After a hard time with a lot of social distancing, we thought about the best games for an unforgettable one Game night to introduce. In the meantime, the number of corona cases has fallen sharply, and so have the contact restrictions. Therefore, you can meet up with friends and family again and do something. But after such a long time you are probably wondering what’s in these days and can sweeten your evening. We have a total of 10 games for you, yours Game night will make it unforgettable!

Top 10 best games for a game night 2022

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For a long time, many people couldn’t Game night enjoy more with friends or family. Even we have almost forgotten what is best when you have a larger group to visit. Therefore we have prepared our top 10 for you. These include community games for the console, as well as those that you can buy to have them physically there. Look forward to a mix of gaming, card games, board games and more!

10th place: Cards Against Humanity

Let’s start right away with a blockbuster. Cards Against Humanity and the fight against philistinism are about Association games . What does that mean, you are probably wondering. In such games, spontaneity is required. A teammate, the so-called Round boss, is allowed to read a yellow or black card with a gap per round. As an example: “The most popular sights in Germany include the Brandenburg Gate and _____.”. Accordingly, the other players must fill the gap with a white card. The card that suits the boss of the round best or makes him laugh wins the round.

Then each player draws a white card again and the next boss of the round is either the one who has won or it continues clockwise. So the fun continues until a player has won a certain number of cards, you don’t feel like it anymore or you are too drunk. Yes, you heard right, because the game can also be used wonderfully as a drinking game for a good game night. There are no limits to the rules. B. always drink when you laugh or something similar.

If you’re wondering what the difference between Cards Against Humanity and the fight against philistineism, the answer is relatively simple. The only differences are the colors of the cards and that Cards Against Humanity is the English version and the fight against philistineism is the German version. Both variants are definitely funny, but it always depends on how well your friends and family speak the respective language or are familiar with the respective countries, as the respective cards also focus strongly on local jokes, people and stars.

However, if you have to go quickly and you haven’t bought the tickets, there are also free options. Since almost everyone now has a smartphone, tablet or browser-enabled device lying around, you can all play relaxed online together. We have you accordingly here links to a page that explains exactly how when and where you can play this card game so that your game night becomes a hit at no cost!

9th place: Let’s Sing 2021 with German hits

Next we have something for the singers among you. Because with Let’s Sing 2021 you bring karaoke home! You heard right, because there is hardly anything more suitable for an unforgettable game night. All you need is the game for PlayStation 4/5 or Nintendo Switch and the corresponding consoles. There is also the option to order the microphones, but in this case you can simply use your smartphone and the app.

Once everything is connected or connected, you can start working. A total of up to eight players can sing along at the same time. Depending on the size of the party, all guests who want to can take part directly! It is correspondingly easy, connect, choose one of 35 titles and let the fun begin.

Don’t worry, the game isn’t just for game nights and parties. You can also play it alone and online against other players at any time.

8th place game evening: Just Dance 2021

So now we’ve sat or stood around long enough on the couch because it’s time to shake off the dance floor. Although the clubs are currently closed again, you don’t have to do without dancing. With Just Dance 2021, you can bring the club to your home. You only need a console such as a PS4 / PS5, Nintendo Switch, XBox One or a Google Stadia enabled device. Then it can really get going with a total of up to six players and 40 songs and you can start dancing. You can see the corresponding choreography next to the characters on the screen and at the bottom right of the picture, so that you can participate perfectly yourself.

If you are concerned that you have too few controllers, then we can calm you down directly. Because with the “Just Dance Controller” app for iOS and Android you can comfortably get in with your smartphone without having a controller for the corresponding game.

Depending on the song, there are of course different levels of difficulty and there should definitely be something for everyone from the song genres. If you like, you can even subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited to unlock up to 550 more songs.

If you can’t get enough of it now, you can of course also use the game for sport. Because there is also a so-called sweat mode that really makes you sweat! So stay tuned.

7th place game evening: The Game

After we had so much exercise, we have a more relaxed game for your game night. This is The Game, a card game for 1-8 players. Usually games of this kind are against each other, but in this case you play alone or as a team against the game itself.

There are two 1s cards and two 100s cards on the field. The aim is to put your cards on this pile and count the numbers up or down. In each round, a player must discard at least 2 cards and then take a corresponding number of cards back into hand. If you have no more cards in hand at the end and on the stack you and your team have won. The less that is left in the end, the better the result.

Since it is a little difficult to explain the whole thing, we of course also have the rules as a video with a corresponding sample round. What may sound a bit difficult at first, probably just takes a little practice. But overall, The Game is fun for everyone!

