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Are there still online casinos without Oasis for German players? Many players will already be familiar with the Oasis lock file and the associated player lock system. But in this article we will explain to you how you can continue to play legally in online casinos without Oasis. You can also find a lot more information about the player ban system here, such as self-ban, third-party ban or how to remove the ban again.

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Why do you play in these online casinos WITHOUT Oasis?

online casinos without oasis

The Oasis player blocking system is a tool for all types of games, and anyone who works as a casino operator with a German license and thus inevitably uses the Oasis system must subject their guests to access control. The ID data is used to check whether a player ban has been entered in the central file, whereby the player is not granted access to gambling if there is an Oasis ban.

For many, this is a good reason to try their luck in an online casino without an Oasis player lock file. In particular because you cannot be blocked here by a foreign entry. You have to act on your own responsibility here, but you have a lot of freedom to do so. Since most providers without Oasis have integrated a self-control function in the player area anyway, you are able to set your own limits in the online casino without being controlled by the state and possibly blocked for the casino game.

Self-banning is possible at any time in most reputable online casinos without Oasis. All you have to do is write to the support and ask for a temporary or, if necessary, a permanent exclusion. However, the problem here is that the player ban does not apply to all providers and, despite the ban, you can still make real money bets in other arcades and online casinos. This form of self-blocking then only applies to the respective provider from which it was requested.

What is the Oasis lock file?

We have already explained in detail in this article why the lock file exists and what effect Oasis has on online casinos.

Nevertheless, we briefly summarize the effects here :

Furthermore, there is the possibility of a third-party ban if the following points apply :

  • The affected player is addicted to gambling or at risk
  • There is an over-indebtedness
  • The player fails to meet his financial obligations
  • The player risks bets that are disproportionate to his income or wealth

Self-blocking is also possible :

  • When a player wants to self-exclude themselves from the game
  • The ban is valid for at least 3 months and cannot be lifted earlier

This data is stored at Oasis :

  • Surnames, first names and birth names
  • Aliases, false names used
  • Date of birth
  • place of birth
  • address
  • photographs
  • reason for the ban
  • duration of the ban
  • The reporting body

The difference between self-lock and third-party lock

Casino without oasis

In general, a distinction is made between a self-lock and a third-party lock for player lock files. We explain the important differences here:

self lockforeign ban
In the case of self-ban, a ban is applied for directly by the player himself. To do this, he must fill out a form, sign it and submit it to the respective provider along with a copy of the identification documents. In online casinos, support is responsible.The third-party ban is carried out by the gambling provider, but it can also be requested by the player’s relatives, who in this case count as ‘indirectly affected’, or by addiction help therapists. However, if a ban is sought by a third party, the player has the right to a hearing.

Through the Oasis lock file, the self-lock is at least 3 months. If a third-party ban is imposed by a gambling provider, an addiction help therapist or by a family member of the player, this ban is set for a period of at least 12 months. In both cases, the Oasis ban can only be lifted after the minimum ban period has expired, and the player must apply to the authority responsible for Oasis for the lift to be lifted.

If you want to have your block lifted, you must first contact the provider who blocked you. If he cannot access your data, he is at least able to tell you exactly where you should contact instead.

As you can easily see, it’s not all that simple with the player ban. That’s why we now prefer the online casinos without Oasis, where you can still set your own limits and, if necessary, blocks.

Are there still online casinos without Oasis?

While the Oasis central lock file may make a valuable contribution in terms of player protection and addiction control, there are major concerns in the gaming community about privacy. So far not all virtual arcade providers have joined the player blocking system, so there are still many online casinos without Oasis Check.

Although the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV 2021) provides for a nationwide obligation to exclude all gambling providers, online casinos licensed outside of Germany remain unaffected by this statutory regulation. Only number lottery with a maximum of two weekly draws, profit savings contracts, totalizator and horse bets outside of the online offer are excluded from the law.

The virtual casinos from our list above all have a license from other EU countries or from other countries affiliated to the European Union and are therefore not forced to query the player status online. However, it is also possible to play safely and fairly there.

Never play despite a player ban

If you were excluded from playing across all areas and providers via the Oasis lock file, you would still have the option of registering in a reputable online casino without Oasis and continuing to play there. Since these providers do not use OasisCheck, they cannot check customers for gambling addiction.

However, it is strongly discouraged to continue playing in virtual arcades without Oasis despite being banned, because a player ban is always based on the fact that a certain addictive behavior has been detected. If you are not sure whether you are at risk of gambling addiction, you can carry out a self-test online . There you can also get competent help if you are affected by a gambling addiction.

