Hardly a child’s birthday is celebrated on which there are no games. The birthday games keep children of all ages busy and create a little mood. But not only the little ones look forward to a varied day, as birthday games can inspire adults as well and create a real party atmosphere. Of course, adult games and birthday games for teenagers are fundamentally different from children’s games. However, playing games on a birthday is absolutely trendy and creates a good mood.

Birthday games and sketch games for the mood

Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, an 18th birthday, a teenage party or a big birthday for adults – birthday games and sketch games are always a great change if you just don’t want to get in the mood. There are tons of fun birthday games and sketches for all ages. We probably all know some children’s birthday games from our childhood. Who doesn’t already have as a child Children’s games like hitting the pot , Egg running, sack race and other birthday party games? We have rounded up the best birthday games for all ages.

Birthday games kids

Children have a stronger desire for freedom than adults. If the weather is right, the birthday games for children should be moved outside. Here the children can jump, dance and be happy without having to worry that the facility will break. Where better to romp than in the park or in the garden? With the games listed below, the birthday outdoors becomes an eventful day of honor for the birthday child and his little guests.

Popular kids birthday games outside

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Here are a number of the most popular outdoor birthday games for kids. Qutdoor games such as running games and catching games are particularly popular, where the little ones can really work off. Of course, games are also suitable for the break, such as heaven and hell or hide and seek to be played on a children’s birthday party. In any case, birthday games that require little or no material are ideal. Small gifts for the winners and a picnic with birthday cake, cocoa, healthy raw vegetables to nibble on, a few sweets and lemonade for in between, make your child’s special day perfect.

The fishing game

Birthday games kids fishermen

One of the popular birthday games for kids out there is the running and catching game with the name Fisherman game . Game material is not required. The only thing you need is as large a free space as possible to run around. The catcher is determined by drawing lots – he is the fisherman. All other birthday guests are the fish. Both parties, i.e. the fisherman and the school of fish, line up a few steps away from each other.

It is best to mark a “safety area” with chalk (you can also draw a line or an area with a stick in loose soil) into which the fish can escape. The fish call out: “Fisherman, fisherman, what color is the water?” The fisherman can now choose a color and then calls, for example: “Blue”. Now everyone starts running and the fisherman has to clap a fish wearing a piece of clothing in the color mentioned. Fish that make it into the safety zone may not be knocked off. The first fish caught is the fisherman in the next round.

Some also play the birthday game in such a way that the fisherman has to catch ALL fish one after the other. Then the last fish caught is the fisherman in the next round.

Change sapling

Birthday games kids

The children’s birthday game Change sapling is ideal for even younger children, because there are no losers in this children’s game. If you play the birthday game outside, you need chalk or other means (e.g. pillows) to mark bird nests on the floor. One nest less is needed than children participate. The cushions are placed a little further apart on the floor, or markings are drawn accordingly. A child, perhaps the birthday child to start the game, goes out without a nest. All birthday guests are seated in a bird’s nest.

The starting player child stands in the middle and calls out: “Birds, birds, you have to wander, fly from one nest to another – NOW!” At the command “Now” all children get up from the nests and look for a new one. The starting player may also try to catch one of the nests. It is not allowed to fly back to the same nest that you were in before. The child that remains can now call again: “Birds, birds, you have to …”. The birthday game can be played as long as the little ones feel like it.

Sprinting clothes

kids birthday games

The Klamottensprint is a super fun children’s birthday game for outside, which is definitely worth taking snapshots. First of all, you need a racetrack that the kids have to run through. It is sufficient to simply draw a mark on the bond or mark the end of the route with stones or other objects.

In addition, each in duplicate required:

  • too big, discarded hats (e.g. straw hat)
  • old adult pants
  • Adult sweatshirts
  • old rubber boots or boots of adults
  • old sunglasses

There are always two children competing against each other in the clothes race. You line up at the start line, your clothes and utensils are on the floor. At the sign “Go”, the children put on their adult clothes, put on hats and sunglasses and run as fast as possible (that’s not easy in their much too big clothes) to the goal. Whoever crosses the finish line first receives a small prize. Since the children’s birthday game is often a lot of fun for the little ones and there is a lot to laugh about, you can definitely play several runs in which the sprint opponents change. Of course, the clothes can also be changed.

