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Here you will find all instructions for our games. You can download it for free in PDF format. All instructions are in German. Have fun!

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The game instructions – the be-all and end-all for every board game

game instructions

People around the world have been playing board games for centuries. With this tradition goes hand in hand with the necessity and application of fixed rules of the game and thus also a set of instructions. In fact, the use of board games with a set of instructions can even be proven in ancient Egypt and then there is the game of chess, whose style of play and rules of the game have persisted over the ages to this day. No board game can work without more or less detailed instructions.

Today these are sometimes quite complex and therefore all the more important and the more popular a game is in your own household, the more it is necessary to maintain the game material and the instructions. Especially for your own board game favorites, you should therefore take a few tips on the subject of game instructions to heart.

This includes detailed instructions on how to play

In general, you should be aware of what belongs in a set of instructions. Be it to assess the quality of a board game or even to get creative yourself and create instructions. Therefore, for a simple overview – this belongs in the instructions or the rules of the game:

  • General description of the game
  • Exact listing of the game material
  • Preparation of the game or playing field
  • Course of the game
  • Explanation of individual moves and actions
  • If applicable, explanation of the field of play
  • Explanation of the end of the game
  • If necessary, an overview of the points or ranking system

This will prevent the loss of the game instructions

Nothing is more annoying than unpacking the board game after a long time but not really knowing the rules and then having no instructions. Finally, the points listed above show just how much there is to know. So it is best to take a few measures to prevent the loss or damage of the instructions. Anyone who thinks that the effort is not necessary does not yet know how good some board games can be, so that over time they will be played countless times. With a clean and complete set of instructions, the fun never falls by the wayside.

A very simple option nowadays is to scan or take a photo of the game instructions as soon as the game is received and to save the respective file on your own computer, a USB stick or something similar. So you can reprint the rule sheet at any time. Likewise, the instructions can of course also simply be copied. In any case, it is still worthwhile to put the individual sheets of the instructions, whether original or copy, in a film or even to laminate them. At least one or the other drink can stand on the gaming table and be spilled. If you are also at it, you can make an extra copy directly, so each individual player can receive instructions when playing.

What if the game manual was lost?

But if the instructions for the most popular board game in the house have been lost or damaged illegibly, a replacement must somehow be found. One source, also for instructions on old board game classics, is the Internet. There are now portals especially for this purpose where the instructions are available for download. Eggertspiele also offers the game instructions for board games such as “Animals on Board” or “Rokoko” and many other representatives from the outset as a PDF file for download. If that is not the case, the game manufacturer can of course be contacted at any time.

Great ideas to improve and expand the game instructions

In general, a board game is often a colorful affair and the instructions for use are usually colorful. If this is not the case and it is a board game for children, the instructions provide a great opportunity to color and add to drawings. Especially for board games that parents play with their children, a little story is also worthwhile as a background to the game.

Board games like “ Camel up ” or “ Grog Island “Von Eggertspiele already provide a certain setting, but why not describe it in more detail or come up with something entirely of your own? This can go so far, for example, that the individual characters are given names and personalities and are played accordingly. The more imagination literally comes into play here, the greater the fun that children and all players in general will experience.

Apart from that, in addition to the instructions for the respective board game, it is also advisable to have a list or points card at hand, where the results, placements and so on can be entered round by round. Some board games already integrate this into their instructions, but the space is often quite limited and may only be enough for a few rounds. Of course, the whole thing can always be recorded on a blank sheet of paper. However, a neat list, for example even with a column for the date, provides an opportunity for fond memories of games that go back years. After all, board games are fun, especially for families, that you experience from time to time.

Your own set of instructions – that is also possible

Board games are particularly suitable for sociable family evenings, as an activity in the shared apartment or as an evening activity among couples. So why not adapt the game instructions and thus the setting exactly for these constellations and make them very personal? The board game “Rokoko” by Eggertspiele, for example, is perfect for this. This game is actually about as a tailoring business in the epoch that gives it its name to organize a ball for the king, for which the game board shows the throne room and other rooms. All of this can be remodeled.

The ball becomes a birthday party, the king becomes one of the family members or a teammate, the throne room and other rooms become one’s own house and the tailoring business can become anything. These adjustments give the game a whole new background and a personal touch, which makes for a whole new level of fun. These own instructions for your own board game can easily be drawn up on the computer or with pen and paper. All it takes is a little creativity.

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