Power $ games – From employee to division manager to board member

In the board game Power $ games of eggert games everyone can pull the strings of the economic by himself. Welcome to the world of scheming tacticians from the boardrooms. As in a real company, there are different departments, offices, executive and board rooms. Employees, external consultants and managers are deployed. Here, too, money rules in the form of blocks of shares, employees are laid off, departments are restructured and board members are newly appointed. Of course, bribes and corruption are the order of the day. Who can manage the best tactics and secure valuable privileges? This is the only way to advance developments and acquire patents.

Makes $ games accessories
Makes $ games accessories

Board meeting and department rounds

A board meeting consists of seven steps like saying goodbye to the old boss and choosing a new one. A new division manager is determined in each department. The privileges are distributed and the influence points are awarded. The boss earns two points of influence and each board member earns an additional point. The motivation stone is moved and the event cards sorted.

A department round consists of two steps. In step one, the top event card is turned over and the event is fulfilled. The company’s motivation is now either increasing or decreasing. Event cards that have to do with money can also disempower the bosses.

Makes $ games picture
Makes $ games picture


When you set up the playing field with all the accessories, you feel almost overwhelmed at first. But gradually you quickly get a perspective and know how it’s going. There is a huge selection of actions that can either advance you or harm your fellow players. At first, reading the instructions is a little time-consuming, but afterwards it is quite understandable and easy to play.

As in real life, one sets up departments, appoints department heads, appoints board members, consults consultants, hires or fires employees, bribes or buys in order to gain influence. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are no longer in the game but in reality. For Tactical player is that a big challenge.

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