Wheelbarrow Race

birthday game kids

In the wheelbarrow race there are also muscles for fun. Surely some of you know the birthday game for outdoors from your own childhood. Of course, no real wheelbarrow is required for the game on a children’s birthday party (which can also be real fun), but the children themselves are the wheelbarrows. So no material is needed, you just have to somehow mark the target.

In the wheelbarrow race there are always two teams with two players. Make sure that the stronger or lighter child always plays the wheelbarrow, because the distance cannot be mastered without the necessary muscle strength. The teams line up at the starting point and off you go! The “wheelbarrow” is supported with his hands on the floor and the second member of the team takes the other child’s feet in his / her hands.

So now the race track has to be run as quickly as possible. If a wheelbarrow crashes, you pick yourself up and just keep going. The team that crosses the finish line first is the winning team and receives a small prize. If the kids are all pretty much the same stature, you can swap tasks in a second run.

Popular kids birthday games indoors

Sometimes the weather doesn’t play along on a birthday. Then you have to move the birthday games into the house or apartment. Playing birthday games indoors isn’t as much fun as it is outdoors, but there are plenty of great indoor games where you don’t have to rely on the weatherman. Good to have a list of both outdoor birthday games and indoor birthday games. We have a nice selection of entertaining games that you can easily play in the apartment.

Wrap mummies

birthday game kids

One of the very funny birthday games is mummy wrapping. You need a lot of toilet paper for that. Preferably one role per player. The children are divided into two groups of equal size. One of them is the mummy – that’s the best thing to do. Now, apart from the mummy itself, each child receives a roll of toy paper and the mummy has to be wrapped up at the start signal “Go”.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because the paper is not very tear-resistant. So the curlers have to be careful. But it is also a challenge for the mummy itself, because with every movement, no matter how small, the “outer packaging” can tear open. The winning team is the one who is the first to completely wrap his mummy from head to toe. Of course, the mouth, nose and eyes remain unpacked.

So that the toilet paper used does not have to end up in the trash, paper mache lanterns can be made out of it. For this you also need balloons and wallpaper paste. Slightly inflate the balloons, cover with pasted toilet paper, allow to dry well, pierce and remove the balloon. The paper mache can then be painted with watercolors.

Since the paper mache balloons need some time to dry, they will only be picked up at a later point in time. This gives the opportunity to see all the children again, for example by meeting for an afternoon of games together. One of the birthday games where you get something that you have made yourself to remember.

Foam kiss eating contest

Foam kiss eating contest birthday games

As the name suggests, this type of birthday game is an eating contest of foam kisses. Since a little snack can be quiet in between, the birthday game will delight children. All you need are as many foam kisses as there are children, a blindfold and maybe towels to protect your clothes. Every child is given a snack and has to eat it as quickly as possible, blindfolded and hands behind their backs. You can also agree not to blindfold your eyes. But the hands have to stay behind in any case.

Can rattle

Birthday games can rattle

The clatter of cans is one of the kids party birthday games that needs a little attention. You need a tin can or an opaque plastic can and small everyday objects. This can be a marble, a paper clip, a nail, a chestnut, maybe a coin and other small things that fit in the can. The objects and the can are spread out on a table – the more, the more interesting. The children are allowed to look at all objects before the game starts.

Now a starting player is drawn who, without the other players seeing it, selects one of the items and puts it into the can. The locked can now wanders in a circle and each of the children can rattle it and listen to the smell. What is hidden in the can? Whoever finds out, receives a small prize and is the next player to choose one of the things on the table. This type of birthday game is a lot of fun, especially for younger children.

The mysterious package

Birthday games

In this one of the many birthday games for children, there are no losers, only winners. It is best to play the game on a children’s birthday party, when there is a bit of peace after eating cake. You need:

  • A box
  • many colorful gift ribbons
  • several layers of wrapping paper or optionally (for the sake of the environment) newsprint
  • small gifts and sweets for everyone
  • a cube

The gift package should be packed in advance. The box is filled to the brim with small gifts. Small puzzles, small key rings, brightly colored crayons, stickers, individually wrapped sweets and all sorts of odds and ends that children like are suitable for this. Our tip: There are many such things in the obligatory € 1 shops that you can use for this birthday game. However, every child should get something, ideally in the same version, in order to avoid disputes on their birthday. The package is now wrapped in several layers of wrapping paper and each layer is wrapped separately with gift ribbon. The more the better.