Personal responsibility and limitless self-determination is nice, but in most cases the ‘slipping’ happens gradually and those affected usually do not recognize the signs themselves or do not want to admit them. In this regard, Oasis Casinos have advantages. Anyone who gambles without this government control because they prefer a casino without an Oasis player check should show a high degree of responsibility and, ideally, set their own limits.

Why are there still online casinos without Oasis?

The reason why there are still online casinos without oases is because of the licensing. Many gambling providers have their headquarters outside of Germany and for this reason do not operate with a German gambling license. The operators of such online games are not forced to join the central blocking file. Anyone who has not applied for a license from Germany and does not have to act according to German legislation is fine as an operator and can run their games without Oasis control.

Casinos from Curacao, Malta or Gibraltar, for example, are allowed to offer all their online games without an Oasis lock file because they are licensed in the respective state. Such central blocking systems are not known there. However, foreign companies that have applied for a German license must comply with the German gambling law and check their customers for any existing blocks.

Licensed gambling operators from the UK have had to work with a similar system set up by the UK government, called GamStop, since 2020. Participation in GamStop is also mandatory for online casinos from the UK.

The difference to the German lock file is that it is much more difficult for players from Germany to have an entry removed and the lock lifted. While in the United Kingdom you can apply for a player ban to be lifted after 24 hours, in Germany this is only possible after a week. If you were blocked from playing at Oasis by a third-party report, you can only request a cancellation after one month. Furthermore, there is only the self-exclusion in Great Britain, while in Germany the gambling providers or third parties, such as family members, can also instruct players to be excluded from the game.

The regulatory authority in Germany is still a long way from being fully operational. First, the central authority needs to be fully established before the new German gambling law can be 100% enforced. Until then, it is still possible for players from Germany to open an account in the EU online casino without an Oasis lock file and thus to play with providers from other European countries without this personal control from a central authority.

In the top casinos without Oasis you will also find all table games such as poker, roulette, baccarat or blackjack. In addition, these providers are also allowed to offer progressive jackpots and live casino games without the lock file. These are already prohibited in online casinos with a German license.

The non-Oasis providers, as you can see, have a lot more going for them than just working without a central lock file. Since they were all licensed by well-known state authorities, in other European countries, playing there is just as safe as in online casino Germany. Non-Oasis casinos also have the highest security standards and are checked at regular intervals.

Thanks to the EU license, the virtual games offer a number of other advantages compared to DE casinos, because, for example, no video identification procedure is required for verification during registration. In addition, the 5-second break that has now been introduced at Online Casino Deutschland is no longer applicable and there is neither a monthly deposit limit nor a €1 bet limit for the individual game rounds. After an hour of play, you don’t have to take a 5-minute break from playing at the Casino without Oasis, as is now required by German law.

These online casinos are still legal without a player blocking system, because the freedom to provide services still applies within the European Union, and you can use all services within the EU without hesitation. This also includes playing in Internet casinos that offer their services without German restrictions and without Oasis.

Is there a need to control the players?

casino without oasis addiction risk

According to a spokesman for the Darmstadt regional council, more than 22,000 people have already had themselves entered in the blocking register since the new state treaty came into force by the end of the year. At the end of December 2021, a total of almost 120,000 people were registered in the register.

The need for such regulation obviously already exists. If online casinos with Oasis didn’t also have so many other restrictions, such as the €1 limit per game round, the elimination of autosin and turbospin in slots or the very annoying 5-second rule, more players might be willing to take advantage of the subject to Oasis control.

In addition, a large proportion of players lack the opportunity to play table games such as roulette, poker or blackjack, which, like live dealer games, are no longer represented in German online casinos. These are among the biggest reasons for migrating to online casinos without lock file control.

In any case, every unreasonable player who is blocked in a German casino will look for an alternative and register in an online casino without Oasis in order to be able to continue playing there. Since these providers cannot access the lock files, the door is open to every player.

It is therefore quite questionable whether the introduction of the lock file really makes sense, and to what extent the effort of checking each player is actually worth it. It remains to be seen how the German gambling scene will accept this state inspection of quite personal matters in the long term. There is currently a trend that many players are closing their accounts in German casinos and are looking for online games without restrictions and without an Oasis lock file.

The legislation is clear and all gambling providers registered in Germany now have to work with the supervisory authority and thus with Oasis. Violators are expensive and no online gambling operator can and will afford that. However, the question arises as to whether they can afford to lose a large number of customers due to the many restrictions and regulations.

What do you have to consider in the online casino without Oasis?

