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Slot machines, also known as slot machines , are the most popular games in online casinos. The slot machine games dominate the range of games in the virtual casinos and new titles are constantly coming out, because both the providers and the casino operators are aware of their popularity. So it is hardly surprising that in the portfolio of the best online gambling halls you can mostly find slots, even if table games such as roulette and poker are very popular. Many providers make their slot machines available as free demos. The whole thing works without registration and download. Feel free to try it out!

Online casinos with free slot machines

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Play free slot machines in the online casino

slot machine demo games

Most online casinos have a huge online offer with free slot machines that you can try out and practice on. For example, if you don’t know whether you like a certain slot machine at all and whether the features appeal to you, you can start the game in demo mode and get to know it with play money stakes. The whole thing works without obligation and you are not forced to open a customer account for the free game at the slot.

In online casinos with a German license, demo versions of slot machines are no longer allowed – the German State Treaty on Gambling 2021 prohibits this. Fortunately, there are still plenty of alternatives. Since online casinos regulated in other EU countries do not have to adhere to German legislation, you can still play as you like with these providers, try out slots and enjoy casino fun as a registered customer without restrictions or limits.

This is how the free slot machine game works:

  1. Opens the website of the online casino you have chosen (e.g. that of the National Casino )
  2. Use the navigation to go to the slot machines area
  3. Pick one of the many slots
  4. Move the cursor over the picture and open the slot machine as a DEMO
  5. As soon as the slot machine is fully loaded, you can place your bets with play money
  6. Try out all the features and continue playing until you win free spins
  7. Decide if you want to play the slot machines with real money
  8. If so, the registration is done in a few seconds

If the play money for a slot machine is used up, you can simply reload the page and get the entire budget again. Of course, winnings in the demo game cannot be paid out, but the Just For Fun game is a really good solution as a pastime or to practice on slot machines.

We also have a number of free slot machines to try out on our website. Just visit this page and try the huge range on offer.

Which casino game manufacturers have the best slot machines?

There are now numerous good game developers who keep coming up with innovative ideas and incorporating them into their slot machines. The industry now knows an unbelievable number of providers who all do a good job and make the game more and more interesting.

For a long time, the Merkur slot machines from Gauselmann were the absolute leaders in the category of slot machine games. They were already known from stationary game libraries and arcades. Most of them are simple roller games and fruit slots. In the meantime, many other providers have long caught up and are delighting with increasingly sophisticated game ideas and video slot machines that can hardly be surpassed in terms of excitement. So the roles are no longer just rattling round after round, but the displays and monitors are really coming to life. Great graphics, funny animations, great staged in-game games and, of course, matching sound effects – that’s what attracts the gaming community to slot machines today.

Today’s slot machines almost all tell a story. These are perfectly rounded projects that keep the game exciting and fun for a long time. It is therefore not surprising that it is precisely these slot machines that generate income in the millions for the industry.

Countless new developers are conquering the slot machine market

The competition among casino game developers is fierce. Everyone tries to lure the gamblers to their own machines and to encourage them to play for as long as possible. Accordingly, there is a lively exchange among the games on offer. New slot machines are constantly conquering the market and others are barely noticeably disappearing again because they did not bring the desired success. There is hardly a month in which the portfolio of well-known casinos is not expanded with new titles. But not only the big names such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’NGo, Pragmatic and whatever they are called are developing a lot, because new, even smaller game manufacturers want to get involved at the very top and strive to create absolutely new gaming experiences.

For example, names suddenly appear among manufacturers such as Gameburger Studios , August Gaming or Crazy Tooth Studios, Only Play and many, many others. You have never heard of many of them before, but with their slot machine games they mix well with the top of the gambling industry and have since found their way into the portfolios of many casino providers. A few years ago there were just over 30 providers whose slot machines you could marvel at in an online casino, the list in many virtual game libraries has now grown to around 60 manufacturers. The entire offer is accordingly varied. It’s good that you can try out the slot machines from the new game makers for free. Believe us – there are some excellent surprises to be found among them and a closer look makes perfect sense.

Slot machines from new providers

The most popular slot machines

The so-called book games such as Book of Dead , Book of Oz, Book of Merlin or Book of Anubis are still among the most popular slot machines. There are now a number of Book of Games to be discovered in online casinos. True to the ultimate forerunner called Book of Ra, one of the most popular slots of all time, almost all of them come with 5×3 reels, winnings pay out on fixed paylines and they all tell the story of the legendary book. The slot machines have all books as a scatter symbol, which in the best possible case ensures numerous free spins and the biggest winnings.

Furthermore, there are also online slot machine games without paylines that are now enjoying great popularity. As with Reactoonz , for example, they work according to the match principle, and instead of placing bets on individual paylines, the bets apply to the entire set of reels. Most of the time it is cascading reels that populate the playing field with symbols. Sometimes the icons pop up randomly on the individual fields. Funny animations provide entertainment with this type of slot machine and loosen up the game. The design and features of these slot machine games are so refreshing that you like to play persistently and hardly notice how time flies.

