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While in the 1970s and 1980s it was still the TV quiz, where we could push our general knowledge in an entertaining way, today there are a whole range of quiz games that guarantee further education with a fun factor. Of course, not all trivia games are as challenging as the trivia game Trivial Pursuit that took the gaming market by storm in 1981. Quizzes are fun! There are now a whole range of guessing games for young and old, which are designed for all possible age groups through different editions with adapted levels of difficulty.

The top 10 most popular quiz games 2022

With quizzes you can put your general knowledge to the test and compete with your fellow players. Some smartass and know-it-alls may be thrown off their high throne while playing quizzes when they realize that there are people in their friends or family who outrank them on a knowledge test. Here we present the ten best games with the most exciting quiz questions.

1. Trivial Pursuit

trivial pursuit quiz

As already mentioned, Trivial Pursuit is one of the most popular trivia games in board game form. The standard edition covers a wide range of knowledge areas in the categories of entertainment, geography, art & literature, history, science & technology, and sports & entertainment. Regular new releases ensure that the quiz questions are always kept up to date. The Trivial Pursuit family edition ensures that age-appropriate quiz questions are also available for children. The special editions are more tailored to adults and the knowledge questions are correspondingly tricky. But since different quiz categories are queried, everyone has a chance of winning the game.

Trivial Pursuit is distributed by the toy manufacturer Hasbro and the following editions are currently available:

  • Trivial Pursuit Original
  • Trivial Pursuit Family Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit 2000 Edition
  • Trivial Pursuit 2010 Edition

2. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Quiz who wants to be a millionaire

By 1999 at the latest, when the television guessing show Wer wird Millionär? flickered across the screens of the private broadcaster RTL, all of Germany has fallen into guesswork fever. The quiz show is the German offshoot of the British guessing show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? , in which multiple contestants have the opportunity to win a million by answering general knowledge questions.

So it’s no wonder that the quiz is also available as a board game in toy shops. In the meantime, several editions have appeared, including a family edition of Wer wird Millionär?, which contains questions for both children and adults. So the whole family can play together according to their age. With each new release, new, up-to-date quiz questions are added. You can also play the quiz online and via a mobile phone app. who If you prefer card games to a board game, the guessing game also comes in a card game version.

The quiz game Who wants to be a millionaire? is distributed by Jumbo Spiele and is currently available in the following versions:

  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – 20 year anniversary edition
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Deck of Cards – 20 Years Anniversary Edition

3. Quiztopia


In the guessing game Quiztopia it is not ‘everyone against everyone’, but ‘together against the game’. The goal of this cooperative trivia game is to answer twenty-four questions correctly. There are four different levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, Madness and Hell, as well as Hell Hell Hell. In order to be able to provide answers to the knowledge questions, the game participants may discuss with each other, name a letter or give a hint in pantomime.

There are various areas of knowledge that are covered by the question cards. For example, you will find questions about medicine and science, sports and games or even film and television. Since discussion rounds are permitted and even desired during the implementation, these are sometimes complex topical questions that keep the knowledge game at a higher level. For this reason, the entry age is also set at 16 years. The quiz game is marketed by Kosmos Verlag.

4. Who knows something like that?

who knows such a quiz game

Who knows that? is known from the TV knowledge show in the first. In the ARD quiz show, Bernhardt Hoëcker and Elton each face the exciting knowledge questions of Kai Pflaume with another celebrity. The knowledge game of the same name contains more than 700 questions on a wide variety of topics. You can often only guess the bizarre but correct answers. But that’s what makes the guessing game special, because here you get knowledge that you can hardly acquire anywhere else. The correct answer (i.e. the letter) can be found at the bottom of the question card. The game of knowledge by Schmidt Spiele will be sold.

5. KNOW! – The interactive quiz game with Google Assistant

know! quiz

The board game quiz kNOW! is an interactive knowledge game which was developed together with Google and which is always “up to date”. The creative game works with the Google Assistant and therefore always provides up-to-date answers to the most exciting questions in several fields of knowledge. know! you can play both with and without the free assistant, because there are both online and offline questions to be answered. New questions are added online at regular intervals – free of charge! The game is available from Ravensburger .

