Games for women? Girls and gaming, does that even go together? For a long time, gaming was only dominated by the male sex and also exercised excessively. The target group has been expanding beyond the outdated cliché for quite a while now. For a few years now, female gamers have been on the rise and have given men and boys real competition. That is why most online, video and mobile games are now also games for women and men at the same time.

According to statistics from 2016, 47% of the gaming population in Germany is made up of women. And they certainly don’t plant all the flowers on their farm or groom their pretty horses. No, in the meantime they are going really hard and are not afraid to defeat their opponents with fists and armed force. In this post you will find the 10 best games for women and girls. Online games, apps or story games in which the girls and women slowly gain the upper hand.

Most played games for women and girls

The fact that women and men, or girls and boys, are quite different is nothing new. But the days of pink tutu and bows for women are long gone. Today, girls and women usually stand by their “husbands” independently, are more independent than ever and no longer fit into the role model that was perhaps 50 years ago. As a result, interests have naturally changed over the years. Women in the men’s world have long been showing their teeth, and not only at work, but they also like to let men tremble when gaming. That’s why we’ve put together the best games for women & girls here, from apps to video games that even women cannot escape.

It is not necessarily the shooting games preferred by men that inspire girls and women the most, although in recent years more and more female gamers have been enthusiastically involved. We have listed the most popular PC, mobile and console games for women and girls for you:

The Sims

games for women

The Sims is a simulation game that ranks as the best-selling video game series of all time. Life is re-enacted in a virtual world. You create your own individual character and create your own little fantasy world. There are almost no limits. Build houses, design your living spaces and the garden, dress yourself with the best clothes and accessories, look for a partner and start a family, just fix every little detail.

Which pants do you want today? The black one or do I prefer to play ‘Pretty in Pink’? Do you wear a stiletto or do you prefer sneakers? Do I wear my hair down or do I tie a ponytail? Make up? Yes or no!? There is a lot to discover and try out, there are new decisions to be made every day. Just put together your own little ideal world. And if some things seem unreachable in real life – with Sims you can certainly do it. Here you escape reality and immerse yourself in a scenario that you can design exactly how you like it best.


Grand Theft Auto, better known as GTA, was initially more popular with the male gamer scene. Cool cars and motorcycles, weapons, mini-games, lots of exciting features and loads of visual highlights. Numerous exciting missions and side games, which have been added in recent years through several expansions, ensure varied, action-packed fun. Is it surprising that there are now so many women in the world of GTA? The GTA series is so enthusiastic that there are rumors that a new release – namely GTA 6 – is planned.

But we can’t be too early to look forward to it, because Rockstar Games has so far completely refrained from making such announcements. A GTA 6 release date has not yet been set and it will probably take a while before new game content is available in a revised version. That’s not particularly bad, because GTA 5 is also selling well and will first be released for PS5 and XBox Series X.


The survival world of Minecraft attracts players magically. Once you have understood what this game is all about, it is a lot of fun to move through the virtual world and ensure your own survival. To do this, you have to collect resources in order to be able to build dwellings, and of course there should be no lack of tools and food.

So you work your way deeper into the story day by day, keep getting new tasks and gradually build up your little realm in the three-dimensional world. The sandbox video game is now attracting more and more female gamers, because gaming is so complex and diverse that women are happy to take on this challenge.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter with a war scenario that has meanwhile also called the world of women onto the scene. The computer game shooter Call of Duty, sometimes also referred to as COD for short, is one of the games for women and it impresses with realistic graphics and exciting missions. COD is definitely more than a simple battle royale game.

The title has also long since gained a foothold in the eSports scene. As a profile study on video and computer games shows, this sector is definitely not a male domain and the common cliché that all gamers are male, young and single does not apply. It is not for nothing that female characters can also be selected at COD. And they cavort fighting in the theaters of war and are just as much their “man” as their male colleagues.

Star stable online

StarStable Online is an adventurous horse computer game that is especially popular with girls. You can test Star Stable for free, choose a horse, take care of it, ride it out, complete tasks and solve puzzles. The extended version unlocks the entire world of Jorvics, there are thousands of quests and new content is constantly being released. Every Wednesday new features are added and in addition to horses of various breeds, clothing and accessories also come to light in the game.

In the community you can exchange ideas with friends and make new friends. Star Stable Online is one of those games for women and girls that pretty much fulfills all of the clichés in the girls’ world. Nevertheless: You can also meet a few boys on horseback in the horse game.

Free games for women and apps that you can’t resist

At a time when we are all more and more networked with one another and we want to be available anytime and anywhere, it is no longer possible without a mobile phone or tablet. Almost every adult and young person now has a smartphone or other mobile device. Even in elementary schools, pupils are increasingly using mobile devices. But what would these devices be without apps? Most mobile devices have a few mobile games preinstalled, but the Google Play Store and the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad offer many more games for women and girls that inspire women. We have compiled the best of them for you here:

Makeover Run!

makeover run spiele fuer frauen

The app Makeover Run inspires girls of all ages. This is about styling yourself properly by collecting all sorts of stuff along the way. Clothing, makeup, hair clips and bands and lots of other items to spruce up. A little superficial because it’s actually all about beauty, but perfect against boredom and ideal to play alone . The level system keeps it a little exciting.



