When it comes to live roulette, many people think one would have to switch to a casino live roulette to be able to play. But in today’s technology it is possible to play the table game live online from home.

Roulette is one of the absolute casino classics and is one of the oldest games of chance in Europe. Roulette has been enjoying great popularity among casino customers since the 17th century, and of course this has not decreased in the digital age. Where exactly roulette was invented is still not exactly clear, but the origins are believed to be in Italy. From there, the game spreads across Europe and eventually across the world in just a few years. Roulette was particularly popular in America, even if the variant there differs from the European original.

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Online roulette is not just live roulette

Nowadays, European and American roulette are among the most popular game variants. In the course of time, however, many other variations of the roulette game have emerged – especially since the triumph of the Internet and online casinos.

How does online live roulette work and what are the advantages over online roulette?

live roulette

Basically, live roulette works just like online roulette games that do without a croupier. Customers choose the table they want, take their seat and place their respective bets. One of the biggest differences is definitely the atmosphere of the live version, which is a lot livelier and more interactive than the pure online version. The games are broadcast to the customers’ homes via live stream, so that all game processes can be seen in real time. With this variant there is almost a real “casino feeling”.

The croupier, who comments on the course of the game, particularly contributes to this atmosphere. You can also interact with the other players, and dress code and opening times are no problem during the game. So you can play a few rounds even in your pajamas without feeling out of place.

The software behind the live roulette games

In order for these tables to run smoothly, of course, the software behind the scenes also has to be right. You can tell that above all by the fact that some providers cannot guarantee good image and transmission quality. So if you are looking for good live roulette games, you should be familiar with the software providers. The currently best software comes from Playtech and evolution. We especially recommend the games from Evolution gaming , because they not only shine with a great quality, but also offer a large selection of other live games. But it should also be said that it always depends on personal preference.

Evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the largest providers in the live casino area. Above all, the variety and streaming quality of the games from Evolution Gaming are repeatedly praised. The most popular live roulette variant is immersive roulette with its different camera angles and a slow motion function, which ensures even more excitement when playing.


In addition to Evolution Gaming, one of the leading software providers for various live games in the online casino industry. Above all, this is thanks to the excellent streaming quality and the appealing design of the various game rooms. In addition to its live games, Playtech also offers a large selection of slots and table games.

The most exciting live roulette variants

online live roulette

In addition to the variants mentioned above, there are also other different versions of Live Roulette that make use of the technical possibilities. Basically, every roulette fan can find just the right thing for themselves here, to suit their own taste and budget. We’ll take a closer look at the most popular variants below.

Speed roulette

A particularly fast-paced variant that only lasts half as long as a normal round of roulette. Here you are offered faster and several rounds than with a normal variant. In addition to the increased speed, the conventional roulette rules still apply here.

Immersive roulette

The rules of Immersive Live Roulette are identical to those of European Roulette. The difference is made by a total of 19 camera perspectives, which offer an exclusive and visually high-quality experience. The transmission with Immersive Roulette is 4K quality, so that the streams have an outstanding display quality even on 65+ -inch TVs.

In addition to these variants, there are also a large number of localized versions, on which the lettering on the table is in the respective national language. Everyone will find something here.

Variants of the online live roulette games

Even if the principle of live roulette is basically always the same, there are some different variants that are intended to provide variety, especially in online casinos. There may be differences in the payout percentages, the style of play or in the amount and type of stakes. Of course, every customer has their favorite variants, but the following variants are the classics.

European roulette

The so-called European Roulette is probably one of the most frequently played variants of Internet Roulette, at least in European, Asian and African online casinos. This variant is played with a cauldron, the numbers 1 to 36 and a zero. This variant offers better chances of winning compared to its American brother, since in European Roulette with only one zero the house advantage is only 2.7 percent. In addition to the European variant, there are also so-called native roulette games, in which the names and expressions are implemented in different national languages.

French roulette

French roulette is identical to European roulette in many ways and is one of the best online roulette variants for many gambling fans. First and foremost, the differences between the variants are visual. While in European roulette you can find English terms on the gaming table or those of the national language, the names in the French version are in French. Then there is a difference. In the French variant, the La Partage and En Prison rules are used, but not always both. The La Partage rule means that when the zero comes, the stake is split and the customer does not lose the entire stake.

Half goes to the bank and the other half is paid out to the gambler. The en prison rule states that half of the profit is not paid out to the player with a zero, but the entire stake is blocked and half of the profit is “reinvested”. If the customer is correct in the next run, he gets his stake back. Otherwise the entire stake goes to the casino.

American roulette

As the name suggests, the American Roulette variant is one that is particularly popular in the USA. In Europe, on the other hand, this variant of the game plays a subordinate role. This could be due to the fact that in addition to the zero, the double zero is also played here. The house edge here is 5.6 percent. The payout percentages in American Roulette decrease accordingly. Nevertheless, the American version can be found in some online casinos, including here in Europe.

Online live roulette rules

roulette regeln

The rules of live roulette and the online variant only differ in detail and are very easy to understand, so that even inexperienced customers can understand them quickly and easily get into the action. We will explain the process using the European variant, as this is the most widespread in our country.

The game is played with the numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero. The numbers in the cauldron are either red or black, while zero is excluded from this division. The arrangement of a cauldron is always the same, a red number is next to a black one, usually an even number is next to an odd number and often a high number next to a low number.

The course of the game in Live Roulette

First the bets are placed. At the beginning of each round, players place their chips, and they have the option of simple chances (red or black, even or odd), columns (one of 3 columns consisting of 12 numbers), dozen (one of 3 groups of numbers each with 12 numbers), Carré (four numbers that are “next to each other” in a group), Transversale simple (a group of 6 numbers), Transversale plein (3 numbers that are arranged in a group), Cheval (2 numbers that are next to each other limit) and / or Plein (1 number including the zero).

Then the ball is literally set in motion. In live roulette in the online casino, the time until the bets are placed is determined by the croupier. Customers are asked to place the chips with the words “Play your game!” If enough bets are placed on the table, the ball is thrown into the bowl, it is still possible to place bets until the croupier calls out “Nothing works!”

The third step is the result. The ball becomes steadily slower until it stops on a number. All chips that were placed on a wrong result are collected by the croupier and go to the bank. Correctly placed bets receive the corresponding profit paid out by the croupier. These are added to the bet chip value.

Finally, a new round begins. Players who have previously won can choose whether they take their chips from the table or leave them and hope for another win. At many roulette tables you will also see the previous results in order to adjust your strategy so that you don’t have to bet in the dark. This is also called the permanence.

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