Not everyone wants to give their mobile phone number just to be able to play in an online casino. Unfortunately, this type of verification is common in many online casinos. Added to that since the year2023 nor the video verification for German providers. In this post we explain to you how we are in online casino without a mobile phone number plays and also no video identification required is.

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Online casinos without a mobile phone number – what options are there?

online casino handynummer

The market for online casinos seems almost limitless and in fact there are countless variants with different games on offer. It is noticeable that in almost all cases it is necessary to register and use a player account. This often goes hand in hand with the provision of private data such as surname, first name, address and even private cell phone numbers. In particular, online casinos without a mobile phone number query are in demand for good reason. But how can such providers be found and is the disclosure of personal data really a question of security? It is especially important for newbies to deal with the topic in order to find an individually suitable variant for themselves in the mass of online casinos.

General information on the provision of personal data

One reason why the disclosure of personal data of any kind is a reason for caution is simply data protection. One must not forget that there are numerous representatives at the many different online casinos who have a foreign and perhaps even dubious license. Anyone who registers here inexperienced and in the wrong place and transmits name, address and so on runs the risk that their data will continue to be used. Of course, this only happens in rare cases and you can protect yourself against it by paying attention to a serious offer right from the start. Especially since in many a verification of the own person is necessary, so that the specification of the data is not omitted anyway.

This is then the price that has to be paid for playing for real money. However, there are also alternatives to this, which will be discussed later. In any case, the following applies: the more serious the online casino, the more harmless it is to provide personal information.

Why prefer online casinos without a mobile phone number?

The indication of the mobile phone number is, however, another aspect in itself. Even experienced players generally advise against giving their private mobile number in any form. Everyone knows how much an email address becomes the target of spam and advertising of all kinds over time, the more often you use this email address to register on the Internet. A cell phone number can be used in a very similar way, which is far more annoying for those affected. Even with online casinos with trustworthy licensing, there are always occasional customer ratings that report unwanted advertising calls and SMS. However, in worse cases, the number could eventually be used for fraudulent activity.

Therefore, it only makes sense to use online casinos without a mobile phone number from the outset. This does not only apply to the deposit as a contact option in your own player account. Rather, mobile phone numbers are used in particular to enable the player to play on mobile devices. For example, if the number only needs to be entered briefly once so that the user receives a link to a game, the number can already be saved during this process.

German license – no gaming without providing personal data

online casino germany

When it comes to online casinos without cell phone numbers or similar personal data, providers with German licensing have recently had to be listed as a counterexample. Since the new State Treaty on Gambling came into force in 2021, a large number of online casinos have switched to the German license and many more have yet to take this step. However, this is also accompanied by significant changes in the offer and the possibilities for using those virtual casinos. Because in addition to other regulations, German licensing provides in particular for the transparency of the players. Anonymous gaming, which can be stated at this point, is not possible at online casinos with a German license.

Rather, each player has to set up a fixed player account and enter real personal data such as surname, first name and address. A phone number is often included. It can be assumed that such online casinos, thanks to the German legal system, do not pass on the data provided to third parties in any way. However, the data is at least stored in a nationwide central file, which is relevant in terms of data protection law. So if you want to play as undisturbed as possible at online casinos without specifying a mobile phone number or the like, you will hardly find what you are looking for with the German licenses.

Pay attention to the usual representatives for foreign licenses

The alternative to the German license for online casinos meanwhile remain the usual representatives from abroad. This means that the licensing authorities from Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao are still the best and safest choice when it comes to online casinos without a mobile phone number. Nevertheless, there are of course many providers with one of these licenses, fixed player accounts in which various data are registered. In addition, it should be noted that online casinos with a Curacao license tend to get one or the other bad rating, especially with regard to advertising emails, advertising SMS and so on. Providers with MGA (Malta) licensing, on the other hand, seem to stand for a really trustworthy use of the given data.

Exceptions, of course, confirm the rule and ideally there is an absolute minimum of necessary information about the real person, but in any case online casinos without a mobile phone number. Of course, no distance should be kept from completely different licensing authorities.

