Which player does not dream of finding an online casino with a really high chance of winning, because whoever plays in the online casino would like to win continuously. But we're talking about gambling here and they follow different rules. Specifically, it is about the probability calculation and fixed payout percentages. Today we take a look at how these influencing factors work and what players should pay attention to when choosing their online casino.

The best casinos with a high chance of winning

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Cazimbo Casino
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Slot Hunter Casino 200 free spins + up to € 300
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Casombie € 500 bonus + 100 free spins
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National Casino € 550 bonus + 250 free spins
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GSlot Casino
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Winny Casino 100% bonus credit up to € 250
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DACHbet Casino
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Which online casinos have which chances of winning?

This information is based on our own experience and is not confirmed and of course without guarantee.

Online casinowebsiteSlotsLive casino Ø quota
Slotildato visit97,13 %98,01 %97,57 %
Platinum Casinoto visit97,02 % 97,96 % 97,49 %
Casinorexto visit 96,97 % 97,79% 97,38 %
National Casinoto visit 96,78 % 97,66 % 97,22 %
Casombieto visit96,69 % 97,54 % 97,16 %
LuckyDaysto visit 96,65 % 97,49 % 97,07 %
SlotHunterto visit 96,60 % 97,43 % 97,02 %
Four crownsto visit 96,57 % 97,39 % 96,98 %
Winny Casinoto visit 96,51 % 97,33 % 96,92 %
Playouwinto visit 96,34 % 97.29 % 96,82 %

Chances of winning on slot machines

placeSlot machineRTPHouse edgedeveloper
1Mega joker98,90 %1,10 %NetEnt
2Jackpot 600098,90 %1,10 %NetEnt
3Blood suckers98,00 %2,0 %NetEnt
4Big Bass Bonanza96,71%3,29 %PragmaticPlay
5The Dog House96,51 %3,49 %PragmaticPlay
6Yum Yum96,43 %3,57 %PragmaticPlay
7Fruit Case96,40 %3,60 %NetEnt
8Dr. Toonz96,25 %3,75 %Play'n GO
9Book of Dead96,21 %3,79 %Play'n GO
10Monkey Mania96,17 %3,83 %Gamomat
11Book of Ra95,10 %4,90 %Novomatic
12Reactoonz94,51%5,49%Play'n GO

Casino games payout percentages

Casino gameRTP ØCasino advantage Ø
Slot machines / slots96 %4 %
Video poker99,54 %0,46 %
European roulette97,3 %2,7 %
American roulette94,74 %5,26 %
Black jack99,4 %0,6 %
Baccarat98,83 %1,17 %

The difference between variance & RTP

Gewinnchancen Online Casino

In order to find online casinos with the highest chances of winning, it is important to differentiate between two important terms. When game developers bring out new content, they always state the variance and RTP. These terms are often mixed up. For the subjective perception of the winning situations, they are indirectly linked to one another. However, they by no means mean the same thing.


The payout ratio of a game of chance is called “Return to Player” (RTP). This percentage indicates how much of the stake flows back to the player on average. For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 96%, he pays back around € 96 of the € 100 staked. This is an estimate, which the slot gets closer to the more laps are turned.


In contrast to the percentage RTP, the variance is not specified with a fixed numerical value. Instead, there is a subdivision into low, medium and high variance. In the calculation of probability, this term stands for the “scatter” of the profits. The more understandable term “fluctuations” is easier to remember.

A slot machine with high variance, i.e. strong fluctuations, can generate large streaks of luck at times. But it is also possible for him not to pay anything out for a long time. If you tend to switch to TILT mode quickly, you should therefore only choose slots with low variance.

Theory vs. Practice in the Chances of Winning in Online Casinos

A high variance can therefore also create long-lasting streaks of bad luck. The players have to adjust to this accordingly. With an appropriately large credit and adjusted stakes.

As far as the calculation of probability is concerned, theory and practice are felt to be worlds apart. Because the specified payout ratio (RTP) is calculated on thousands of spins or coups. If you only spin your preferred slot 100 times, you will rarely hit the RTP.

Nevertheless, it is fundamentally important for everyone who wants to have high chances of winning and payouts to select the slot machines specifically. Both the variance and the RTP value.

Progressive jackpots usually pay off worse

One of the worst ideas is to specialize in progressive jackpots. The big winnings are tempting here. But appearances are deceptive. Because in order to finance these jackpots, developers almost always have to reduce the RTP significantly. Thus, the said machines often slip below 90% RTP. What a slot machine on the internet is just not up to date. The absolutely minimal chance of the jackpot in no way compensates for this disadvantage.

A look at the bottom of the page helps

But how does a player find out how good or bad the chances of winning a game of chance are? There are several contact points for this and they all involve a little research. Because only a few providers provide these numbers quite obviously.

