By doing Board game Under the protection of the castle, the players are the builders and must ensure that a new castle is built. Of course, this is also about reputation and fame and you don’t allow your fellow players to succeed in building the castle. You get the victory points at the end of the game, so it is important to plan cleverly. Because this is the only way to claim or even build the most valuable construction sections for yourself.

Under the protection of the castle picture
Under the protection of the castle picture

The person cards and their meaning

  • Whoever has the messenger receives eight talers from the bank.
  • The player who has the dealer receives raw materials for himself and others. To do this, he places one of his assistants next to the wagon or a rider. Only if all the wagons have an assistant can the rider get one.
  • The player who plays the bricklayer receives raw materials from the defense tower, erects his structures and may then use assistants.
  • On the other hand, the stonemason can buy raw materials from the workers, erect structures and then deploy his assistants.
  • The worker receives raw materials and can use them to build his structures.
  • Whoever has drawn the master builder’s card takes a character card that he has previously earned and immediately scores points for the structures erected in this round.

The buildings and their evaluation of In the protection of the castle

  • Whoever owns the keep receives three victory points for each unoccupied copper-colored assistant position.
  • At the tavern you get one victory point if your assistant, who was used for 12 talers, is still in the castle. If you have used it for 6 thalers, you get a thaler in front of two assistants who are still in the castle. The victory points are rounded down if the number is odd.
  • If you have placed helpers in the gates, you get points for each tower built.
  • When it is the turn of the stable, each assistant earns victory points for a house that has been built. It doesn’t matter who built the house.

  • Each owner whose assistant is in the servants’ house receives one victory point.
  • If you have help at the market, you convert your talers into victory points at the end of the game.
  • If a player is an assistant in the hall, then at the end of the game he converts any five Roshtoffe from his personal supply.
  • The assistant stands on a 10th place in the forge and receives one victory point at the end of the game for each silver bar that is in the forge.
Accessories under the protection of the castle
Accessories under the protection of the castle

The summer and winter versions of In the protection of the castle

The summer side

If you use the game board on the summer side you have four carts and a rider brings the raw materials such as clay, stone, wood, sand and silver to the castle. The current rounds are marked by the round fields and the number of rounds results from the participating players. The raw materials that are all given away when trading are collected in the defense tower. The current success of a game is marked on the victory point track.

The winter side

The winter side is not that different from the summer side of the schedule. Only the markings on the round fields make the difference. A winter card is revealed when a round starts with a marker. The event described on the card must also be carried out by the person who revealed the card.


The Rules of the game are easy to understand and self-explanatory. At the beginning you play a bit next to each other, but later the play with each other becomes more intense. The game material is of high quality and great to look at. You get to see a summer game page and, if you turn the game board over, a winter game page. The winter one is only supplemented by a few additional cards. Unfortunately, the game often ends too quickly before you can implement your strategies. It is especially great to play with three to four players.

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