This is how slot machines work

Slot machines

Slot machines are currently the most popular games in online casinos. Since the first slot machine was developed, the basic principle of the slots has essentially not changed – a bet is made and the reels spin their rounds. The winning symbols stop at a randomly determined point. If several of the same symbols appear on one of the win lines, you have generated a win. It was like that with the first one-armed bandit and it is still like that today. The rarer a certain symbol appears, the higher your profit will be. In the payout table you can see which winning combinations pay out how much.

Back then it was all done mechanically, with today’s slot machines a computer calculates the random numbers. To ensure that the principle of randomness is adhered to, the games are now licensed and the game of chance is monitored by supervisory authorities. Licensed online casinos therefore always offer fair gaming conditions. In the event of anomalies, their license will be withdrawn immediately, which no serious operator wants to be responsible for. After all, there is a lot of money involved in this industry and bad reviews spread in no time on the WorldWideWeb.

In most slot machines, the game still runs on reels, even if, as already reported above, there are now more innovative game processes. After all, many features cannot be represented at all on normal roles. For example, an expanding wild can only be displayed in video slots.

The modern slots in reputable online casinos are programmed in such a way that they give out a random result in every game round. This is calculated by a random number generator (RNG) which, briefly explained, stops the individual rollers. So both the losses and the profits are absolutely determined by chance. So it can also happen that you have a lucky streak and achieve several high wins in a row. However, a streak of bad luck is just as possible. You can’t really influence slot machines positively or negatively, even if some ignorant people say otherwise. It’s all a matter of luck!

At the end of the day, all slot machines are designed to pay out less money than they generate wagers in the long run. This has nothing to do with casino game manipulation. How much a slot returns on average to the players can be seen from the RTP – Return to player. Most slot machines have an RTP of around 94% – 97%. This means that, for example, with an RTP of 96% of a € 100,000 stake, an average of € 96,000 will be spent as winnings to the player if he plays 100,000 rounds with a € 1 stake each. The RTP varies with the different games. The more rounds you play, the closer you get statistically to the specified average payout rate.

Slot machine myths

As long as there are slot machines, the craziest myths about gambling with the reels have been around. We want to do away with some of them at this point.

Myth 1: Slot machines have certain cycles

It is sometimes said that slots pay out winnings in a predetermined cycle and, if you watch the game carefully, you can see a recurring line in the winning combinations.

Total bullshit! The slot machines are purely random. Every single round is determined by a random generator. None of the winning combinations are predictable. Neither for the casino employees nor for the players.

Myth 2: Slot machines only pay out winnings when enough wagers have been made

This myth probably dates back to a time when slot machines were only found in land-based casinos and arcades. With the first slot machine games it happened in extremely rare cases that the winnings exceeded the content of the slot machine and therefore did not pay out in full.

This is also a myth that is actually based on times long past. Even in the aforementioned case, the remaining amount that the slot machine could not physically pay out was always topped up by casino staff. In online casinos, the slot machine does not even have to pay out the winnings. All slots are connected to a central server. The casino staff will make the requested payouts of winnings.

Myth 3: lower profits are made through autoplay

Some people think they know that if you use the autoplay function, you will achieve lower profits than if you manually press the start button.

A crazy story that we can with a clear conscience debunk as a false claim. The random number generator produces random results in all game situations. It is absolutely irrelevant whether you press the start button or whether you prefer to select the autospin function. The outcome of the game is not affected in any way.

Myth 4: Payout rates can change while you play

Another fairy tale is that slot machines can change the payout rate during the game.

Each slot machine works with a random generator and shows an annual average value as the payout rate. This value cannot simply be changed during the game. In addition, the software manufacturers are checked at regular intervals. If there were any irregularities, they would lose their license and would no longer be allowed to offer their games in online casinos. Why should a developer take such a risk? Slot machines in online gambling halls are fair!

Myth 5: You don’t win until you’ve played enough rounds

This fairy tale says that if you have played a certain number of minimum rounds on the slot machine, you will also make a profit.

As far as this myth is concerned, we can reassure you with a clear conscience. It doesn’t matter how often you toggle the rounds on your favorite slot. You can make a profit after just one, two or five rounds, but it can just as well be that you haven’t won anything after a hundred spins. Slots all work absolutely randomly and it is a matter of luck when you generate a profit and how much it will turn out to be. Long, persistent gaming does not have to result in big wins for a long time.

Myth 6: RTP 95% means that you get 95% of your deposited stakes back

Some newbies go into the game and believe that giving the average RTP means that they will definitely get that percentage of deposited bets back while playing.

Also a myth that needs to be explained in more detail. In theory, it is true that it is so. However, it must be mentioned that all stakes of all players on this slot machine are included in the annual calculation. Of all the total stakes, so and so percent were distributed back to the players. One player may have made big wins, but another may have lost money every round and never won. So you can’t say in general how high the percentage will be for the individual player.

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