You don’t always have a playing partner at your side and still want to have fun playing. The so-called Solo games , which is also called Solitaire games knows, are consistently suitable for a single person to play and designed to not need a playing partner.

The best solo games to play alone

It is not uncommon for you to be at home alone and you don’t feel like reading or watching TV. Then games that you can play alone, i.e. solo games, are just right. Not every game is designed or suitable to be a solo game. The search is often tedious, especially if you want a little variety and want to play a different game for just 1 person. For this reason we have put together the 25 best solo games that you can also have fun with on your own.

Card games as solo games

Not many card games can be played alone, but there are still some that can also be really fun as a solo game. Card solitaire games are in most cases discard games in which you have to follow a certain predetermined pattern. This is also the case with the card game of the same name, Solitaire.


Solitaire is also sometimes referred to as soltaire or solitair and is one of the most famous card games for a person. The game is preinstalled on almost every PC or laptop and can be played directly. Microsoft Windows includes the solitaire game Spider Solitaire, which was the most popular PC card game a few years ago. Simply enter the term in the Windows search and the game will be suggested to you.

There are some portals where you can play Solitaire and Microsoft Spider Solitaire online. But you can also play solitaire offline with a normal card game. The solitaire rules and instructions can be found in the wikiHow video above this text. Solitaire is one of those solo games that is easy to learn, it is really fun for young and old and time flies by.


The game Friday by Friesemann Friese is a purely card-based solo game, or solitaire game, based on the world-famous adventure of the shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe and Freitag, the wild indigenous people of the island. It is a deck building card game for solo players in which you have to improve your chances of survival and mainly the luck factor decides. The card game for one person contains battle cards, pirate cards, danger cards and clumsy cards. In addition, the game box contains game boards and green life points made of wood. How this strategy solo game works is explained in the video.

Arkham horror

The Sologame Arkam Horror is a Living Card Game, which you can later expand on by buying an expansion box (there are now a few). You play the detective game all by yourself, i.e. as a solitaire game, or as a cooperative game for two or more people. The game is played with an individual deck of cards that you put together yourself and that changes over the course of the game. The basic box contains three scenarios that build on each other and form a complete campaign. By playing the basic box you learn the game and get to know the process. The video gives you a lot of information about the solo games from Arkam Horror and the expansion sets.


Obsthain (the original version of the game is called ‘Orchard’) by Mark Tuck is a solo game for children aged 8 and up. It is one of the few solo card games that are actually only intended to be played alone, because you do not need a playing partner. What is the solitaire game about? You harvest the fruit trees in your orchard by laying out your cards so that they overlap each other. You have individual strategic options to score more points. In the end you compare your score at the end of the game round with the points of the previous game rounds and try to top your high score. The video explains exactly how the game works.

Village Green

The card game Village Green can be played very well as a solo player, but instead of being a solitaire game, it is also suitable for several players. The rules are super simple. According to the principle “Our village should become more beautiful” you design your garden with countless flowers, trees, ponds and statues. Will your village be beautiful enough to please the jury and get enough points in the competition? You have to lay out and discard cards and gradually make your village clear. In the video for Village Green, the rules of the game and how the game is played are explained in detail.

IQ games and mind games as solo games

IQ games can be quite challenging and some are perfect as solo games. They are ideal for players who like to brood. Logic games come in different flavors, but ultimately they are all aimed at brain training. The lighter versions are also suitable for children or seniors who want to challenge or encourage their brains. Solo brain games usually contain brain teasers or brain teasers and are therefore perfect IQ training. The manufacturer SmartGames for example has a whole range of brain teasers and logic games in its IQ series that you can play all by yourself.

IQ Focus, IQ Twist and other brain games from SmartGames

The Solo Brain Game IQ Focus contains 120 tasks that gradually get trickier. You get enough help with the first tasks, later you have to think a little more and combine them correctly. So if you like to solve difficult puzzles, this form of solo games is perfect. Most of the various IQ games from SmartGames are stand-alone games that are stored in a compact package and can easily be taken with you as travel games. There are games with different levels of difficulty, so some of the solo games are suitable for children aged 6 and over, while others are suitable for older children and adults.

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Chess digital

Chess ipad

What the chess computer used to be to be able to play alone are now apps or Ipad & Co. This type of chess is ideally suited as a solo game and you can sharpen your skills and senses on your own. The normal chess rules apply to solitaire chess, however, as with a chess computer, you face a tough opponent. But it gives you the opportunity to play chess on your own, to learn and develop your skills.

Rubik’s Cube

magic cube 1976725 1920

In the 80s, the Rubik’s Cube (sometimes also called Rubik’s Cube or Rubik’s Cube) experienced a huge hype and also in the year2023 he is still very popular. You turn the cube for hours, work on solutions and start all over again. The Rubik’s Cube has been a very interesting and probably one of the most demanding solo games for years. For some it is easy to get all the colors together, others despair for weeks or months.