If during the birthday party there is a little quiet or boredom arises, you secretly put the package in front of the front door and ring the doorbell. The birthday child is allowed to open the door and finds the mysterious package. Now the dice are rolled in turn. Whenever the die shows 6 eyes, the child who rolled them may remove a layer of paper or a ribbon. So the dice game goes in turn until all layers and ribbons have been removed. The last one with a six-point die is allowed to open the mysterious package and distribute the gifts. This is one of those birthday games where there are no losers.

Feeding the predators

fuetterung der raubtiere geburtstag edited

If there is too much birthday cake left, you can feed children through the birthday game. Of course, a quark dish or pudding is also possible. Depending on what the birthday child prefers to eat. What is required:

  • a washable rain cape, raincoat, disposable rain cape or a long bathrobe
  • Plastic bowl
  • spoon
  • Quark, yoghurt, pudding, cream cake or similar
  • Blindfold or cloth

Two children sit down one behind the other on a chair. The child in front gets the raincoat upside down so that the child in the back can slip its arms into the sleeves. The child sitting in the back is blindfolded and the filled bowl and spoon are placed in their hands. Now it is necessary to feed the child in front – the predator – blindfolded. Not easy!

Tip: Since it can drip here and there, you should play birthday games of this type in a room with a tiled floor or put a tarpaulin under it.

Party and birthday games for teenagers and teenagers

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Playing games for teenagers’ birthday doesn’t even occur to most teenagers at first. After all, you are no longer a child. Rather, the teens meet somewhere, chat, drink and have a good time together. Nevertheless: Sometimes it gets boring, and what speaks against having a few birthday games for teenagers on the plan and playing them together? A boring birthday party can turn into a really fun evening. Spin the bottle and the popular birthday games for teenagers are already familiar. But there are even more party games for teenagers. That’s why we want to give you some game tips for your next party.


birthday games teenagers

The pantomime game appeals to pretty much all age groups and is not just one of the teen birthday games. It can be played by all age groups and is even suitable as a wedding game. It’s perfect that you don’t need any material, you can just play at will. The process is very simple. One of them thinks up a term that another has to mime and whispers it in his ear. The rest of the party goers have to guess the term. If you are correct, you can represent the next term.

Kiss through the card

teenie geburtstagsspiel

All you need for this somewhat intimate game are two playing cards. If necessary, it can also be a bank or credit card. Form two groups with your guests who compete against each other. Stand with both teams in two rows next to each other. The first person in each case receives one of the cards and sucks it in with his mouth. The playing card must now be passed from mouth to mouth until the end of the line. You are not allowed to use your hands. If the playing card falls down in between, the team has to start over. The team that reaches the finish line first wins. You can do this kind of birthday game really well as a Drinking game carry out. In this case, the entire losing team has to have a drink.

Tampon tango

Party game

The tampon tango is one of the fun birthday games that make the booth move and there is a lot to laugh about. The candidates all compete against each other. You will need empty bottles with no lids and as many tampons as participants participate. You read that right! Tampons. That alone will be worth a laugh among the party guests.

Everyone unpacks their feminine hygiene product and ties it to one of the belt loops on their trousers. The aim of the game is to sink the tampon into the neck of the bottle without using your hands. Who can do it without kneeling down, without touching the ground with their hands? The winner receives a prize, the losers have to drink.

Blind sculptor

party game birthday

Blind sculptor is one of the birthday games that can be played in any seat. All you need is a cloth or a blindfold. One of the players is the ‘blind man’ and is blindfolded. Then 5 people stand up as a sculpture. You can lie on the floor, bend over, wrap yourself tightly, or whatever you want. The best case scenario is to take a cell phone photo of the human sculpture so that you can compare it later.

The sculptor now scans the ‘statue’ blindfolded and notes the details. He has to recreate it afterwards. After the players have separated from each other and their formation dissolved, the blind sculptor is allowed to remove his blindfold. He now has to recreate the statue with the five people as true to the original as possible. Then you can take a comparison photo and evaluate whether the replica is correct.

