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Heaven and Ale – Kennerspiel des Jahres 2018!

At the board game Heaven and Ale every player becomes a great master brewer. Of course everyone wants to brew the best beer on earth and so the ambition to win is very high. You vie with your fellow players for the best monk tiles and raw material tiles. So everyone can improve their monastery garden and has to weigh up again and again whether one should buy additional tiles or not. Only those who can drive the progress of their master brewer on the production line and set the progress of their raw materials in motion can win in the end and fill their kegs with the best beer.

Heaven & Ale accessories
Heaven and Ale accessories

The fields and their actions from Heaven & Ale

Commodity fields

You must buy at least one resource tile on this space. You can also buy several tiles if you have the money and there are several tiles there. You can never place resource tiles on the barn spaces themselves. If you have completely enclosed a barn space with raw material tiles, then you carry out the steps that are described under Enclose barn space. It always depends on the yield figure how much a resource tile costs. If you put it on the shady side of the monastery garden, you pay as many ducats as it says on it and on the sunny side the price always doubles.

Monk fields

The price question always depends on where you place the monk tile on which side of your game board and what the tile costs. On the dark side you have to pay as many ducats as it says on the card and on the sunny side you pay double the price. If you also surround a barn place with your Möchs tile, then you follow the steps that surround a barn place. You cannot place monk tiles on the barn spaces themselves.

Fields with scoring discs

You have to activate your tiles in the monastery garden so that they bring income by moving your pawn to a scoring disc space. There you then use the scoring action there. You can only put at most one scoring disc on a harvest field and of course you must be free. You then choose a yield number from one to five and activate all resource tiles in the monastery garden with this number. If the resource tile is on the shady side, you receive as many ducats as indicated. If you use the sunny side, you move raw material markers of the same color on the production track as many points forward as indicated.

Barrel fields

With the twelve barrels you can fulfill different goals in the course of the game. If you have achieved one or more goals, you can drag your figure onto a barrel and take the barrel as a reward. At the end of the game, the barrels give you additional points.

Enclosing a barn area

You carry out the following steps when a barn space is occupied by monk or resource tiles:

  • The barn yield value is determined by adding up all the numbers that are directly around the barn space
  • With the Braumeister you can move as many spaces on the production track as the barn yield value is
  • You take a barn tile from the supply and place it on the corresponding space

Completion of a pair of privileges

If you have completed a pair of privileges, you can place a privilege card next to it and receive the card’s reward. If you don’t want to put a card there, you can’t do it there later either.

Heaven & Ale material
Heaven and Ale material


The Heaven and Ale extension is now also available for Heaven and Ale: The beer coach . Here you not only have to brew beer, you also have to be able to store the beer kegs somewhere and provide the horses with hay. Because only then is it possible to supply the innkeepers with the precious drop.


Here we have a tactical game with lots of choices. If you are short of money, you can sell your privilege cards and get ducats in exchange. Step by step, the player is faced with new questions and challenges, which makes the whole thing extremely exciting. However, this in turn makes it more difficult to find the right strategy, as the other players can thwart the plan very quickly. The instructions are a little more detailed but are still well described and easy to understand.

Explanatory video

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2021 – Letztes Update am 11. November 2021 von Eggertspiele.de

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