Since the boom there have been tournaments and championships in which cuber from all over the world compete against each other in various disciplines. Probably the craziest discipline, besides blind cubing, is speed cubing, in which the magic cube is turned and solved in seconds. For the still inexperienced Rubik’s cube owner, the European champion has put together a few helpful tips in a video.


Puzzle solo game

Puzzle games have been a popular pastime for young and old for decades. Many different motifs, sizes and levels of difficulty make puzzles very varied and they never get boring. An absolute must as a solo game! There are now a variety of different puzzle formats. This includes

  • 3D puzzle
  • Wooden puzzle
  • Floor puzzle
  • Contour puzzle
  • Panoramic puzzle
  • Puzzle ball
  • Puzzle pyramids
  • Square puzzle
  • Round puzzle
  • Triptych puzzle
  • Vertical puzzle
  • Puzzle cubes

Depending on the number and size of the individual pieces, a puzzle can be a challenge. Children’s puzzles usually only have a few, relatively large pieces. With increasing age, the puzzle pieces get smaller and the number of pieces increases to make the puzzle a little more difficult. On this side you can play online puzzles for free, there is a colorful selection and you can choose between different levels of difficulty.

Board games for one person

Who thinks that one Board games cannot play alone is absolutely wrong. There are some games that can only be played with a first person and are even really exciting when playing alone. Here we have compiled the 5 best board games for one person to play alone for you.

Terraforming Mars

The parlor game Terraforming Mars from Schwerkraft Verlag is suitable for 1 – 5 players, so it also counts as a solitaire game. The exciting game, which won 1st place at the German Game Prize and was nominated for the 2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres 2017, is easy to play alone. Initially, the playful conquest of Mars was only available in English, but now you can also play Terraforming Mars in German – with German game rules and game description. Your goal is to conquer Mars and fill it with life. How exactly this works is explained in the video.

Flapping wings

One of the newer and absolutely recommendable solo games is the wing flap game, which was named Kennerspiel des Jahres 2019. But it is not only suitable for one player, because you can play it with up to five people. In the meantime, you can make the game even more varied by buying a wing flap extension. Several extension sets are now available in stores. In terms of genre, the flap board game is also classified under the card game category. The game is played with a tableau as well as with cards and several pieces.

Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime is played according to the instructions with 2 – 5 people, but you can also play the detective game alone. However, you absolutely need the Chronicles of Crime game app to solve the cases. This is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you want to play Chronicles of Crime alone, you have to be prepared for the fact that it will be a bit hectic, because time is running no less fast than if you play it with several people rather than as a one person game. But if you like to take on bigger challenges, you will surely have a lot of fun with this game on your own. In the video you can find out how Chronicles of Crime is played and what the game app is all about.

The cartographer

The cartographer is one of the board games that can also be counted under the solo games, because you can play them alone without any problems. You slip into the role of a cartographer, explore foreign as yet undeveloped areas and lay out maps of them. Sounds easy, but it is peppered with plenty of obstacles, because it is supposed to be a demanding game. Playing cards help determine how you can design your maps. There are villages, forests, bodies of water and fields that you can draw. Collect enough fame points and gold during the four seasons and secure the favor of the queen.


Scythe by Tierra del Fuego games is a board game that can be played both as a solo game and with several people. The Scythe board game can definitely be described as a 4x game. As a global strategy game, it meets all the requirements that can be made of a 4x strategy game. The genre of building strategy games is very popular and here you also have the opportunity as a single player to complete tasks and control your people. You can find out exactly what the board game Scythe is about in the video above.

The Magnificent

The board game also counts among the parlor games for one person The Magnificent . It is suitable for 1 – 4 players who, as ring directors, have to prepare a circus. You gradually build up the camp and collect rewards. The individual processes during the game are well explained in the clip above.

Dice games as solo games – dice alone

Even some dice games can be played solo as solo games. This not only grabs your own ambition, but also sharpens your senses. There are now a lot of solo dice games and below we would like to introduce you to the best of them.

Pretty clever

If you want to play a dice game solo, we can help you Pretty clever Recommend von Schmidt Spiele. It is great for playing alone, but you can also play it with up to four participants. Similar to the Kniffel, you have to fill the points card by rolling the dice and making the right combinations. If you do not roll a required combination, you have to cross a field and receive no points for it. The course of the game and the rules of the game are explained to you in the video above.


One of the most colorful solo games as a dice game is Sagrada by Pegasus Spiele. You have a church window as a game board and you now have to decorate it with colored stones according to the drawn task cards. Colorful cubes are available for this. If you only want to play dice solo games from time to time, you can play Sagrada with several people as a family game. In this case it is about points and you compete against each other. Both the family and the solo game version are presented in the video.

Purchase opportunities for solo games

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