If you are looking for an online casino without restrictions, the provider should always have a valid gaming license, even if they operate without Oasis. Every reputable operator makes the information about the licensing available on their website – usually in the lower part of the website. But there are other points that you should consider and that make playing with providers without state player control safer:

  • Always gamble responsibly – Unless controlled by the gambling provider or another entity, players must act on their own responsibility and control their gaming behavior themselves. Reputable casinos without Oasis provide very helpful tools in the player area, with the help of which you can set your own deposit limits, stake limits or time limits. If the limit is exhausted, you will be automatically logged out of the game and excluded for the preset time.
  • Always use freely available credit to play – All monthly fixed costs must be covered and there must always be enough credit to live on and for the family. You should definitely refrain from overdrawing your accounts to indulge in gambling.
  • If you suspect that you are addicted to gambling, seek help immediately – every reputable online casino without Oasis will provide assistance if you notice addictive behavior. For this you can contact the support or use the link to addiction counseling built into the respective page. Relatives can also use this service to provide support.
  • If you lack self-discipline, you should prefer a state-regulated German online casino with access to the Oasis lock file instead of an online gaming library without Oasis. Here, addictive behavior is recognized quite well and, as a result, a blocking is carried out early enough to prevent the development or progression of a gambling addiction.

Does the Oasis lock file affect creditworthiness?

Anyone who already has a negative Schufa entry may be concerned about the current handling in German online casinos. So far, the Schufa has never played a role for online casinos. However, this made it possible for players who were already in debt to open casino accounts and invest money there.

In the future, there could possibly be Schufa inquiries from the operators, because the casinos with a DE license are obliged to determine the player identity beyond any doubt. The Video-Ident procedure is already used here. As soon as the central regulatory body in Germany is 100% set up, the players will probably also be checked to see whether there is an entry in the Schufa register. If this is the case, more players will likely be banned from gambling. More will probably then move their accounts to online casinos without Oasis, because such a control option is not available there.

Conclusion on the online casino without Oasis

Serious game offers without Oasis player control offer many advantages over those that are bound to the German State Treaty on Gambling and therefore have to work with the Oasis player file. The biggest plus is that you can play all types of games, including progressive jackpots and table games, and the personal player data is only accessible to the operator.

The decision as to what is suitable for you, i.e. whether online casino without Oasis or with player check, can only be made by you. The fact is that the inevitable review in the German casino makes you even more ‘transparent’ than you currently are. Nevertheless, the legal regulation in Germany’s gambling industry also makes sense, because after all it serves your own safety. However, high rollers will never be able to accept such a form of player supervision with a central lock file. In the future, they will only be relatively certain to be found in online casinos without Oasis.

Oasis Player Lock File FAQ

What is the Oasis player ban system?

OASIS is a blocking system for all types of games, which must be used by gambling providers nationwide within Germany. This is in § 8d para. 1 GlüStV 2021. Player data, which is recorded during a registration process, is automatically forwarded to this central system, where it is saved and compared with existing data. Player bans are also recorded here. If a player is blocked, registration is not possible. Double registrations are also excluded.

How long does a game suspension last?

That depends on the type of entry. In the case of a self-ban, i.e. if a player has blocked himself, this lasts at least 3 months. Third-party blocks can only be deleted again after 12 months. In order to remove a ban, an application must be made by the banned player.

Who Uses Oasis?

The player blocking system must be used by all providers who offer any form of gambling within Germany. These include arcades, gaming libraries, casinos, betting shops and of course online casinos. Virtual arcades without Oasis, which have their company headquarters in another EU country and do not have a German gaming license, are not connected to the Oasis blocking file.

What is the benefit of the Oasis database?

The primary advantage of the Oasis database is that gambling addiction can be curbed within Germany. In the Oasis player file all data of every person who participates in gambling is collected. The Oasis system compares all new and already saved player data with each other and thus also records if a player ban should exist. As a result, banned players have no opportunity to gamble anywhere. If, for example, a blocking message was sent via an online casino, this player cannot play in the local arcade around the corner. For addicted gamblers or high-risk gamblers, this is an important achievement in the gambling sector.

Where else can you play without the Oasis lock system?

All online casinos licensed outside of Germany are not bound by the new German State Treaty on Gambling 2021. We have listed the best providers without an Oasis lock file for you here . They all have a valid gambling license outside of Germany and are classified as reputable according to the casino test .

How does Oasis work?

All persons who would like to use a game offer with real money stakes must identify themselves to the respective operator before using them. In the online casino Germany, this is now done using the VideoIdent procedure. Every operator is now obliged to compare the personal data of their customers with the central lock file via OasisCheck. If the person is already listed in the player ban file, they must be denied play. This ensures efficient player protection. In addition, the protection of minors is now also secured, because arcade operators must inevitably check the personal details of each individual guest. The only option left is an online casino without Oasis.

How do I get my ban removed from OASIS?

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