With almost every new game or post, we have to go to the State Treaty on Gambling Clues. Why is it now that you have to verify yourself in order to be able to play for free or why do you have a € 1 limit on slot machines? The innumerable people were hit the hardest online casinos . We deal with all of these issues and much more in this report.

Casinos without a State Treaty on Gambling in Germany

Some online game libraries do not enter into a contract with Germany and continue to offer the full range of games. Also a limit what Deposits or Calls there will still be no concern here. These casinos are still licensed in the EU or Curaçao. European licenses are issued by Malta, Cyprus and, earlier, Gibraltar.

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Everything will be different from July 2021

It would be positive to report that from July 2021 every German can legally play for money in online casinos or online games libraries. But that was it for the positive news. The consequences for seasoned players are more bad than right. The state is only concerned with control. But this pushes the Gambling addiction prevention as a reason in the foreground. Gambling addiction is certainly an important topic that should not be lost sight of and ignored, but gaming fun is completely lost due to the new regulations.

State Treaty on Gambling

Changes to the State Treaty on Gambling in clear German

1. No more free games without registration

Up until this year it was still possible to play all casino games in every online casino with play money without having to log in or register. This was especially fun for players who weren’t for real money, but only with Play money wanted to play. The reason for turning off free games without registering is to stop the temptation to take part in games of chance. Thus, no online game library may offer casino games for free, or only after registration.

2. Verification after registration

Then when you have made up your mind to register for free games, the next evil comes. Namely the verification. Before every player wants to play for fun or for money, he must clearly verify himself. In the past it was enough to upload the required documents, today you have to use Video ident to verify. This approach is probably the biggest hurdle for many players, because here you have to show yourself in the camera and hold your ID card next to your face.

3. Deposit limit


From 2021 there will also be a deposit limit for every casino player in German online casinos. If up until now there was almost no limit to the amount of money that could be deposited, a maximum of € 1000 per month is now allowed. This limit is intended to protect players from getting into debt or gambling away all of their belongings. With many online game libraries you can even set the limit yourself and, for example, only allow 500 EUR per month.

4. € 1 limit on slot machines

This point is the next and probably also the biggest spoiler. In the past, you could bet over € 100 per spin on slots and video game machines, but today there is a limit of € 1. With the high stakes really high profits could be achieved, but with one euro this is now very limited. High rollers (players who play with very high stakes and a lot of money) are no longer happy in the German casino. These are now switching to online casinos without a German license.

5. A break after every spin

The next extremely annoying factor besides the € 1 limit are the breaks between the individual game rounds on slot machines, slots and video machines. Not that you can only bet a maximum of € 1 per spin, no, there is still a pause of at least 5 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is extremely annoying. Active players know the problem and they think that now not only the thrill, but also the fun factor is zero.

6. No more table games (Roulette, Black Jack & Co.)

That is probably the biggest disaster: There is no online roulette, online blackjack and Co. in German online casinos. All table games are banned online, and the statement in the State Treaty on Gambling is that these games are the most addictive. Anyone who knows a little bit knows very well that slot machines also have a very high addiction factor. The Gambling Act could not prohibit these games, because otherwise all slots in gambling dens, pubs and rest stops would also have to be banned.

7. No more live casino

Since table games are no longer allowed, there are of course no more live casino games. Until the new state treaty, you could still play online with real croupiers and bet your money at real tables.

State Treaty on Gambling – more bad than right

Gambling Act

All in all, the new State Treaty on Gambling is actually only designed for the merit and control of the state. It also helps gambling addicts, but it is a nuisance for real players in the casinos. What we have described in detail above, here again briefly and concisely summarized:


  • Gambling addiction prevention
  • Deposit limit


  • € 1 limit
  • no table games
  • no play money games
  • Video identification
  • Pause in play after each round
  • no live casino games
  • Only one casino account per player

Where can I play without a State Treaty on Gambling?

This is no longer possible in German online casinos or online game libraries with a German license. All are subject to the laws of the State Treaty on Gambling of 2021.

Which casinos don’t adhere to it?

There are still a handful of providers who go via Austria or other countries in Europe. For example, the Mr. Bet Casino or Slotilda, where there is no limit yet.

Do the new gambling laws make sense?

Yes and no. As noted above, there is little good and more bad in this treaty. The only positive thing that could be emphasized would be the prevention of gambling addiction. That was it already. There are negative things like described here enough.

Online casinos without a State Treaty on Gambling


The way back to online casinos with all games, without limit and still safe.

Dauer: 5 minutes

The first and most difficult step

Casino Bonus

Find an online casino where you can still play all games without limits. We searched for a long time and found a handful of casinos where the State Treaty on Gambling does not apply. Here our recommendation goes clearly to Mr. Bet Casino and to Slotilda .

Login & registration

sunmaker anmeldung

Fortunately, at the casinos mentioned above, signing up and registering is the same. No verification necessary until a payout and you can play for real money within seconds.


mr bet

There is no limit for deposits and the transactions are still very safe as usual.


Slotilda Casinospiele

All games are also available, roulette, blackjack, poker, jackpot slots and no € 1 limit on the slot machines. If you want, you can play with € 50 or more per round.

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