Glück Auf – A tradition lives on!

The traditional miner’s greeting Glück Auf is used here as the title for the board game by eggert games . With this greeting, the miners wish each other a lot of success on the one hand and that everyone returns safely from their shift on the other. This game is about finding, extracting and transporting coal. At the end of the 19th century there was still no solar energy and no green electricity either. That is why they are fully committed to coal mining.

The task is to produce lorries, take them to the mines and extract as much coal as possible. With the coal you can fulfill orders and then collect victory points for them. The difficulty with this is that each task requires a certain kind of coal. Sometimes you have to go deep into the tunnels for certain varieties, which can also be very expensive. So go ahead spit in your hands and off you go.

Luck on picture
Luck on picture

The 5 worker fields at Glück Auf

The lorry factory

If you are on the truck factory with your worker, you have to purchase a tunnel tile and install it in your own mine. Depending on what amount is on the cart, you have to pay it and put it back in the supply. If you have extracted the coal from the carts, they will remain empty until the rest of the game. You only get new coal when you acquire new tunnel tiles.


Here you can mine coal and prepare the orders for delivery. Above the worker field there is a number that indicates the maximum number of work steps that can be performed with this action. If you don’t want to carry out all of the actions, the rest simply lapse.

The delivery

With this action you deliver fully loaded orders. But you can only ever choose one worker delivery space. If you have delivered the order, you immediately receive the victory points indicated on the order card. With the victory point marker you move the victory point track forward accordingly.

The money

If you stand on this worker space, you receive as many marks from the general cash supply as indicated on the card. If you want to buy tunnel tiles in the Lorenfarbrik, you can only do that with the money.

A new order

If you have reached such a field with the worker, then you take the order card that is underneath for free. You then draw a new order card from the draw pile and place it where you stand for the next player.

Luck on accessories
Luck on accessories

Conclusion from Glück Auf

The actions are easy to implement and the eight-page rules of the game are easy to understand and can be looked up again and again. The theme runs like a red thread through the game as a beautiful graphic and everything can be clearly assigned. Even if there are only five areas in which the workers can be deployed, there are different options to choose from. In this game, the other players are the driving force and are constantly on the back of your neck. The color of the banknotes is not quite as well resolved. Because all of them have the same color, it is more difficult to distinguish the value.

Sometimes there are also flaws in the figures and it has also happened that the winding tower has warped and it was black to use it in the game. Despite the fact that the game material is not quite as high-quality, every player has fun operating the elevator and transporting the coal to the top with the cart. The tension increases more and more as it gets closer to the player, because you have to find the right timing and always have enough money and workers available to be able to carry out the actions. For Ruhrpottler this is Worker placement game definitely an enrichment and a piece of solidarity with home when it is on your table.

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