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Sofortüberweisung in online casinos has been one of the most popular and frequently used payment methods among players when they wanted to fund their casino account. From now on, Sofortüberweisung, such as Klarna, will require KYC. With Know Your Customer, it is necessary to identify and check every existing and new customer. This means that everyone who deposits with ‘Sofort’ must first verify themselves. Casino operators now rightly fear that this measure will result in far fewer real-money players in the future. So far, about 50% of real money players use Sofortüberweisung as a payment method. In the future, players will certainly increasingly look for online casinos without KYC.

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Immediate transfer with KYC process

Sofortüberweisung kyc

Klarna Sofortüberweisung is one of the world’s leading financial service providers and a regulated company, which is under the supervision of our German BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). With Sofortüberweisung, the service provider offers a direct transfer process with which you can pay quickly, securely and particularly conveniently in online shops and online casinos. All online payment orders can be processed via instant transfer.

The problem with online casinos, however, is that both age control and identity control are now mandatory in online casino Germany. Immediately has a solution ready for this. In the future, when paying via Sofort (Klarna), an age and identity verification will be carried out online. In contrast to the Post-Ident procedure that was common in the past, this form of Ident verification is carried out exclusively online. The identification is completed within a few seconds, which gives online casino operators a significant advantage – players can then deposit and play directly. With Post-Ident, approval takes a little longer.

The Sofort Ident procedure ensures that age-protected online casino content is released to players of legal age without long waiting times. It is similar with other websites which, according to the German Youth Protection Act (JuschG), have content that is harmful to young people, because identity and age checks are also unavoidable here.

The immediate transfer in the online casino

In addition to KYC (Know Your Customer) anti-money laundering (prevention of money laundering) is also a major issue with Sofortüberweisung. KYC and AML are closely related concepts and together form the central role in the identification process.

Compliance with the AML standards is a mandatory, legally regulated requirement in Germany, which must be observed by all companies and organizations. Anti-money laundering compliance is necessary wherever online services are paid for with money from sources of unclear origin for which there is no legitimation. This also affects online casinos that work without online identification verification . Immediate transfers are therefore only possible with KYC and AML procedures, so that both the payment company and the online casinos are protected in this respect.

This is how an instant transfer works in an online casino

Immediate transfer pin tan

Sofortüberweisung is one of the most popular deposit options in German and international online casinos. You do not need an additional account for this payment method, as is usual with e-wallets, for example. A normal checking account is sufficient here. No credit card information is required. Payment is made directly via the online banking function of the current account. A multi-level authentication process is used for instant transfer, which makes the transaction particularly secure.

The following steps are to be taken with an instant transfer in the online casino:

  1. Log into your online casino player account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can choose one of the casinos with an EU license from our list of the best and register there. The most popular casino games and good service await you.
  2. Now you visit the checkout area in your profile. Often you will also find buttons that take you directly to the payment form.
  3. Here you select the payment method Sofortüberweisung.
  4. The next step is to set the desired deposit amount. Sometimes, in addition to manual entry, there are also several options with amounts from which you can select the appropriate suggestion.
  5. Now the bank and the IBAN are queried. Enter the required data and you will be forwarded directly to your house bank.
  6. Using your personal access data and TAN procedure, you log directly into your account at the specified bank and confirm the payment process.
  7. The deposited amount then appears directly in your bankroll in the online casino.

So you use your usual access data for your bank account for the payment. These only have to be entered in the Sofort AG form, the online casino does not have access to them and the information is therefore not stored anywhere. The payment is protected as best as possible by the PIN/TAN procedure of your bank. As a tested payment system, Sofort AG bears the TÜV seal for tested data protection.

There are no fees for an immediate transfer. Some online casinos even give a discount when using the payment system. You don’t have to wait long after the deposit until the money has been transferred from the account to the casino and you can finally play. Immediately after the payment, the casino operator receives a message from SOFORT that the payment process has been completed. The amount is then credited directly to the account and is available for immediate use. Sofortüberweisung cannot currently be used for payouts. For a payout you have to send the online casino the bank information such as bank code and IBAN.

Before you can withdraw money, you have to be verified. In EU casinos, a copy of your identity card is sufficient for verification, in DE casinos you have to go through a video identification process when registering.

Advantages of an immediate transfer

The payment system Klarna Sofortüberweisung brings advantages for the users, even if a verification is now necessary. The payment system connects you directly to the bank without having to provide any personal account information. The casino operators do not receive any information on this. You will only be informed by SOFORT AG about your payment and its amount. The amount you choose will be credited to the player’s account in real time, even if the casino is not yet able to record the payment amount as an entry.

The real-time transfer via GiroPay or Klarna Sofortüberweisung is currently the safest payment method in Germany. It is the most trustworthy direct transfer method, is based on online banking with the long-established pin/tan method and is TÜV-certified. An online casino with Sofortüberweisung gives you the opportunity to transfer money from your account to the casino at any time without having to enter your banking access data in the casino. These are only required for the instant transfer form and are not stored in the online casino. There are also no fees for the transfer. Paying with a completely anonymous payment method such as the Paysafecard is even more secure.

