It sounds like a good deal: Im Online casino no deposit play because the casino pays the stakes. In fact, such offers are currently in abundance. The operators of the virtual casinos smell the morning air after the liberalization of the German gaming market. With the spirit of optimism, the intensity of competition and marketing budgets grew. With these budgets, casinos finance substantial bonus offers.

Top 15 – Online Casino No Deposit

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Slot Hunter Casino 200 free spins + up to € 300
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Magical Spin Casino € 3000 bonus + up to 100FS
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Winny Casino 100% bonus credit up to € 250
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Platinum Casino € 250 bonus + 120 free spins
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CosmicSlot Casino € 1000 bonus + 200 free spins
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Four Crowns Casino 400% UP TO € 2000
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LuckyDays Casino € 1000 bonus + 100 free spins
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Wild tornado
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Oh my spins 100% up to € 500 bonus + 200 FS
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Mr Luck Casino 500% bonus + 100 free spins
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Casombie Casino € 500 bonus + 100 free spins
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Play in the online casino without a deposit and win real money

And this is where things get interesting. Not just for passionate players. But also for all bargain hunters, hunters and professional miser. It is possible to get real gambling winnings with such bonus offers that are payable.

Players do not take any risks. Not only because at no point in time you use your own money. The process is also legally legal. Online casinos have been able to officially operate on the German market since July 1st, 2021.

If you want to play in the online casino without a deposit, you have to reveal some data. However, the data is subject to Provisions of the GDPR . Apart from the one or the other (can be switched off) promotional e-mail from the casino, no after-effects are to be expected from a trip to the virtual casino with a free bonus.

online casino no deposit

Why does an online casino play no deposit?

Why do casinos accept such offers? The reason is to be seen in the combination of generally high competitive pressure and the special situation as a result of the new regulation of the German gaming market. In the current situation, casinos are primarily fighting for market share – and putting all other goals behind.

It depends on the bonus conditions!

Anyone who is already hanging around with bundles of money in their minds should first step on the brakes. The casinos provide their bonus offers with conditions. Only those who meet these conditions can win real money in an online casino without a deposit.

Free spins or starting credit?

First, let's take a look at the details of the bonus offers. There are two types of no deposit bonuses. For one, a casino can grant free spins. These apply to a specific game. Often it is a slot machine.

On the other hand, the casino can provide a starting credit. This starting credit can then be used for all or at least a large number of games in the online casino. Such freely usable starting credits tend to be a bit better than free spins. The reason: Players can set their own strategy for fulfilling the bonus conditions here.

Which games does the bonus apply to?

As in any market, casinos have some followers. Because the competition attractive bonus offers without making a deposit, the corresponding offers will be made. However, with a significant loss of quality in the small print.

For example, online casinos without a deposit can stipulate that a bonus only applies to unattractive games. A game in the casino is unattractive if its payout ratio is conspicuously low. The payout ratio is also known as Return to Players (RTP). For example, an RTP of 92% means that, statistically speaking, for every EUR 100 stake, EUR 92 is paid out to the player again. This value relates to an extremely large number of game rounds and naturally cannot be claimed by a single player.

What is the wagering requirement?

online casino without a € 1 limit

The core of the bonus terms and conditions is a wagering requirement at an online casino without a deposit. Each casino designs this a little differently. In essence, however, the same rules apply everywhere.

With the initial bonus, players can play in the online casino without making a deposit. However, this credit is not real money, but bonus money. This bonus money is not withdrawable under any circumstances.

The winnings from wagers with this bonus money are credited as bonus money themselves. This bonus money is conditionally withdrawable. There is a wagering requirement. Only when this is fulfilled, the bonus money is converted into real money. For this only, casinos authorize withdrawals.

An example of how it works. A casino advertises a EUR 50 no deposit bonus. A player takes advantage of the offer and uses the bonus on a machine. After a long period of winnings and losses, 100 EUR of game credit is available. This money is bonus money. There is a 30x wagering requirement. So the player has to bet 30 × 100 = 3000 EUR. If this limit is reached, the credit is converted into real money.

Often the initial, non-withdrawable bonus is subject to additional wagering requirements. With the initial bonus, a turnover threshold must first be reached. Only when this threshold is reached, winnings are credited as conditional bonus money.

So the matter is a little bit complicated. However, many casinos support progress bars in the game account. Then players can see at a glance how many wagers are still necessary to “clear” bonus money.