Many beginners and even experienced players often do not know what useful information is at the bottom of a casino's page. This shows how transparent the provider really is. In addition to the accepted payment methods and licensing, you can also see the General Terms of Use (GTC) here. If nothing is written there about the chances of winning, then maybe in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Check with the game developer

If you can find any information at all, the providers usually only refer to the game developers. On the websites of NetEnt , Microgaming, Playtech & Co, the RTP value is displayed for each game. We would only believe these official sources if the online casino itself does not provide any information on the payout ratio.

Test laboratories such as eCOGRA

Ecogra Edited

It looks a little different when the online casino can be checked by an independent test laboratory. That eCOGRA seal is best known here, but there are other instances. This can also be found at the bottom of the page, provided the operator is not afraid of the costs.

The results are then stored in a document or on a separate page of the laboratory. Almost always in a summary according to game groups (slots, roulette, blackjack etc.) Often an even more simplified version is used. Then there are only slots, table games, bingo, etc.

But at least such a review gives the certainty that someone outside of the gaming industry has looked at the matter.

Adapted RTP is not uncommon

But there is still something to consider and this is only noticeable when making a larger comparison. If online casinos disclose their chances of winning themselves, these can vary for the same game. E.g. Casino A offers 96% RTP for the selected slot, Casino B only uses 93%.

This seems justified for two reasons. On the one hand, the contracts with the suppliers can allow a corresponding adjustment. On the other hand, the RTP discrepancy is sometimes due to different regions from which the game is played.

We are currently experiencing such a problem in Germany. With the new State Treaty on Gambling of July 2021, the providers were imposed a flat tax of 5.3%. This is payable on all income, regardless of the payouts to the players. What puts online casinos in financial distress.

Providers have so far solved this in two ways. Either the tax is passed on directly, so that players also lose the 5.3% or similar on all bets. Or they don't notice right away because the online casino has simply lowered the payout ratio (RTP) on its slot machines.

Who cares?

As I said, most players do not even realize this because they simply find these details uninteresting. But if you regularly bet and want to proceed as strategically as possible, you deliberately make another choice. There, extensive comparisons are made and only providers with the highest chances of winning are searched for.

Why do I never win anything – am I out of luck or only bad chances of winning?

Glueck Online Casinos Edited

Now that we have explained variance and RTP, we want to go into the subjective factor. Your own feeling, which suggests that you are simply never lucky. If you play in a reputable online casino, the RTP value always remains the same. We are not aware of any casino that makes changes to the detriment of individual players. Neither in the slots nor in the live casino.

However, this subjectivity remains and is greatly influenced by the variance. Anyone who spins thousands of rounds on the same slot machine slowly approaches the average value of the named payout ratio. Even so, it happens that there is no appreciable profit for one hundred spins. That is precisely the variance and it cannot be calculated in any more detail.

Ironically, high variance slots are often portrayed as something positive by game developers. With the suggestion that the big hit could be achieved at any time. Much gentler on the nerves, however, are slot machines with medium to low variance. Occasionally, the programmers are already showing this in their slots. We know it, for example. by Pragmatic Play. Where one lightning bolt stands for a low and five lightning bolts for a high variance (volatility).

How can all of this be summed up?

If you only want to play in online casinos with high chances of winning, you have to bring some time with you. To analyze the information offered. Either on the casino's website or through external, trustworthy sources. However high the RTP may be, with the variance an unpredictable factor always comes into play. This makes it exciting, but on some days it tends to steal your last nerve.

Odds & Odds FAQ

What does RTP mean?

The abbreviation stands for “Return To Player”. It describes the percentage that is paid back to the players on average. An example: An RTP of 95% means that for every 100 euros staked, 95 euros will be paid out again. The slot or table gets closer and closer to this RTP value the more it is played. During short sessions, the repayments can also be significantly higher or lower.

Difference between payout rate and win rate?

The payout rate is called “RTP” in English. While players often equate this with the win rate, this is not true. Because the win rate shows the relationship between the stake and the average profit. This says nothing about the frequency of the wins (variance). But only what net profit a player can expect on average.

What does the house edge mean in an online casino?

The term house advantage comes from the tables in casinos. In principle, it can be equated with the RTP (Return To Player) value. Even if a player uses the perfect strategy, the operator will make more profits than losses in the long run. This is what is meant by the house edge. Who e.g. Going absolutely strategically to roulette or blackjack can reduce the house edge to less than 1%.

How do you recognize good chances of winning?

If many players are using the same title, this can be an indication. Many online casinos keep a real-time list of winnings. If a game appears here particularly often, you should try it there. If you want to rely purely on the number base, take the RTP value. However, he must also take into account the relationship to the variance. Ideally, the game has an RTP of 96% or more, with low variance.

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