Play slot machines for free

Here with us you can play various slot machines for free. Each machine is a demo with play money, with real money you can here play.

Everyone knows slot machines from rest stops, pubs or games libraries. But online slot machines haven't been around for that long, only since the Internet and from the year 2000 onwards have many games been played online. The reason for obesity is to gamble for money without thinking too much. The features such as free spins, wild symbols or bonus rounds are responsible for the exciting fun. In this post we want to introduce you to the most popular slot machines on the Internet and where you can best play them.

Slot machines for free

Not all slot machines are the same

Not all slot machine games can be played with money. In the 80s and 90s slot machines were mostly Computer games in the most varied of variants. Only then did they come Slot machines where you could also win money. In this day and age, many slot machine games can be found in online casinos. Slot machines, or in short slots, are not all slot machines the same. Slot's are more likely to be found, like the one-armed bandits, in casinos and casinos.

Slot machines in online casinos

Since the new gambling law this year, online casinos can and are only allowed to offer slot machines and bets. The selection of different games is correspondingly large. It goes from video machines to slots, to jackpot games and one-armed bandits. If you like many features such as free spins or bonus games, you should deal with the video slot machines, because this is where most of the variety can be expected.

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The differences in slot machines

Since it is not easy for laypeople to recognize the difference between the various games, we have here an explanation of what which machine does and how it is set up.

Video slot machine

Actually, all machines in online casinos are video slot machines because they are all virtual and played like a video. The difference to the slots are the fields of the game, here no reels are shown but boxes or areas. The advantage of these games is the variety, because there are no limits to the programmers. Often films or well-known characters are chosen as a template and whole story games are made from the games. Free spins, bonus features and jackpot games are usually so exciting that you want to keep playing them.

Slot machine

Slot / slot machine

The slot machines are probably the most famous casino games. There are mostly 3 reels which rotate with different symbols and motifs. With online slots there are virtual reels, but in Las Vegas it is round reels which rotate on an axis. In the USA the slots are gaining popularity and have become an indispensable part of the casinos there. With only $ 0.25, a quarter dollar, you can let the reels spin and make really big profits.

Slot machine

One-armed bandit

The one-armed bandit is the oldest gaming machine in gambling. On the right side there is a lever (arm) that you have to pull to make the rollers turn. For every spin you have to draw once, in online casinos this is also done virtually. This game has a maximum of three reels next to each other and the number of symbols is limited. Here, too, there are different versions in which, for example, you play for a jackpot, the winnings are doubled or free games are given out.

One-armed bandit

Poker slot machine

Poker is originally known from the tables in saloons or casinos. With the advent of technology, however, it is now also possible to play poker on slot machines. Here you don't play against real people, but against a computer, similar to chess. Here, too, the principle of chance plays a role and you cannot assess what kind of hand your opponent has, as in a game against poker players. There are also some differences between the poker machines, such as the type of poker. Texas Hold'em, Caribbean Stud and Omaha Poker are offered online in many casinos.

Poker slot machine

Slot machine

These games combine several games of chance. Once a wheel of fortune, plus the reels from a conventional slot. By reaching the same symbols further features are triggered, in this case it is the wheel of fortune with a possible jackpot win. This means that you can achieve even higher profits with your actual profit, or lose everything. This variant is available in almost all slot machines in online casinos.

Slot machines


Where can I play online?

In every online casino and every online game library you will find a huge selection of slot machine games. Many websites also offer slots & Co. free of charge. Here you will find a selection of casinos where you can play online.

Can I also play for free?

Unfortunately, since this year it has no longer been possible to play for free online in the many casinos. But there are play money casinos where it is still possible. But there you cannot play with real money.

Where can I play without registering?

As with the free game, since the new gambling licenses from Germany, online casinos are no longer allowed to offer casino games without registration.

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