Only lose at the online casino


There are times when you are only losing in the online casino. This is not the rule, but it still happens from time to time. With our contribution and the following 10 tips against losing in the online casino, it may be possible that you end the streak of bad luck and make profits again.

Tip 1: change the casino

Probably the most effective way to end a streak of bad luck and no longer have to lose in the casino is to switch providers. Because the question of which online casino to switch to is a bit difficult, we have put together a good selection of casinos for you so that you can try your hand at some virtual gaming halls.

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Tip 2: only play on legitimate casino sites

In order to keep the losses as low as possible, you should definitely only romp around on legitimate casino sites. You can recognize them very well by the fact that they have a valid gambling license. At online casinos without a license you can only lose in the long term, because there is no guarantee that your winnings will actually be paid out. The license guarantees you fair chances of winning, because the provider is checked at regular intervals and the game of chance is regulated.

If you keep losing in the casino with a license, you can be sure that your losses are just a streak of bad luck and that you will not be ripped off by manipulated slot machine games. The slot machines in licensed online casinos are all equipped with a random number generator, which actually determine the course of the game at random. The providers are monitored and regulated by a gambling authority.

Tip 3: try other games

lose in online casino

Often times you always lose in the same games. Of course, losing in gambling has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you might have ended up in a bad casino. In licensed online casinos, the game is guaranteed to be random and cannot be manipulated by the operator. The reason you keep losing has a very simple reason: You just have a streak of bad luck. Nobody can always win at gambling, and losing is just part of it!

Sometimes it makes sense to simply switch games once. For example, if you only play slots and the games are all determined to lose, you should change the game category and try your luck at table games or in the live casino .

That probably sounds a little strange, but sometimes it actually helps to change the type of game if you have to take losses in the online casino all the time. In gambling, as the name suggests, luck is decisive. With a change of strategy you can try to turn the tide. In roulette, for example, the house edge of the casino is quite low and the probability of winning is quite good. A few rounds of roulette in between could break your losing streak. In any case, it is worth a try, because after every streak of bad luck it always goes up.

Tip 4: change bet amounts

verlieren in online casinos

Basically, it makes sense if you as a newbie start playing with small stakes. So you get to know the slot machines and can look at all the features without major losses. Sometimes there is absolutely no success, the credit is minimized more and more because the game is determined by constant losing.

By changing the stakes, you have the opportunity to minimize or even stop your losses. For example, if you only ever play with small amounts, you should also change the bet size once. Experienced players in online casinos and high rollers like to use the Martingale system if they are constantly losing. They double the stake after a loss in order to make up for it. Many believe that this strategy will overcome the casino’s house edge.

The basic principle of this system game is that you increase the stake with every loss and reduce it again when you win. Casino professionals are convinced that this will allow the account to be settled again at some point. After all, you can’t always just lose.

Who the Martingale Strategy should be aware that the stakes double after each lost game round. That means, if you play with a stake of € 10, after a losing round it would be € 20 stake for the next spin. The next spin will cost € 40, then € 80, € 160, € 320, € 640, € 1280, etc. With this method, a few thousand are quickly gambled away, and you have to be able to put that away first. But at some point you win again, and at least in some cases you can make up for your losses.

The system game is often used in roulette, but it has also become a popular investor strategy when trading financial products. So if you have enough credit, you can quickly switch back to profitability with this method. Money that was previously lost can sometimes be recovered in one fell swoop.

Of course, common sense is always required when staking, because you should of course never gamble away more real money than you can actually cope with as a loss. Sometimes even this system doesn’t work. In addition, many online casinos set maximum stakes for their games in order to avoid such strategy stakes.

Tip 5: take breaks

If nothing helps, you have to bite the bullet and take a longer break. You can even request this from the operator of your online casino and will then be excluded from the game for the specified time. In this way, it is no longer possible to place bets on slot machines, table games or in the live casino during the blocking period.

In our opinion, this is the safest way to take a week or two off. After all, the temptation is great to try your luck every now and then. After the break in the game, after the streak of bad luck, your mind has calmed down a little and you can try your luck again in good spirits. Often it is then also possible to make better profits again.

Anyone who thinks they have their gaming behavior well under control can of course refrain from such a forced break and simply interrupt their game. For some, even a short break in play is enough to start off with a lucky streak. A short walk, a cup of coffee in between or a jog around the block can clear your head. After that, however, you should first start with a small stake, ideally with minimum amounts, and increase this slowly if necessary. If the streak of bad luck is interrupted, you can risk higher stakes again.