If there are only two of you, we have here also some other card games for you.

6th place game evening: blackstories

We still have a card game here, but instead of really doing something with cards, a lot of brains are required here. Because blackstories is about solving a strange murder case. There is one player who knows the murder case and X other players who have to guess it based on the given facts. The “game master” may then only answer these questions with yes or no. As an example, we also have the case of “The Clown” as a video for you so that you can better imagine it. One thing should be said, that definitely makes the game night an exciting hunt for the murderer!

5th place: crime dinner – blackstories

We were just on the topic of crime thrillers, but here we went one step further. To let the love of crime thrillers flare up even better, you can throw this part of blackstories together into a perfect dinner party. So you not only have a game night, but also a feast. Although the effort and preparation are much higher here, fun and a good mood are guaranteed.

Optionally, you can of course also mix cocktails and other alcoholic drinks with the game, so that the game evening becomes a real party experience. Of course we have also linked a video here to give you a first insight.

PS: We tested the game ourselves and it was great! Only the preparation and follow-up are a bit time-consuming. However, if you are looking for a completely new experience, this is more than the place for you.

4th place: What Do You Meme?

In What Do You Meme we come back to Cards Against Humanity in terms of gameplay. But since current and worldwide known memes are included, we didn’t want to withhold the fun from you. For long-established meme connoisseurs, this game should be a highlight of every game night.

3rd place: Pokémon Battle Academy

Since Pokémon cards are currently in the absolute hype, we also took a closer look at them. Many of you probably played with it in the school yard at the time, collected these cards or just noticed a lot of them. To get a perfect introduction to the subject, The Pokémon Academy has published the Pokémon Fighting Academy.

This set contains a total of 3 decks, Charizard, Mewtwo and Pikachu. With these and the corresponding introduction and videos, every newcomer can learn the first steps in next to no time or brush up on their knowledge. The nice thing about the set is that it is very cheap and includes everything you need to play.

If there are some Pokémon fans among you, you can turn your game night into a highlight with this game!

2nd place: Pictionary Air (alternatively Harry Potter Edition)

Here we have something completely different for you. Because Pictionary Air combines the well-known game Monday painter with the digital age. You need a smartphone or tablet for this, because drawing is environmentally friendly and digital. As with the game, you have to split up into two teams. Then someone has to paint in the air with the pen supplied and the team has to “record” that with the camera and guess what it is. Which team has guessed more terms in the end wins. If the picture on your smartphone or tablet is too small for you, you can also stream it to a television via AppleTV, Chromecast or other devices.

This game is great for a game night for young and old. There is also a version for children and even Harry Potter fans! The cool thing about it is that it is no longer a pen that you draw with, but a magic wand. A lot of Harry Potter knowledge is required to show the Muggles who was paying attention here.

Of course, you can also play the game Monday painter like that. All you need is pieces of paper, pens and a stopwatch and you will have a free version that quickly.

# 1 of the best games for a game night: Werewolf

Now we come to one of our personal highlights. We have been playing this game in groups of different sizes for years and have always had an absolutely wonderful game night. The game is easy to learn and difficult to master. This is a werewolf.

This game is based on trust, acting, tactics and a lot more. Werewolves have come to your village and want to take over your village. The aim of this game is to kill the villagers as wolves or to survive as villagers. How exactly this is done is briefly explained in this video. Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch the full two hours, you can start right at the rules.

Here you will get to know your friends and enemies a lot better and you will have a lot of fun at the game night! So be curious and try it yourself.

You can buy the game cards that are needed for werewolf, but you can also make them yourself in no time at all.

Answer questions

Are the mentioned games free?

No, not all of the games mentioned are free. Many of the games mentioned have to be purchased first. However, if there are free alternatives such as. We will keep you up to date, for example with Cards Against Humanity and the fight against philistinism.

How much does Just Dance Unlimited cost?

Just Dance Unlimited’s prices vary slightly depending on the version of the game and the length of your subscription. The longer your subscription is in one piece, the cheaper it will be for you. It starts with 24 hours for 2.99 €, 30 days for 3.99 €, 90 days for 9.99 € and ends with 365 days for 24.99 €. However, we recommend taking at least the 30-day subscription, otherwise it is not worth taking out a subscription for just one day. So you can have a lively games evening for a few more weekends.

What is the best game for a game night?

For us, the game “Werewolf” came out on top, because there is something for every player in a large group. But also that 2nd place with Pictionary and the 3rd place Pokémon Fight Academy are arguably the best and funniest games for a game night.

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