Murder in the club

Teeny Geburtstagsspiele edited

Murder in the Club is one of the birthday games from the detective game category that can easily be played with a large crowd of birthday guests. At least 7 people are required, if you are more, it is even more fun and tricky. The following items are required to play this indoor birthday game:

  • Paper and pen or alternatively a deck of cards
  • Music system, CD player & music CDs
  • dark room with light switch

First you label lots. You need 1x murderer, 1x DJ, 1x detective, 1x mummy and the remaining pieces of paper are labeled with the word ‘dancer’ depending on the number of players. So you have 4 fixed roles, the other party guests are disco goers. Nobody should know which role who is playing who of the other guests. Only everyone knows the detective and the DJ. The music system is positioned near the light switch. The detective has to leave the room and waits in front of the door. The DJ starts the music and everyone is dancing in the room – disco feeling!

Then the DJ turns off the light and everyone continues dancing. The mummy is allowed to scare people and only plays a joking role in this game. The murderer now pats one of the dancers on the shoulder – the victim screams loudly and lies down on the floor, everyone stops dancing, the music falls silent, the light goes on.

With the scream, the detective is allowed to enter the room. He now has to question the party guests. “What you had done yesterday?” The guests answer something. In the second round of questions, the detective asks again “What did you do yesterday”. Everyone gives the previous answer, only the murderer gives a different one. Was the nose able to remember who gave which answer and does he find out who the killer is?

It is one of the birthday games that can be played through several rounds. Dancing and music loosen up the mood.

Birthday games adults

round birthday games

Adult birthday games are also a big hit, because an adult party shouldn’t be boring either. A milestone birthday in particular is an occasion to invite many guests. Birthday games for the 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th birthday and of course for others are almost perfect so that the mood is on a good level. Such birthday party games for adults are of course not only made on a milestone birthday. They are suitable for any adult birthday party and they are also perfect as wedding games. We have put together a small selection of birthday games for you.

Odyssey of a Gift

Birthday games adults

Odyssey of a Gift is one of the birthday games in which you give the birthday child their birthday present. This is nicely wrapped in wrapping paper beforehand. But it must not be unpacked directly, but must first go through several stations. During the funny speech that follows, the package wanders through the guests present before it finally reaches its owner. The parcel is passed on to the person named in each individual step.

Text for the birthday game Odyssey of a present

Dear birthday child, we have heard
a package has arrived for you.
But stop! The package is still closed
opening it is now still taboo!
It would be better and also very smart
you would give it to the closest woman.

Now the package is in strange hands
but you are not allowed to turn or turn it either.
After all, the gift is not yours
give it to the Lord who sits farthest from you.

Oh, dear sir, it is not easy in life
because you too will pass the package on.
There’s no point in pouting and crying now
I would prefer a woman whom you have only known since today.

Is it really the case that you don’t know each other?
You also sit quite far apart.
Such a gift is a lot of fun, but let it go to the biggest glutton.

No, you are certainly not a wolverine.
Maybe you’re just a little too heavy.
Find the youngest person in the audience
and pass the package around.

Oh how nice, you have no wrinkles
but you are not allowed to keep the present.
You are still so young and you have a lot of guts,
so rich the lady with the prettiest dress.

The dress is really, really fine
but the present is not yours.
So don’t get into ecstasy
bring to the gentleman with the longest nose.

This is not a bad ‘prong’.
He looks pretty good on you.
But unfortunately the beauty has loaded you
hand the package to the woman with the most beautiful calves.

These are really great calves,
and so are your legs.
But bring the present
to the man with the biggest belly.

Oh, this keg was not cheap
turn around and hold it right in the light.
Move around and bring parcels on tour again
to the woman with the very best hairstyle.

You can really be envied for your hair,
surely you had to endure hours at the hairdresser’s.
Don’t you pull a sullen face now
because the gift has to go to the gentleman with the shinest bald head

A bald head is not a gift
that happens when you often twist your brain convolutions.
But today we let the big thinking be
Reichs parcel to the person with beautiful eyes.

Such great eyes – what a treat,
give the bald man a thank you kiss.
But let the present wander too,
where does the Lord sit who is taller than the others?

