The Speicherstadt – which investments at which time?

Hamburg around 1900 – the gateway to the world. A unique warehouse complex extends within the port: the Speicherstadt. The network of canals and bridges houses a terminal for spices, coffee, tea and carpets from around the world.

As one of the Hamburg wholesalers in the heyday of the Speicherstadt, you acquire shiploads for the warehouses, of course not too expensive in order to make a profit with the sale. If you make the best offers within a year and supply your customers with the right goods, you win the game. But beware! Sudden fires cause serious losses. Investing in fire protection early on may be recommended.

If you The Speicherstadt play, you will be amazed by the simple and original mechanism to acquire the action cards you want.

Author: Stefan Feld

Illustrations: Michael Menzel and Harald Lieske


  • 1 game board
  • 5 market neck cards
  • 54 trading cards
  • 20 woodworkers
  • 45 wooden cubes
  • 1 metal coin
  • 25 coins
  • 1 cloth bag

Price: 19.99 | Players: 2-5 | Age: 8+ | Duration: 45

The Speicherstadt image
The Speicherstadt image

The 5 game phases

The offer

You always place one more trading card on the water fields on the game board than players do. If the card shows a ship, you equip it with three goods cubes which you randomly pull out of the sack. A revealed fire is evaluated immediately and a new card is revealed. With the fire cards, the players with the fewest firefighters get the number shown on the card as minus points. Whoever has the most firefighters gets the most points.


The starting player begins and places his worker on the game board in a free space in the lowest building. Then it goes on with the other players in turn. This goes on until everyone has deployed their three workers.

The purchase

The cards are sold from left to right according to a certain scheme. The players now decide as the workers were deployed from top to bottom whether they want to buy the card or not. Depending on how many workers are upstairs, the price is always that high. If another player does not want to buy, his worker comes back to his hand and the next buyer pays one price less.

The shipment

Once the first ship has been purchased, the goods can be loaded. The starting player begins and distributes his goods on his orders. One can sell through the market hall or through one’s own dealer. You can also exchange goods 3: 1 or have the goods stored in a warehouse or the market hall.


The players all receive a coin and those who did not buy a card in the round receive an additional coin. In a clockwise direction, the starting player is changed and a new round can begin. The 4th fire is the last card in the draw pile. The game ends when this card is used. The player with the most points wins.

The Speicherstadt accessories
The Speicherstadt accessories


With this game you get into the atmosphere and flair of the Hamburg warehouse district. Anyone who has already been there knows what I’m writing about. The Game mechanism is determined by the negotiation and auctioning of the trading cards. Each player observes the other with eagle eyes and it is often not hidden how much financial leeway the opponents have. Then the question arises again and again, how much can and do I want to pay for a card? How important is this card to me? Can I block a teammate somewhere?

It is also not always an advantage to be the starting player of a round. Because often the last player can get a bargain with the other players or react better to the actions of the players. The rules of the game are easy to understand and for those who have already played there is a quick guide to get started. In fact, you can join the game at the age of eight and the short playing time and the constant tension when selling tickets mean it never gets boring.

Explanatory video

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