You don’t always have the original template for every game at hand and you quickly lose your desire to play while looking for it. In which drawer has the Kniffel block disappeared again? Where did I get my college block? Searching is annoying. For this reason, we provide the free template for the five most popular games for direct download here on our page. So you don’t always need to buy a complete game block, you can download the sheets individually and then print them out on your printer – quickly, easily and, above all, safely. No costs, no viruses, no spam! We attach great importance to this. Drag the files onto your computer and you will always have them at hand!

All templates as PDF, Excel or picture for printing

Vorlage Kniffel edited

Who does not know that? You’re on vacation, at a party or a school trip and want to play a game together. But which games can you play quickly, easily and without large accessories? Kniffel, sinking ships or city country river are always at the top of the wish list. But you rarely have the form or the game pad with you and therefore just want to quickly print out the sheets. On our website you have the possibility to download the templates free of charge as PDF or Excel print templates. All you have to do is print it out and then you can start playing right away.

Template tic tac toe

The template for Tic Tac Toe is actually very easy to draw yourself. Two people, a piece of paper, a pen, 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines and you have drawn the playing field and you can start. But if you like straight lines or don’t feel like drawing the TicTacToe game yourself, you can save and print the Tic Tac Toe form here free of charge.

As picture (jpg)

Tic Tac Toe template

As a PDF file

You can download the Tic Tac Toe form as an image as a PDF here. One click on the download button is enough to start the download:

Sink template ships

Sink the ships template would take a long time to create if you wanted to create this yourself. After all, you don’t just have to draw the boxes, you also have to think about the coordinates on the side. Since all of this involves a lot of effort, we have designed a print template for you. You can save them here free of charge as PDF or Excel and then start printing. Then nothing stands in the way of sinking ships. If you don’t always want to print, you can also get the handy one Travel game fleet maneuvers get one that fits in every travel bag.

As picture (png)

Sinking ships

As a PDF file

You can download the form for sinking ships free of charge here by clicking on the download button:

As an Excel file

Here we have a special treat: The game Sink Ships online as an Excel file for direct play against the system:

Kniffel template

The Kniffel Block is empty far too quickly if you play Kniffel a lot. The game is also known as Yahtzee and the rules are the same so far. Whether you use a Yahtsee hand or a Kniffel hand to play it doesn’t make a big difference. But you don’t always want to buy this Kniffel or Yahtzee block online. For this reason you can download a form here as an image or PDF.

As picture (jpg)

Kniffel block form

As a PDF file

Here you can download the Kniffel Block form free of charge as a PDF, save it and print it out if necessary.

As an Excel file

If the other templates are not enough for you, you can edit and change this Excel file here as you wish:

City country river template

City Land River is arguably one of the most popular Games for on the go . Whether on vacation, on school trips or parties, this game is easy to understand and any number of players can play. Stadt Land Fluss is also often played by school children during their break. The little ones are really happy when the preprinted forms are already in their school satchel, because this leaves more time to play. Since not everyone always has a template of Stadt Land Fluss to hand, you can download it from us in various formats free of charge. The Excel file can be customized with additional categories to increase the level of difficulty.

As picture (png)

City Country River Form

As a PDF file

You can also download the Stadt Land Fluss form here as a PDF and save it on your PC. The download starts immediately after clicking the download button:

As an Excel file

If you would like to increase the difficulty or use other categories for Stadt Land Fluss, you can make the individual adjustments in this Excel file:

Cluedo block template

As picture (jpg)

Cluedo block

As a PDF file

Here we make the Cluedo form available for you to download as a PDF. With a simple click on “download” you can download the Cluedo block for free:

Do it yourself

If you want to try out templates yourself, you can of course always do so. There are various files with which you can design game templates yourself and then save them. You can use pictures very well, for example Paint.net create for free and use https://online2pdf.com/de convert to PDF files for free. If you don’t have Microsoft Office, you can just use it OpenOffice to create your Excel files for free. With these three tools you can create your own forms as you like and be creative. Of course, you still have the option of downloading a free template from us and then editing it afterwards. So you can create your own individual game block and adjust the level of difficulty in individual games as you wish.

Interesting questions and answers on the topic

Can I download the templates for free?

Yes! We make all files and images available for download on our website free of charge. Every download is secured via SSL and contains no viruses. You can safely save the files on your computer and print them out again at any time.

Are there other templates to print out?

We will constantly expand our range and add new forms every month. Another visit to our site could therefore be worthwhile for everyone. So you can save yourself the purchase of a new game block and only have to print out the sheets when you actually need them. You can save the files and later print or send them as often as you like.

Are there PDF and Excel templates for games?

Yes! For each game we offer different formats for you to download. PDF and Excel are the formats with the most downloads. They are most commonly searched for and downloaded online. You can change and expand the Excel files according to your own taste. So you have your individual game sheet and can always print it out if necessary.

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