You are truly the greatest and also the longest,
but don’t spread great fear now.
Make the birthday boy laugh again
and quickly hand him the birthday freight.

Dear … you brought a lot of patience with you,
after all, the gift is meant for you.
Best to open it right now
because it has finally reached its goal.

Happy Birthday and all the best!

The rejuvenating drink

birthday games round birthday

The game The rejuvenating drink is perfect as a round birthday game at the 50th, 60th or 70th.
At best, only the birthday child and the captain himself (ideally the wife or the husband) are initiated.
In order to be able to play the game, a few preparations have to be made. The most important part of the game is a child (if the birthday child is a woman, you need a girl, has a man’s birthday, a boy is needed) and of course the magic potion.

For the magic potion you need a little food coloring in two or three small containers (pipettes or disposable syringes are perfect – blue and yellow make a nice poison green), a small pinch of sugar and a carafe with “magic water from the rejuvenation fountain” (normal drinking water or still water ) and a nice glass.

For the child you need (in the best case) clothes that are very similar to those worn by the birthday child. At least the top and pants or skirt should match well in terms of color. You can give him a skipping rope or maybe a skateboard for the boy to increase the sketch effect. The child should leave the room inconspicuously with a supervisor shortly before the game and only then change clothes.

During the following lecture, the partner mixes a rejuvenating drink from the previously provided ingredients. The birthday child can then drink it. Then it has to leave the room, because for the magic potion to show its effect, it needs rest.

Dear birthday child,
We found out a long time ago that you now belong in the club of the “rounds” (or eagle owls – among centenarians).

If someone takes a closer look at you,
then comes the thought
so against the wrinkles and thinning hair …
if there was nothing to be done about it?

I pondered and it wasn’t even that hard –
A rejuvenating drink, yes, it has to be found.
You will hardly believe it and I will not deny it
with chemical substances there are possibilities.

I now have the means, you can see that here,
the cocktail of youth will consist of it.
As a base I have an elixir,
from a well – you can see that here.
In addition, chemical components,
much better than that of medication.

Then a little pinch of cheerfulness
and the drink is ready for you.

Drink now and let youth go into you,
the magic takes the burden of many years.
The wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin taut again.
It would be laughable if I couldn’t do it.

… The birthday child drinks the glass empty …

Now go outside the door and take a rest
the potion works very quickly, I then call “huhuuu”.
Then you come back and we will see that the wrinkles are gone and you are beautiful.
You can bend and stretch again, sprint over long distances.
A Schwupps erotic charisma is also added,
take heart, it all happens in no time.

… The birthday child leaves the room with a critical eye …

In a moment, dear guests, you can see with astonishment,
how easy it is to turn back time.


… nothing happens …

Help me out, dear guests. “Huhuuuuuu” (everyone calls out).

… The door opens and the childlike counterpart steps into the room …

But now the shock runs through my limbs and marrow,
the potion, it was probably much too strong.

I just want to have a younger one
and not bother with a kid.
So young thing, go back again
Because being young is not all happiness.
Please bring back what I’ve always loved
even if it doesn’t exist without wrinkles.

… The child leaves the room and comes back into the room with the birthday child …

Recognize similarities

adult game

Recognizing properties requires a little preparation. Namely, posters have to be labeled with different properties. Nobody is allowed to see the boards before the game. Sheets of A4 size or larger that you write on with thick felt-tip pens are ideal.

The birthday child sits down with his eyes on the guests, the game master stands behind him and holds up the pages one after the other. All guests who have the written attribute rise from their seats. The birthday child now has to guess what these people have in common, or which characteristic is on the blackboard. How well does the birthday child know his invited guests? This can be seen quite well in this game if you prepare the boards accordingly.

Examples of labeling:

  • I am grandma / grandpa
  • My partner is not there / am not in a relationship
  • Over 50 years
  • I have a title (Dr./Prof./etc.)
  • Married
  • We are related
  • I am blond
  • foreign roots
  • Brown hair
  • I wear a dress
  • Tie wearer
  • official
  • Under 30 years
  • Have a driver’s license
  • Do team sports

There are no limits to the list and it can be expanded as required.

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