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Online casinos without a license should be treated with caution. Each country has different laws and thus providers without a license may have certain advantages. Licensing authorities, in whatever country, bear some responsibility, as they monitor the gambling services offered by licensees. What can happen when an online casino operates without a gambling license can already be guessed. After all, the control authority ensures that virtual casinos are reputable and that customers have a fair gaming experience. Without licensing of the providers, the competent authorities have hardly any possibility to regulate gambling.

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How important is a license in an online casino?

without license

Again and again you can find various articles from gamblers, providers and also from legal portals on the internet and read a lot regarding casino licenses and about the necessity of a gambling license in online casinos. For some players, especially new players who want to try the games in the online casino for the first time, information of this kind causes a lot of uncertainty. The question that many ask themselves: Is it safe to play at online casinos without a license and what is the situation there in terms of player protection?

This question is not so easy to answer, because it always depends on what you mean by online casino without a license. It is often the case that you are playing from a certain country, but the virtual casino you have chosen does not have a license certificate from exactly that country. In this case, it is an online casino without a license for you. If this is the case, you should know the legislation of your own country and read through the terms and conditions on the casino site. Here you will find in most cases a note for players of which countries the gambling offer is excluded.

Russia, for example, banned gambling for its citizens in 2009 because the government considers the risk of gambling addiction to be very high. This also concerns Internet casinos. There are only a few Russian special administrative zones where you can still legally participate in gambling. Nevertheless, there are many online gambling services that still allow Russian players as customers and there are also still many Russian players who are addicted to online casino gambling. Not even geoblocking can prevent that.

The situation is similar in Germany, where a new gambling law has been in force since 2021, prescribing strict guidelines for casino providers and, accordingly, for German customers. While gambling is not completely prohibited there, there are many restrictions. Nevertheless, players from Germany can also play in foreign online casinos without limits – because they are still admitted as customers there despite the new law. After all, there are many EU online casinos without a license from Germany.

The Spanish government is also in the process of regulating online gambling more closely, and a corresponding new law could be passed by the responsible bodies as early as 2022. The aim of the new regulation is to create an environment for slot machine and online gaming that promotes responsible gaming and prevents players from taking excessive risks with their gaming behavior. So here, too, player control is to be shifted to the casino operators in the future, and here, too, it will be difficult to enforce regulation throughout Europe.

In 2010, gambling in online casinos was legalized by law in France. But even here, online gambling is regulated by a national gambling authority (ANJ – Autorité Nationale des Jeux). However, the French government does not allow traditional casino games such as table games, roulette and slot machines in casinos licensed from France. Instead, there is sports betting, horse betting and – as the only traditional card game – online poker. French players are therefore left with only the option of visiting online casinos without a license from France if they want to play slot machines and table games.

As far as online casino gambling in the US is concerned, there is a widespread opinion that gambling online is not allowed and therefore illegal. However, this is not really true, because where and to what extent online betting is allowed depends entirely on the legislation of each state. In 2018, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling based on a lawsuit from New Jersey that had been pending for many years – sports betting and eSports betting were legalized and are now legal in 35 US states and Washington D.C..

Since then, the bookmakers’ betting business has been booming and the individual states have been generating billions in tax revenue. With the repeal of the law, many new USA casinos and international online casinos emerged to offer their casino games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, live dealer games and others to US players.

Playing at foreign gambling sites without a license

play without license

So far, there is no law in most countries and states that would (or could) prohibit players from visiting foreign gaming sites and playing there with real money. Especially in countries that belong to the European Union, this is also difficult, because there is freedom of services within the member states. But even in countries and states outside the EU, most players have the opportunity to play in online casinos of other countries and enjoy the safe and first-class gaming environment. Even if they are online casinos without licensing from the respective country.

Even language barriers are almost non-existent in the online casino, because most online gaming halls are available in different languages, from which you can choose the one that suits you best. The website will then be adapted accordingly. Likewise, the support team is multilingual in most cases. At least there are always customer service representatives who speak English, Spanish or French. These are generally considered to be the most widely spoken languages in the world. This makes it possible for players to access exciting casino games all over the world.

Other countries, other gambling laws

play online without license

The regulatory authorities of the various countries and states that issue licenses for online casinos naturally also impose various requirements on their licensees. So it happens that in some virtual arcades you can not play all types of games, and others can offer the full program.

On many gambling sites you can play without any great regulations. At least there aren’t restrictions on how much you can bet while playing everywhere. Also, few players are aware of certain monthly deposit limits as they exist in individual countries. Even within European countries, there are different gambling laws, which sometimes causes confusion among players.

Depending on the country from which you log in to one of the various casino websites, you as a player will automatically be redirected to the page in the corresponding language. A separate language selection is only necessary in the rarest cases. This makes it possible that, for example, US citizens are shown a different game selection than Canadians, Spanish citizens a different one than French citizens, Italians a different one than Germans, and so on. The legal situation is different everywhere. Some countries allow casino games without limits, others set very clear limits in this regard.

With online casino operators offering their gambling site completely without a license, anyone can play from anywhere in the world. But the fact is: unlicensed gambling is illegal and unsafe. Who guarantees that the software of the slot machines offered there has not been manipulated and that winnings achieved are actually paid out? Correct: Nobody! The guarantor for a serious and fair casino experience is a valid gambling license.

Unlicensed casino operators are mainly concerned with extracting as much money as possible from players’ pockets, generating revenue quickly and avoiding paying taxes to the state. It is not uncommon for such platforms to simply disappear from the scene, leaving their customers who are registered there speechless. Player protection, security and fairness to customers are secondary or do not matter at all. Regulation does not take place. Fortunately, online casinos without a license are very rare and should never be the first choice for players. The situation is different if the ‘without license’ refers to licensing from abroad.

As long as a virtual casino has a valid gambling license and allows you as a player from your country, you are on the safe side. The license ensures that it is a safe online casino and that it is regulated by a regulatory body. Above we have listed a list of the best online casinos that are allowed to operate legal gambling. If the casinos operate without a license from your country, you can check the terms and conditions to see if the game is legal for your country.

In contrast to the online casino without a license, you should find a reference to the currently valid gambling license at every licensed provider. If this is not the case, caution should be exercised. Online casinos without a license like to advertise really great bonus offers with low wagering requirements to attract many new players in a short time. It is worth taking a closer look in this case, because it could actually be a provider that makes its games available without a license certificate. You could be falling for a scam artist.


Clearly, an online casino without a license is not acting legally and would not be allowed to offer gambling on the Internet – anywhere in the world, by the way. There is not a single country in the world that would tolerate gambling operators without licensing. On the one hand, no player protection is guaranteed and data protection regulations are not adhered to; on the other hand, a lot of tax revenue is likely to be lost for the respective state.

Players would therefore do well not to play in online gaming arcades or online casinos without a license. It’s better to choose a licensed provider where you can find fair gaming conditions and travel safely. There are thousands of very good online casinos that may operate without a license from your country, but are still licensed and accept you as a foreign player.

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