Rococo – from connoisseur game to expansion

In 2014 Egger games brought out the connoisseur game Rokoko and two and a half years later the expansion with rococo jewelery boxes. As with most Eggert games, this board game consists of several phases. This game is one extension from the basic game Rococo and only playable with it. The rules are the same as with the predecessor and the extended elements mean there are other phases and options for actions.

Rococo jewelry box
Rococo jewelry box accessories

Game changes

  • You place the jewelery board on the bottom right of the board and form several face-down stacks with the mixed jewelery tiles.
  • The two masters from the old game are mixed up with the nine masters from the new game.
  • You also look for the two journeymen from the old game and add them to the nine new journeymen.
  • The ten specialized apprentices are mixed well and each player gets an apprentice. The remaining apprentices who are not needed are put back in the box. Now everyone looks at their apprentice and then places them face down next to their player board. Under certain conditions, the special apprentices can only be deployed later.
  • Then everyone receives their examination card, which you put down with the journeyman’s examination side up.
Rococo jewelry box accessories
Rococo jewelry box picture

The employment conditions

You must have at least three men’s skirts and three women’s dresses on the game board. It is also important to occupy three master guest fields on the map. You must also have 30 livre and have three jewelry tiles in front of you. You occupy three of the equipment fields and each has four hidden raw material tiles, lace and thread in front of you. You need five of the prestige points and you have to have taken the master’s test at least once. Finally, it is important to be represented in all five halls.


For fans of the basic Rococo game, the jewelry box is sure to be a delight. However, you then need more playing surface, as in the basic game. Even if the number of participants increases, the game also gets longer and longer and it is not unusual for the game to go on for at least three hours. All in all, a full-evening program. The material and the rules fit together wonderfully with the graphics and are also easy to understand.

Explanatory video

Veröffentlicht am 8. April 2021 – Letztes Update am 2. November 2021 von Eggertspiele.de

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