Without a mobile phone number, without anything: online casinos without registration

The decisive aspect that always goes hand in hand with the provision of personal data is the player account, which must first be created in order to play in the online casino. As mentioned, this process takes place in the vast majority of the multitude of virtual casinos. Nevertheless, there are also numerous online casinos without registration, such as this Casiqo Casino which consequently neither name, address nor mobile phone number have to be given. In terms of the security of personal data, these casino variants are the best choice in any case.

Not even an email address has to be given in these cases. This means on the one hand less spam but on the other hand no information about special offers, promotions and the like. These online casinos work without verification up to the point of depositing or withdrawing money. So basically there is anonymity.

No registration – how does the deposit and withdrawal work?

Although the online casinos can be played without a mobile phone number, without a player account and completely anonymously, an age verification takes place almost automatically as soon as a player wants to play with real money. This works thanks to the respective payment institution, which is usually the Trustly Group for online casinos without registration. Trustly has already processed money transfers worth billions of euros since 2008 and is therefore considered trustworthy and secure. Strictly speaking, the process of making deposits and withdrawals hardly differs from the well-known instant transfer service. If a player wants to play for real money, he will be forwarded to Trustly without further ado.

By entering the usual information such as bank details and amount as well as confirming the payment process via the website of your own bank, the money is finally deposited. Now the player plays with real money and in the event of a win, this can be paid back directly to his own account at the end. Experience has shown that each transaction only takes a few minutes.

Important: recognize reputable providers

In order to avoid frustration when using online casinos without registration, it is of course important to pay attention to the seriousness of the provider from the outset. As always, a clue is primarily the respective license. In addition, as mentioned, Trustly should be available as a payment method. It is also advisable to check the software used for the games offered. Renowned and well-known game developers like Mercury , NetEnt, Mircogaming and Playtech are always careful to only work with reputable companies. Those who would prefer to do without such detailed research methods can also rely on the various rankings and recommendations for online casinos on the Internet.

Lists for online casinos without cell phone numbers and others

Due to the large number of online casinos and ever new providers that arise in a very short time and suddenly advertise all sorts of bonuses and promotions, there are numerous lists for online casinos. These lists cover very different aspects of use, with particular emphasis on security and reliability. Ideally, there is an indication of the topicality of each entry for an online casino and the criteria according to which the assessment or listing is made is also specified. In many cases, users can then filter at will. For example, online casinos without a mobile phone number with a welcome bonus can be found, and these are even sorted according to customer rating.

On the other hand, such lists can also be used to protect yourself from dubious offers. In particular, so-called black lists are generally kept very up-to-date and providers who frequently encounter problems or who generally have a questionable aspect are shown accordingly.

Use online casinos without a mobile phone number on your smartphone?

Playing in online casinos has long since ceased to take place on a PC or laptop. Smartphones and tablets are now part of everyday life and are in any case an instrument of entertainment to some extent. Therefore, many online casinos also offer their games optimized for mobile devices or even as their own apps. A distinction must also be made between playing in the browser and playing in the app. In both cases, it is not generally defined whether these are online casinos with or without a mobile phone number.

Because in order to play in the browser of the tablet or smartphone, many casinos first require the entry of a mobile phone number, after which the player receives a link that brings him to the page with the game optimized for mobile phone or tablet browser. On the other hand, many online casinos can also be used directly on a smartphone and tablet via a browser in exactly the same way as on a PC or laptop. The programming of the websites as well as the hardware and software of the mobile devices are decisive for this.

With apps, anonymity is hardly possible

sign 4821948 1280

In the case of apps, on the other hand, the user finds out directly when downloading whether he can actually use the app or not and the respective game offer can usually be found in advance in the description of the app. It doesn’t always say whether the mobile online casinos work without a cell phone number. At the latest after starting such an app, you can finally see which information is required. However, it can be assumed that anonymous gaming will hardly be possible, the smartphone or tablet itself takes care of that. Even with minimal information for a player account, an app can access further data about the user and his smartphone or tablet in the background.

If necessary, this even includes your own mobile number. A search for the terms and conditions can provide information about this. In general, the following applies to mobile online casinos without a mobile phone number, both in the browser and in the app: just test as far as you can but stop at the latest when requesting data of any kind and carefully check the reviews of the casino. Finally, it should not be forgotten that it is common with apps for users to silently and almost automatically agree to the respective terms and conditions.

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