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Camel Up – The GAME OF THE YEAR 2014!

As the name suggests, the board game Camel Up by Eggertspiele is all about camels. During the game rounds you simulate a fun camel race in which you place bets in advance. Since the characters piggyback each other, i.e. can be stacked, it is possible that even the last camel will emerge as the winner of the game until the end of the game.

Each of the players at Camel Up has the same goal, namely to win as much money as possible through cleverly placed bets. Luck plays a subordinate role in this board game. Rather, it’s about reading the race correctly and assessing the dynamics well. Then all that is missing is the perfect timing to bet on the right camel at the best time, and you can cash in.

Bet on great or old camels at Camel Up

The rules of Camel Up are easy to understand and quickly explained. There is no tedious construction of play elements if the pyramid is put together once. It serves as a kind of dice cup and you can simply leave it assembled for later rounds of the game and drape it upright in the box. So you are always quickly ready to start playing and chasing the camels down the race track.

The game is always played clockwise. Each player can choose from four options in his round:

  1. Take the top stage betting tile of a camel color to bet on this camel and his stage victory
  2. Place one of the desert tiles on one of the spaces on the racetrack
  3. Take a pyramid tile to drive a camel forward with the help of the pyramid
  4. Place a betting card face down on the betting field of the great camel (overall winner) or the old camel (overall bottom)
camel up

Each player has to take exactly one action in his turn. If a player takes the last pyramid tile from the board, the last die is revealed and the camel is still moved. Before it is the next player’s turn, a stage evaluation is carried out. The starting player token for the next stage now moves to the next player on the left. He can start the next stage. The camel that is furthest ahead is now determined. If several camels are stacked piggyback, the camel that sits on top of the camel tower leads.

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Who is the stage winner?

Each of the other players now receives or loses money for their stage betting tiles and pyramid tiles. Add up the amounts on each player’s individual tiles. Everyone receives their total amount from the bank or has to pay it into the bank.

Everyone kept or paid money? Great! Then all stage and betting tiles as well as the pyramid tiles are placed back on the storage spaces on the Camel Up game board. You also remove the desert tiles that have now been discarded from the game board and give them back to their respective owners. The dice come back into the pyramid. Now the next stage can begin.

camel up

Camel Up – game expansion

If you haven’t had enough with that, you can get the Camel Up Supercup game expansion buy, which brings even more opportunities for promotions. The extension can be used for both Camel Up First Edition and the second edition of Camel Up. The Second Edition appears in a more contemporary guise, with revised game components and additional mechanisms. In addition, with the Camel Up Supercup, ten camel drivers can take part instead of eight players and place their bets on the fastest or lameest camel.

Camel Up Video Presentation

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