Another app from the Scapes ™ range from Playrix. At Homescapes, you have to solve exciting match-3 puzzles and renovate your old mansion from the ground up. Become a designer and equip your home with the coolest accessories. Need a new kitchen? Voilà! Turn your villa into a dream home, invite your friends and fill them with life! Not just for little girls – in the Scapes series you will find games for women who have always wanted to be creative.


fishdom edited

Pure entertainment! Fishdom is one of the games for women and girls that is definitely entertaining. Play, build, explore, win – all in one app. You set up aquariums with the Fishdom app to give your fish a new home. Feed and care for your companions and expand their living space. Funny mini-games round off the happenings around the underwater world. The app is free, but in-app purchases are available.



Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle games worldwide and is known around the globe. Of course, this does not stop at the ladies, which is why it is classified as a game for women and men alike. The computer game has been a hit since 1984 and has not really suffered any losses in terms of popularity. Then as now it is often used as a break game and is considered a great boredom killer in between.

candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga edited

Millions of players around the world love the colorful, legendary puzzle game Candy Crush Saga. You can drag the app onto your mobile phone from Google Play and the App Store. Because of the colorful rainbow colors, CandyCrush Saga could be classified as one of the pure games for women – but make no mistake, because the men’s world is also enthusiastic about the colorful bursting icons and the funny sound. Absolutely suitable as a nice pastime.

Subway surfers

subway surfers games for women

Subway Surfers is endless fun. It’s one of the game apps for girls who like speed and skill. On your boards you grind on train wagons and collect points in the form of gold coins. You have to prove your skill by dodging oncoming trains at lightning speed. Construction sites also block the way and you have to react quickly so as not to crash into the barriers. The Subway Surfers app is perfect for girls who want to show how cool they are.

June’s Journey

junes journey

In June’s Journey you become Miss Marple. Lots of exciting search images, lots of puzzles to be solved. Find the hidden clues and work with June Parker to solve her family’s mystery. Picture puzzles are the most popular games for women and girls, as are hidden objects in which you have to find certain objects. June’s Journey is an exciting detective game in which you can prove your nose. Since there are new episodes every week, it never gets boring. Competitions round off the gameplay.

Minion Rush

spiele fuer frauen minion rush

Minion Rush is primarily about speed and skill. You jump and run through the places known from the animated films “Despicable Me”. You have to overcome obstacles, evade, slide – and all as quickly as possible. The game for girls and boys of all ages now has a large fan base. Lace up your running shoes and let the minions whiz across your displays in the runner game for mobile phones. Finish the exciting missions, collect bananas and get the winnings.


township 1

In Township you build your own city, cultivate your land and complete missions. Play exciting mini-games, fulfill the tasks of your city dwellers and keep developing your map. Grow various plants in your fields, which you will later process in your factories. The building game has a huge community that you can get in touch with. With the Township App you play with your friends, but you also get to know a lot of nice people. It’s a game for women and men at the same time, although the proportion of female city-builders is certainly much larger.

The 5 Best Paid Apps for Girls & Games for Women

Even if you can download many free applications from the app stores, there are also some paid game apps. The advantage of having to pay for apps is that there is usually no in-app advertising. If you pull a free app on your mobile phone, the advertisements can sometimes be quite annoying. That is why there are many gamers who like to pay for their app if the advertising is not too penetrative. Here we have compiled paid apps for girls that are tons of fun:


paw Patrol

PAW Patrol is a game app for preschool girls and boys. The control elements were deliberately developed in such a way that preschool children can easily cope with them. The story is all about cute little pooches. Counting is practiced in a playful way and the little ones learn to recognize different shapes and numbers. PAW Patrol is a type of game for little girls and boys that will prepare them for elementary school. Because the game inspires so many children, there are now several Paw Patrol apps.

Mia and me

mia and me spiele fuer maedchen

Elves and unicorns – a world made for little girls. With the app for the game for girls, the little fairies on their winged unicorn go on an adventurous journey through an imaginative landscape. The goal is to free all captured unicorns and a prince, but of course there are many obstacles to overcome before you succeed. An adventurous journey during which several fantastic levels have to be completed.

Puzzles – girls games

puzzles maedchen spiele

With this app you can bring fairies, elves, gnomes and all sorts of fantasy animals in puzzle form onto the display. The most beautiful puzzles for girls in one mobile app. Spatial thinking, attention and imagination are encouraged. The images are put together by rotating and moving the tiles to put them in the right place. Long-lasting fun is guaranteed thanks to three different levels of difficulty. The puzzles are suitable as games for girls up to 12 years.

Mermaid Race

mermaid race

As the name suggests, this game for women and girls is a mermaid race. You dive into the water and start the swimming race. But it is not quite as easy as it sounds, because there are some obstacles waiting in the pool that you have to jump over, move aside and submerge. On the way you collect treasures, coins and boosters to improve your skills. Which mermaid will swim across the finish line first?

Baby hazel

The range of Baby Hazel game apps now includes more than 40 different games for girls. With the Baby Hazel app, the little mothers spend their day with Baby Hazel. Of course, there are some tasks to be performed, because the baby always wants to be amused and takes a lot of time. How exciting such a day with a toddler can be, you can find out when you download the app and start playing. The little girls will be delighted.

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