6. Smartass

Smartass quiz

The guessing game Klugscheisser is suitable for two or more players from the age of twelve. The question-and-answer game is a bit unusual because it involves some very curious questions that would never appear in other knowledge games. General knowledge is not necessarily required here, because what makes the fun party quiz so special is that it brings a lot of humor to the game round and enriches you with bizarre knowledge. If you like to discuss, you will find enough material here and can leave the game as a real smartass. However, the questions and answers are not all entirely suitable for minors. If several people play, guessing teams can also be formed.

Once all questions have been answered, there is a second Klugscheisser edition for a new, exciting and funny knowledge test. Smartass was developed by the Swedish company Kylskåpspoesi and is marketed through their website along with many other original games.

7. Game of Knowledge

quiz spiel des wissens

The game of knowledge from Jumbo Spiele has been around for more than 30 years and has been reinvented several times in the toy industry. The family quiz game brings the whole family together at the game table, is suitable for children from the age of 8 and up to six players can take part. More than 2000 questions on different areas of knowledge and in two levels of difficulty are available. The game board, printed on both sides, serves as the original version of the question game, with a playing time of around 45 minutes. The back is intended for the quick play with a duration of about 20 minutes. The game of knowledge is also available as a card game variant from Jumbo Spiele GmbH ( see here ).

8. What’s What – The Big Quiz

1800 questions in two different levels of difficulty are contained in the knowledge game of WAS IST WAS. The family game offers puzzle fun for young and old, covers five exciting areas of knowledge and is suitable for 2 to 4 quizzers aged 8 and over. The books published by KOSMOS Verlag under the name WAS IST WAS serve as the basis for the various questions. Since the level of knowledge among adults and children sometimes varies greatly, this is taken into account in the questions. Each question card also contains interesting background information on the subject being queried. This is a fun way to broaden your horizons.

9. Wanted Hunted – The Board Game

Quiz Game Wanted Hunted

The popular ARD quiz show Gefrage Gejagt is now also available as a board game. The exciting knowledge game is available from Schmidt Spiele and is suitable for 2 – 5 players from the age of eight. More than 3000 questions, scattered across all areas of knowledge, await the quizzers. The quiz questions are broken down into three levels of difficulty, so that children can have a lot of fun with the guessing game. In the preliminary round, the bet must be earned, which you then have to get safely through the main round. Here, however, the hunters are breathing down your neck. Who will be able to defend their commitment against everyone else and emerge as the winner in the final? With the knowledge game, Schmidt Spiele provides plenty of puzzle fun.

10. Anno Domini

Anno Domini by Abacus Games ( see here ) is not just a quiz with questions that have to be answered. Rather, the knowledge game is about putting the events indicated on the cards in the correct chronological order. In the meantime, more than 30 different Anno Domini themed sets have appeared in toy shops. The different theme cards can also be mixed together to cover multiple theme areas. The guessing game is suitable for players from the age of 10 and is intended as a group game with two to eight participants.

Stay mentally fit with quizzes

Brain jogging and memory training, in which you really make your gray cells glow, are of great importance for mental fitness. With knowledge games you retrieve a lot of information from your brain that has long been shelved. Cognitive training in the form of quiz games is suitable for all ages. In this way, data stored a long time ago can be called up again and new knowledge added. This exchange is an excellent exercise to stay mentally fit for a long time and may even serve to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. It is not important to be able to answer the most difficult questions, but simply to get your thinking apparatus going again.

For example, if you do a dull, monotonous job all day long, we can warmly recommend playing a guessing game, trivia game or quiz from time to time. Of course, this also includes solving crossword puzzles.

Test your knowledge online for free

In the meantime, numerous apps have been developed that you can load onto your cell phone and take online quizzes at any time. There are now also mobile phone applications for guessing parties. An example of a good party game is Song Trivia’s free music quiz . Simply create your own room and select the music you want. Then you can start directly and prove your music knowledge to other players on the net. Would you rather push your general knowledge? Then get the quiz duel app on your smartphone and measure your knowledge with your circle of friends or with strangers.

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