The question arises again and again as to which card games can be played by two. Especially in the times of the corona pandemic and curfews, many sit alone at home together. The TV offer is not always the best either and you are looking for games for 2 players. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best card games for 2 people on this list.

The 5 best card games for two

As with all games, card games have very popular and less popular ones. After extensive research on several websites, we have put together the top 5 card games that can be played in pairs.

  1. Mau Mau
  2. U.N
  3. poker
  4. 17 & 4 / Black Jack
  5. swim

Make card games for two

There are some card games that you can buy ready-made, but which do not contain a normal deck of cards. These include, for example, Uno and Skip Bo. On Amazon.de (no advertising link) you can find some good games to choose from, of course you can also buy them elsewhere.

  • skip Bo
  • Ligretto
  • Elfer out
  • Fluxx

Play with normal deck of cards for two

card games 2 people

You can play these card games for two with a normal deck of 52 cards. You can find the individual rules as a video in lower area here .

Card games for two can be a fun pastime on long trips, during breaks or evenings together. These games do not require long preparation time. because you just take Card game at hand and you’re ready to go. This Card game as a drinking game is also very funny for two. Of course, you can also play it without drinking. If you want to play in pairs but don’t have any cards at hand, you might find fun with this one Strategy game with pen and paper .

Rules of the game for card games for two


Mau Mau rules

Mau Mau is one of the simplest and most popular card games for two. The game is easy to learn even for children and puts you in a good mood. In this game, cards with a 7 mean that the opponent or neighbor must draw two new cards. With an 8 you have to miss and with a jack you can ask for a color. Otherwise you have to play color on color or number on number. Those were actually the rules for the most popular card game for two. Whoever puts down the last card first wins the game with the cards.

Uno rules of the game

Uno is a ready-made card game which can be played with a deck of UNO cards. This game is also very popular with children because it is easy to learn and because the cards contain instructions. The exact rules of the game are simply and very well explained in this video.

Swimming rules

The card game swimming is very suitable for more than two players, but it can also be played in pairs without any problems. We also found the rules for this in a video and found it very well explained.


Durak rules of the game

Durak (fool) is a Russian card game and is very popular with young people and adults. It is rather unsuitable for smaller children, as the card game has somewhat more complex rules. But we have found a tutorial in which the Durak rules are relatively well explained and understood.

Schnapsen rules

The “Schnapsen” card game for 2 people is very similar to the game sixty-six. It is played with 20 cards and originally comes from Austria. We also found the rules for this game in a video that explains them very well.

The Baden 17 & 4 variant

The card game 17 & 4 is actually nothing more than Black Jack, which you know from Las Vegas at the gaming tables. Black Jack is actually one of the most popular card games for two. An exciting, but not difficult version is the one from Baden. You can find the rules for this in this video.

Poker game rules

Poker is also known from the gaming tables in casinos or online casinos . Most of the time you play poker with several people at a table until there are only two players left. The poker rules are sometimes quite complex, so we have a very well explained tutorial here. Once learned, the game can be played anywhere in the world. The actual game of chance, poker, can of course only be played for fun and there doesn’t always have to be money involved.

Card games for two – a conclusion

Especially in times of a pandemic, card games for 2 players are a nice change. You only need a deck of cards, 2 people and you can keep busy and have fun for hours. Also for long train journeys, in the back seat of a car, but also on the plane, card games for two are a great idea to start your well-deserved vacation. But 2-person card games are also perfect for social evenings with a friend or partner.

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