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Express 01

Invested in the card game Express 01 from Eggertspiele in the construction and expansion of railway …
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Milestones – a strategy game for strategists! The settlement of this area will be your work in the …
pergamon eggertspiele


The year is 1878. During the first excavations in what is now Turkey, archaeologists come across rem…


Frogriders – The fun family game Frogriders is a colorful family board game from the Spieleschmiede…
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YEDO – And his clan heads The board game Yedo by eggert games is from 1605 in Japan. The Shogun rul…
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The board game Dolmen is a new edition of the game Dolmengötter published by Eggertspiele in 2005. T…
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Kaispeicher – The expansion to the base game Speicherstadt! For the base game Speicherstadt has Egg…
imperial eggertspiele


With Imperial, Eggertspiele has brought a parlor game of plenty of influence, power and prestige int…


Jórvík – Eggertspiele's expert game The Vikings are on the loose! The board game Jórvík by Eggertsp…


Village – THE MESSAGE OF THE YEAR 2012! Life in the village is tough – but life here also allows re…
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Mombasa – rivalry among the four trading companies! Mombasa, like Cape Town, Saint-Louis and Cairo,…
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My Village

My Village – A chronicle of life in fast motion In 2012, the board game My Village by eggerstpiele …


Cuba … a game about cigars, rum and power! Cuba is a strategic game for 2-5 business-minded island…

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Eggert games

eggertspiele was a publisher for strategic and tactical board games . The eggert games come with little to no Luck factor out. Peter Eggert and Philipp El Alaoui and their team have been developing board games since 1996. While initially only own ideas were implemented, the more recent publications are ideas from renowned authors who develop eggertspiele into authentic and varied games. The authors are always involved in all development processes.

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  • 1996: Duhner Wattrennen by Peter Eggert
  • 1997: Alliance for work by Peter Eggert
  • 1998: Get the Pöppel from Peter Eggert
  • 1999: Black Man by Peter Eggert
  • 1999: Quick & Dirty by Peter Eggert
  • 2000: Tacara by Peter Eggert
  • 2001: Quick & Dirty Men by Peter Eggert
  • 2001: Quick & Dirty Women by Peter Eggert
  • 2001: Tacara seafarer expansion by Peter Eggert
  • 2002: Peter Eggert's rafting business
  • 2003: Global Powers by Leif Busse and Peter Eggert
  • 2004: Tobias Stapelfeldt's new territory
  • 2004: Power Soccer by Fritz Behrens
  • 2005: The Dolmen Gods by Thomas Odenhoven
  • 2005: Antiques by Walther “Mac” Gerdts
  • 2006: John Silver by Martin Schlegel
  • 2006: Imperial by Walther “Mac” Gerdts
  • 2006: Space Dealer – Tobias Stapelfeldt's space dealer
  • 2007: Guatemala Café by Inka and Markus Brand
  • 2007: Cuba by Michael Rieneck and Stefan Stadler
  • 2007: Hamburgum by Walther “Mac” Gerdts
  • 2008: All-Zeit – 1st space dealer extension by Tobias Stapelfeldt
  • 2008: Change Horses by Bruce Whitehill
  • 2008: Tobias Stapelfeldt's new territory – new edition
  • 2008: Under the protection of the castle of Inka and Marcus Brand
  • 2009: Sherwood Forest by Nils Finkemeyer
  • 2009: Havana by Reinhard Staupe
  • 2009: Power games by Bauldric & Friends
  • 2010: Speicherstadt by Stefan Feld
  • 2010: Fairground by Inka and Marcus Brand
  • 2010: The dealers by Wolfgang Kramer
  • 2010: Grand Cru by Ulrich Blum

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What is was the homepage of a publisher of board games of the same name. We are continuing the website with information on the well-known board games and expanding it with useful and helpful tips and ideas.

How many games are there?

There are board and card games at well over 40 and online games well over 100.

Which game does have?

Here you can find board games, card games and video games in all varieties. A list of all games can be found here on this page.

Which games are game of the year?

The game Village, Camel Up, Rokoko and a few more have all won the Game of the Year award. Some games also have the title of Kennerspiel des Jahres. The full You can see the list here .

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