Tip 6: guerrilla method

All or nothing! Not recommended if you are in financial difficulties, because with this method you are very aggressive and can of course lose a lot of money. With the guerrilla method, the maximum stake is placed on slots or table games, which is often € 200- € 500 per game. Of course, you can only allow yourself to do this if your account balance allows it. Some high rollers use this method to finally recoup most of the losses. But even players who don’t have to worry about their personal account are cautious here.

It is absolutely necessary to be sufficiently ‘liquid’ and only use as much real money as you can actually handle without falling into the red when you lose. After all, at the end of the month everyone has running costs and bills that have to be paid. If the account has already been looted, this all or nothing strategy will get you into the debt trap within a very short time. It is then very difficult to get out of this spiral.

Anyone who cannot stop gambling despite losing permanently and notices that they are slipping into a gambling addiction should seek advice as soon as possible. There are a number of good contact points where you can report anonymously and receive professional help. On this information page you can find out about the dangers of gambling addiction – even as a family member of someone affected – and you will find many helpful tips and contact addresses.

Tip 7: calculate probability

Lose gambling addiction

The risk of loss in an online casino is not as high as is often claimed. The probability of loss can be calculated based on the RTP (return to player) of the casino or the individual games. This is the average value that the operator pays back to its players. With an RTP of 98%, for example, an average of € 980 is returned to the players for every € 1000 stakes. The casino keeps the remaining amount as a profit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that if you wager € 10, you actually get back € 9.80 in winnings. Your profit can also be higher, but it is also possible that you only earn a lower percentage of profits or even lose your money completely. The RTP is finally calculated from the stakes of all players and the actual payouts of the online casino. One player might win € 500, another € 5000 and you won nothing. The longer and the more often you play, the higher the likelihood that, with enough luck, you will get your money back.

There is no such thing as a surefire strategy to use when gambling in online casinos. All slot machines, every card game, every round of roulette – they are all determined by luck. It is never possible to predict which card will fall next in poker, you can never know where the ball will end up in the roulette wheel and it is also not clear where exactly which symbols stop on the slot machine . That’s why you can’t manipulate the games or outsmart them with any strategies. This is sometimes said, but it is utter nonsense. Only luck decides whether to win or lose in the online casino.

Tip 8: claim cashback

Another tip is that if you have only lost a long time in the online casino, you can take advantage of the cashback offer. Many operators also have a cashback bonus with the promotions, with which you get at least a percentage of your losses back and can use it again when playing. But beware! Cashback is usually tied to wagering requirements, which you should read carefully so as not to lose even more money in the end and despite cash back.

Tip 9: manage money properly

Playing with real money in the online casino is definitely more attractive than just playing demo games. The biggest challenge when playing for real money, however, is never to lose more money than you win at best. Therefore only use money that you are willing to lose in the worst case. Sometimes, when you get several good wins, you become tempted to take risks a little more.

The best thing to do is to set an absolute loss limit, which you should never exceed. Before you start your first mission, think about when you want to leave the game if things are going really well. All too quickly, beautiful winnings in the player’s account are reinstated and gambled away. If you have earned a top win, cash it out and end your game session for today. That way you will be the least likely to be carried away to use everything again in order to possibly achieve an even higher profit. In the rarest of cases this will work and with this strategy you will only lose in the long term.

Responsible gaming is always better and sometimes it is necessary to interrupt a supposedly lucky streak.

Tip 10: Use bonus offers and compensate for losses

Most online casinos have special bonus offers for their customers. Sometimes you can get hold of a no-deposit bonus as a player. A bonus without a deposit is always a win, because you play with free credit that you don’t have to pay a cent for. It is not uncommon for you to make your first profits with it. If you then still adhere to the wagering requirements and wager the amount several times while playing, you can, in the best case, look forward to winnings for which you did not have to use your own money.

Sometimes you get free spins as part of a bonus special. These can also have a positive effect on your player account and compensate for any existing losses. But the same applies here: Pay attention to the bonus conditions! The winnings from free spins must be used again several times before you can request a payout.


If you think you can outsmart an online casino, you’re welcome to throw your money down the drain, because that’s just as lucrative. If you are constantly losing, you should take some of the above tips to heart and you will quickly see which tip works best for you. The fact is: you can’t just win, but you don’t have to just lose. Even the smallest change in the game and betting strategy can lead to success and your player account will soon be happy about a profit again.

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