When comparing different bonus offers, the following applies: The more moderate the wagering requirement, the better.

Which stakes do not count as turnover in the online casino without a deposit?

The bonus conditions contain information on the weighting of the stakes. In most slots, stakes count 100%. The situation is different with table and card games. Here, stakes are only taken into account to a lesser extent or not at all. Stakes in the live casino are almost always excluded.

It is also worth taking a look at excluded slot machines. Stakes in slots with progress functions or progressive jackpots often do not count as turnover in the sense of the bonus conditions. Often it is not possible to wager on these games in the online casino without making a deposit with bonus money.

Is there a cap on winnings from the bonus?

Some casinos set an upper limit for a free bonus in the bonus conditions. Winnings from the bonus can then not exceed a certain amount.

An example: A player achieves winnings of EUR 400 with a free bonus. This amount is posted after all conditions have been met. However, the upper limit for winnings according to the bonus terms and conditions is EUR 200. The casino therefore pays out EUR 200 and deletes the remaining EUR 200 from the account.

With the free real money payout bonus: This is how it can work

The way to a free bonus is very easy. Players choose an online no deposit casino with a corresponding offer and register an account.

A tip for the self-optimized bargain hunter: It is not uncommon for the bonus to be a bit more generous by entering a bonus code. Such codes can be found on comparison portals, for example.

Activating the bonus and playing in the online casino without making a deposit is very easy. It is much more difficult to actually take a real profit from this bonus at the end – in other words: to pay out real money. The fact that this succeeds relatively seldom is also due to an unfavorable approach.

Set the goal: win moderately or clear it up?

online casino real money provider

Many players – regardless of whether they are beginners or slot veterans – display a particularly risk-taking behavior with a no-deposit bonus. Then particularly highly volatile machines are sought out – after all, there is nothing to lose.

High winnings are possible in highly volatile games. The price for this is long dry spells. Basically nothing speaks against the use of bonus money in highly volatile games. Ultimately, luck plays the decisive role.

There is, however, another, more defensive approach. This aims to take a real money profit from the free bonus with as high a probability as possible.

  • Select a slot with low volatility

If you want to win with a bonus in the online casino without a deposit, you can choose a slot machine with low volatility. With these slot machines there are not really big wins. There are more frequent smaller payouts for this. The account balance fluctuates less when playing with low volatility. Therefore, there is a chance to keep credit over the hurdle of the wagering requirements.

  • Make sure that stakes are counted towards the selected slot

Of course, casinos also understand the importance of volatility. Therefore certain games are excluded. Players must make sure that their bets are 100% counted towards the wagering requirement. For example, certain bets in roulette (red / black or even / odd) are excluded. Some slot machines are also repeatedly found on the list of excluded games. A look at the bonus conditions is therefore a must.

  • Play with moderate stakes

If you play with small stakes, you bet more often. The result thus approaches the result that would be expected according to the law of large numbers.

In the case of a slot with an RTP of 96%, according to the law of large numbers, a profit of EUR 96 would be expected after 1000 spins at 0.1 EUR each (100 EUR total stake). From the original EUR 100 free bonus, EUR 96 would then still be available.

Of course, 1000 spins are not enough to come close to the statistical payout ratio. This is based on billions of spins. It is about making sales and doing the best to win or at least suffer only small losses. At some point the wagering requirement is met. If there is then credit in the account, it is real money that can be withdrawn. Whoever makes it this far has won in the online casino without making a deposit.

How does a no deposit bonus work?

A classic casino bonus rewards a customer's deposit. The customer pays a certain amount, the casino puts a fixed percentage on top. The customer hopes that the house advantage will be balanced out. The casino speculates that the customer will bet more with the bonus and in the end will be subject to the house edge again.

The bonus offers encountered in the current gold rush mood are of a different nature. Here the casino provides a starting credit or a free game contingent. New customers can play in the online casino without making a deposit – at the expense of the casino. This pays for the (first) bets.


Play in the online casino without a deposit and take real money with you: This is currently not an empty advertising promise. This is made possible by the currently high marketing budgets of the casinos, which attract customers with bonus offers.

However, if you want to leave an online casino with a profit without any risk, you have to meet the wagering requirement. This hurdle is not exactly low. With the necessary luck, however, it can be skipped. A tip: If it doesn't work out at a casino, the next competitor may be waiting with a similar offer.

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