Anonymous means of payment instead of instant transfer in the online casino

Sofortüberweisung vs. paysafecard

In addition to the instant bank transfer, there are quite a few other serious but anonymous payment options in online casinos. In addition to direct banking, popular payment methods via e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are common. Some online casino operators also accept paysafecard, which can be bought in shops with real money as a voucher and used to deposit money into an account using the individual, multi-digit code that is printed on it.

The latter payment variant is absolutely anonymous, because it is not recorded anywhere where the money comes from. In the kiosk, the newspaper shop or wherever you can get a paysafecard, you pay in cash and simply exchange the cash for a payment code, so to speak. This key simply has to be specified when making a deposit and the payment amount lands directly in the player account in real time.

Combating money laundering through Sofort Banking with KYC

Sofortüberweisung money laundering

Many of the measures that you have to endure in the online casino are based on combating money laundering. Be it the proof of identity via the Video-Ident procedure or the recently due identity check for payments by immediate transfer. Many players find the procedure annoying and are therefore looking for online casinos without KYC and without VideoIdent. They are not necessarily concerned with smuggling funds past the tax office, but with the fact that the necessary verification procedures are complex and time-consuming. In addition, some shy away from verification for data protection reasons. Especially now that the Oasis lock file has also been introduced in Germany. Many have therefore now moved their player accounts to online casinos without Oasis.

What exactly is money laundering?

In money laundering, financial resources that have been obtained through criminal means, such as drug deals or evaded taxpayers’ money, are smuggled back into the legal money cycle through so-called money laundering. After that, the money supposedly comes from a legitimate source and can be used normally in everyday life.

A large sum of black money that was generated in a way that does not comply with the law cannot simply be paid into the account like normal income. That is why organized gangs are increasingly using casinos and online casinos to convert their black money into normal money. For example, small amounts are paid in by several clan members at different locations or chips are bought in the stationary casino. After that, a few rounds are played, a few losses are accepted, and the remaining amount is exchanged back for real money.

Based on the payout receipt, the tax authorities can now understand that the ‘money won’ came from gambling transactions. It can now be brought back into the normal, legal money cycle as normal.

Money laundering in online casinos

In the meantime, however, there are several hurdles in online casinos and also in stationary gaming venues, which are intended to prevent or at least complicate exactly this procedure. Criminals always find a way to launder their illegally acquired funds.

First, proof of identity is required. So the casino operator knows who he is dealing with because he can and must check the personal details. In addition, there is now a cross-platform monthly deposit limit of 1000 EUR in German online casinos.

Land-based casinos also have limits on cash deposits. In the case of larger amounts of cash, the origin of the money may be asked, which must then be documented. In the meantime, many operators of stationary arcades have switched to replacing cash and chips with chip cards that can be topped up – from a regular account. The casino operators no longer have to pay out large sums directly in cash. Any transaction can be reliably documented by issuing a check or bank transfer.

Furthermore, the OASIS process ( there are providers without OASIS here ) ensures both online and stationary that the gaming behavior of the individual players is analyzed and documented. Anyone who plays frequently, often deposits large amounts of money and regularly makes profits in the casino will eventually be noticed in the system and can be examined more closely. In the case of conspicuous players, the player accounts are automatically blocked and if money laundering is suspected, a visit from tax officials could well be pending.

Video tutorial about Sofortüberweisung

FAQs on the casino with instant transfer

What is an instant transfer?

This payment method is secure and transfers are easy. You don’t need an extra account, it’s not an eWallet and you don’t have to provide any credit card details. For the direct transfer you only need your normal online banking. The transaction takes place immediately and the amount is quickly credited to the player account, so you can start playing quickly.

Why is online instant transfer particularly secure?

A multi-level authentication process is used for the instant bank transfer. The payment method is particularly secure thanks to a one-time valid TAN. You only need the usual online banking data. As usual, these are only entered in the bank’s deposit form and not in the online casino. The virtual arcade does not even receive this data. SOFORT is a TÜV-approved German payment service.

What are the advantages of SOFORT Banking?

If you use this payment system, the deposited amount is available in the casino account within a very short time. The verification of the transaction runs unnoticed in the background between SOFORT and your bank account. This ensures that you as a player are entitled to play in the online casino (age verification, account coverage). The transaction is encrypted and you do not need an additional account.

What are the disadvantages of the SOFORT transfer?

There are many criteria in favor of Sofortüberweisung. However, the payment system also has a major disadvantage: so far no payments are possible via SOFORT. But maybe that will change in the future.

Do I have to give my account details to the online casino at SOFORT?

No. In the payment form for immediate transfer, only the PIN and a TAN that is valid once are required. The online casino does not have access to the sensitive bank data and only receives a notification from SOFORT that you have made a deposit of … This amount is then booked directly into the account and can be used immediately to play.

What are the costs of direct transfer?

The transaction via the Sofort Banking payment system is free of charge. Neither the online casino nor SOFORT charge a fee for the booking. Even if your house bank does not charge any fees for bookings on your account, the transaction is completely free of charge.

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