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Time n Space – The exciting real-time game!

The interplanetary goods trade is part of the board game Time n Space by Eggert games in the foreground. Each player has his own planet and tries to coordinate production, logistics and demand for goods that are important for his planet from his control center. The exciting thing about this game is that all players play at the same time and that everyone has two hourglasses at their disposal, which always run every 1 minute. The entire game lasts 30 minutes and until then everyone tries to complete as many assignments as possible.

Communication between the players is very important in this game. This game can be very hectic and you have to keep a cool head. Because only those who coordinate their actions well will achieve their goal in the end and perhaps become a winner. You can also download an audio track from www.eggertspiele.de and use it as a timer. For iOS / Android users there is also the option of using the free Stronghold Games Timer app.

Time 'n' space picture
Time n Space picture

The use of the hourglasses at Time n Space

The spaceship

If an hourglass has been placed in the spaceship, this is placed on the steel of the wormhole. After the hourglass has elapsed, you push the spaceship further to the next planet or to the moon. To get to a neighboring planet, you need at least three moves. If you have reached the planet of another player, you complete your tasks:

  • Everyone is allowed to complete as many orders as is possible if he has the same color of the order as a goods die in the beginners game. If you have completed one or more orders, you take an order tile and the goods die is returned to the supply. Once the orders have been completed, they are handed over to the control center.
  • There is also the possibility to stay on the planet of your fellow player and put the hourglass in your own spaceship. Who knows, maybe the planet owner will bring in new jobs in time.
  • If there are several players on a planet, the planet owner can decide who does the jobs.

The production facilities

If you stand on a production site with your hourglass, you have the opportunity to create goods. When the hourglass has expired you place a goods die on this place.

The beam station

You can place the goods from any production facility on free fields of the beam station when the hourglass has expired. From there you can deliver the goods to the Raumschieffe.

The trading post

The player may place as many new orders on the empty goods spaces as the trading station tells him when his clock has run out. It is wise to coordinate with your fellow players here, because everyone wants to get rid of their jobs quickly.

The research station

If there is no research tile in the research station, you cannot place an hourglass here. If the hourglass has expired, the following actions can be carried out:

  • You can build a new building which doesn’t have to be similar to the old one
  • Only level I buildings that are completely free may be built over
  • Buildings with a level II or III cannot be built over any further
  • The buildings with level III are only built by erecting the buildings with level II
  • If you have placed a building on top of another, you cannot remove it there either
Time n Space accessories
Time n Space accessories


The nice thing here is that it is not by rounds like most games, but by rounds here Real time is played. With the mobile phone or the wristwatch you set the 30 minutes or even better in the introductory game the 12 minutes and off you go. As already mentioned at the beginning, you can also download an app, which of course makes the game even more exciting and realistic. Everyone plays at the same time and nobody has to wait forever for their turn. The hourglasses are high quality and fun to use. All in all, an all-round successful game for both beginners and advanced players.

Explanatory video

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