Village Port


Now you get at Village Port the opportunity to board your own ship and sail the oceans. Hire captains, sell goods, and bring exotic goods back home. Send family members as missionaries to distant islands and dig up treasure chests. In addition, this expansion contains food cards with which you can pursue very individual careers, for example as a writer, historian or even knight.


  • 1 cruise plan
  • 5 wooden ships
  • 5 ship shelves
  • 6 treasure chests
  • 6 cocoa baskets
  • 6 tea balls
  • 12 wooden stones
  • 15 captain cards
  • 4 person cards
  • 17 goals in life cards
  • 4 build-up cards
  • 2 game instructions (German, English)

Author: Inka and Markus Brand

Illustration: Dennis Lohausen

Price: 19.95 | Players: 2-5 | Age: 12+ | Duration: 60-120 |

The extension

With the base game came the first expansion Village Inn and then the expansion Village Port together with the small expansion “The Goals of Life”. Each game can be expanded with the basic game.

Village Port picture
Village Port picture

The three steps

Depart from the port

You choose a captain from the captain’s deck. The number of coins on the card is returned to the supply and the captain is placed face up next to the ship’s shelf. You hire a captain if you want to leave the port and the more expensive the captain is, the fewer influence stones are needed for the journey.

This is about loading your ship and the ship stowage area has three holds. You can transport oxen, horses, covered wagons, plows, scrolls, figures, sacks of grain, tea bales, treasure chests and cocoa baskets.

Always move your ship one step along the time water fields or island water fields. The cost of the movements depends on the captain. The first step is free of charge. You have to pay for further steps with influence stones. Even if other fields are occupied, you can enter any water field.

Continue the journey at sea

If you start your movements on a time or island water space and do not want to go back to the harbor yet, then the same rules count as they are explained under Move your ship.

Return to port

Here you can go back to the port immediately and put your wooden boat in the port. You have to give a time for this and it doesn’t matter where the ship comes from. By taking all the parts from the ship’s shelf, the ship is unloaded. Then you put your captain back in the box.

Village Port accessories
Village Port accessories


The extension , Published at the beginning of October 2014 is definitely interesting and you can definitely recommend it. The travel area is expanded by a port and islands that can be navigated to. The game with the theme of seafaring can be played as a single person or together with the Village Inn. The life goal cards also offer further fun for fellow players. The plan, the cards and other components fit perfectly into the basic game.

Explanatory video

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