games Azul . This is a colorful, tactical board and placement game that was named Game of the Year in 2018 and also won the German Game Prize. The walls of Portugal’s royal palace are artfully decorated with small, magnificently designed tiles. On a board, the players try to score as many points as possible using a combination of colored tiles. There are now several variants of the game, but they all have the same goal, namely a splendidly decorated palace.

Top 9 – chess


Among the board games is chess the game that has a special cultural meaning worldwide. The strategy game is played in every continent and it has long since achieved cult status. Whether chess tournament, chess competition, chess world championship – the game is now considered a sport and has been firmly established in our culture in Europe since the 13th century at the latest. The tactical game is certainly not lacking in popularity and the chess board, with its chess pieces queen, king, bishop, horse, rook and pawn, belongs in every good game collection. We only achieved 9th place in the top ten because of the high demands on concentration and because it can only be played with two people.

Top 8 – The crazy labyrinth

board games crazy maze

The crazy labyrinth , ranked 8th in our top ten board games, was released in 1986 and was rated by Ravensburger ( to the website ) a best seller within a short period of time. After its appearance, the board game landed directly in the shortlist for the game of the year 1986 – but the detective game won the prize Heimlich & Co. . Today, the maze game with its square game board and the square maze tiles that you move back and forth on the board is one of the classics in children’s rooms. With a good grasp of things and sufficient concentration, you can secure your own treasures one after the other and block the path to theirs for your opponents. There are now several versions of the labyrinth and one with the same name Card game .

Top 7 – Cluedo

Cluedo detective game

The most popular detective game is the classic board game Cluedo . First it appeared in 1959 in German-speaking countries under the title ‘Who is a master detective?’ . You have to solve a murder case by combining different clues and clever questions. Through targeted action, you can find out exactly where the crime scene is, what the weapon is and, above all, who the murderer is. By using a dice, chance also plays a certain role in the course of the game. With more than 320 different possible solutions, the game always takes a different turn and doesn’t get boring even after playing it several times. With us, Cluedo lands in 7th place in the top 10 board games.

Top 6 – Game of Life

game of life

The parlor game game of life was published in Germany in 1980. The aim of the game is to go through all stages of life – from high school through to retirement – and to accumulate as much capital as possible. The individual career steps that you go through are decisive. Study or work, starting a family, financing and accumulating various status symbols that are converted into money at the end of the game. The spin on the wheel of fortune decides which steps you can take. Ultimately, luck decides how quickly you get there. There are only a few places in the game where you can make decisions. As a family game, it provides entertainment for both young children and adults. In our top ten, the board game is ranked 6th in the midfield.

Top 5 – Risk

board games risk

One of the classics of strategy board games is called the game risk . With us, the tactical game makes it to place 5 in the middle of the top ten. When playing, diplomacy, tactics and a little bit of luck are essential. The aim of the game is to conquer areas, continents or even the whole world. You have to dissolve the armies of your opponents. You have to fulfill certain tasks using different task cards. The game is determined by the size of the armies, their strategic use and luck with the dice. Even if the primary theme of the board game is ‘war’, which may seem daunting for some players, the tactical challenge is in the foreground here in any case.

Top 4 – Scrabble

Scrabble Brettspiel edited

The letter board game Scrabble definitely counts among the top 10 board games. With us it occupies the 4th place of the well-known board games. Words on the game board have to be put together using individual letter tiles. By cleverly filing it, you can collect a multiple of the letter or word value on 60 bonus fields. The game was launched in 1931 under the designation Lexico developed and brought to market. The game name Scrabble was only registered with the patent office in 1948 and the board game has carried this name since then.

Top 3 – The Settlers of Catan

Board games the settlers of Catan

The construction board game The settlers of Catan was published in 1995 by Kosmos-Verlag and achieved the title directly Game of the year 1995 . In addition, the exciting strategy board game was launched with the German game award excellent. Since then, a lot has happened around the settlers game. There are now numerous game expansions and the board game was created on the occasion of the 20th birthday in 2015 in Catan – The Game renamed. Catan friends will find a very interesting one under this name website that deals exclusively with the world of Catan. The game deserves 3rd place in our top 10 list of the best board games.

Top 2 – Don’t get angry

board games don't get angry

Next to Monopoly is Man don’t get angry one of the best-known and very popular board games for young and old that can be found in almost every household. No game collection and no game case can do without people. The family game is often referred to as the mother of board games and has delighted players since the early 20th century. It is perfect as a board game for the whole family. The game is now available in a wide variety of versions, but that Classic copy von Schmidt Spiele is still the most popular. With the annual sales of around 100,000 copies, the classic board game is one of the absolute front runners and therefore deserves second place in the top 10 of the most popular and well-known board games.

Top 1 – Monopoly

monopoly board game

monopoly , the classic parlor game for adults and children, is number 1 in our top 10 most popular board games. It has long been considered the most popular family game and should not be missing in any game collection. Land is bought here, houses and hotels are built, rents are collected and as a real estate mogul you drive your fellow players into financial ruin – if you are lucky enough to get hold of the most expensive streets and have the necessary change to build them on. The strategic family game is one of the three most successful board games and the first German edition appeared as early as 1936 under the license of the game manufacturer Schmidt Spiele.

The best board games

questions and answers

Which is the most popular board game of all time?

The best-selling board game is our top 1, namely Monopoly. There are now numerous versions of Classic Monopoly, special editions such as rock band Monopoly (e.g. AC / DC-Monopoly, Metallica-Monopoly, Beatles-Monopoly), Comic Monopoly (e.g. Angry Birds Monopoly, Marvel Universe Monopoly, Pokemon Monopoly) or Computer games Monopoly (e.g. Assassin’s Creed Monopoly, The Legend of Zelda Monopoly, World of Warcraft Monopoly) to the cities of Monopoly with the most famous cities or regions of Germany and their streets.

Where are the best places to buy board games?

It is best to choose your games from your local dealer. On the one hand, you can convince yourself there that the playing box is intact, and on the other hand, you secure the retailer’s future with every purchase. Many retailers now also offer their range of toys online. Of course, you can also order directly from the manufacturer. Most game publishers have their own homepage with a shop system.

What to do if individual parts of a board game are missing?

Most game manufacturers and publishers have a spare parts service. Visit the manufacturer’s website and submit a request using the contact form or the email address. Often you can replace the missing parts in this way for a small amount in euros.

Do you have to adhere to the board game age recommendation?

It is not absolutely necessary. Especially with small children, the intellectual development is so different that it is quite possible that the little ones can fully grasp and implement the rules of a game, even though they have not reached the recommended age for a long time. As an example: The recommended age for people is 6 years and over. As soon as children can safely count to 10, which is often the case long before starting school, they can also try this board game without any problems.

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