The autoplay function is extremely popular with many slot players. But this option is not available everywhere. Where can you find online casinos with autoplay? What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with this feature? We clarify all essential questions in this article.

The 15 best online casinos with autoplay

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Slotilda Casino € 450 bonus + 100 free spins
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Platin Casino € 250 bonus + 120 free spins
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Playouwin Casino 200% bonus + 120 free spins
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LuckyDays Casino € 1000 bonus + 100 free spins
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Casombie Casino € 500 bonus + 100 free spins
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Four Crowns Casino 400% UP TO € 2000
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What is autoplay?

Autoplay is a feature on slot machines. Without autoplay, each spin must be initiated manually by the player himself. With each spin, players have to wait until the reels have set again and the spin button is activated.

Not so with the autoplay function: If you activate this function, the reels will turn automatically. One spin is followed by the next spin – completely automatically.

Benefits of auto-play

Online casinos with autoplay offer players a number of advantages. This starts with convenience. If you set this function, you can watch what is happening on the reels in a relaxed manner and do not have to take action yourself. This is much more convenient than always holding the mouse in your hand or pressing the spin button on your smartphone.

Autoplay can be combined with a turbo mode. Then the reels spin particularly quickly. This is an advantage for players who want to see results quickly. With the turbo mode, for example, sales conditions for new customer bonuses can be met more quickly.

Autoplay function and player protection

Autoplay usually does not endanger player protection. In any case, this applies to players who have their gaming behavior under control.

The operations can also be checked very easily with this function. This allows players to set a certain number of spins to be made with this feature. When this number of spins has been completed, the autoplay function stops. Then no further bets are made.

In general, this function is only possible within the limits approved by the player. For example, if you have a monthly betting limit of EUR 200 in your account, you cannot bypass it with the autoplay function. The same applies to net loss limits, session time limits, etc.

Online casinos with autoplay: not in Germany?

online casinos with autoplay

Online casinos with autoplay are not available with a German license. Strictly speaking, German licenses for gambling on the Internet have only existed since July 1, 2021. On that day, the new State Treaty on Gambling came into force.

The German regulation is quite strict in international comparison. In this country, no online casinos are permitted with this function. The casinos must deactivate the function. The auto-play button is then not available.

However, there are a few other restrictions on slot players that go back to regulation. This includes the 5 seconds rule . This states that each spin on the machine must last at least 5 seconds. In addition, players must take a 5-minute break after 1 hour at the slot machine.

The German regulation continues to write Bet limit of 1 EUR per spin in slots. There is also a monthly deposit limit of EUR 1000. This applies to all casinos with a German license combined.

Foreign casinos offer autoplay in Germany

Casinos with a foreign license are still active on the German market – as they have been for decades. Often these are providers based in another EU member state such as Malta. Even virtual casinos Gibraltar or Curacao play an essential role.

Due to their licensing, these casinos offer the same security as German providers. However, the regulatory requirements of the German authorities do not apply. This comes with various additional freedoms for players.

There are online casinos with autoplay abroad. The auto-play button is activated. The 5-second rule does not apply, as does the five-minute break in play after an hour. The deposit limit and the stake limit for slots are also irrelevant for foreign providers.

Recognize online casinos with autoplay: look at the license

How can casinos with activated autoplay function be recognized? Players can create an account and check whether the autoplay button is available in slots. If this is the case, it is an online casino with an auto-play function.

However, there are also faster. Whether a casino is allowed to offer the autoplay function depends on its license status. The function is only prohibited by regulations in Germany. This does not apply to providers with licenses in Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar etc.

Interested players can therefore take a look at the license. Information on the license can be found at the bottom of the website for most casinos. These ways can be verified with the responsible authorities with just a few clicks (in most cases this is not necessary).

Online casinos with auto-play offer further freedom

Since online casinos with Autoplay are not licensed in Germany, there are other advantages. These providers do not pay the application tax applicable in Germany. The tax is 5.3 percent for wagers on slots and online poker. Foreign providers do not have to pay this tax.

The consequence: There is a wide range of games and a better payout ratio. The range of games is somewhat limited at casinos licensed in Germany due to the tax. In particular, games with very high payout rates cannot be offered by casinos in Germany. The reason: The tax exceeds the house edge.

Online casinos with autoplay can generally offer more games due to foreign regulations. This is not just due to the tax. In Germany, games such as blackjack or roulette must be licensed by individual federal states.

However, since the regulatory status has not been finally implemented, these games are not (yet) available in German casinos. This is particularly evident from the lack of offers in the live casino. Online casinos with auto-play can also offer roulette, blackjack and the like.

Well-known games with this feature

Here are some popular games that have this feature. You can test these with us for free with play money. If you like a game, you can then play it with real money in one of the online casinos mentioned above.

The advantages of online casinos with autoplay at a glance

Online casinos with an autoplay function offer these advantages over providers without this function:

  • Faster and more convenient game
  • Optional turbo mode
  • No bet limit
  • No deposit limit
  • No 5.3% tax
  • Live casino (e.g. blackjack and roulette) available


Casinos with a German license are not allowed to offer autoplay due to regulatory requirements. Providers with this function are therefore providers with a registered office and license abroad, such as Malta.

The autoplay function makes playing slots particularly convenient and enables bonuses to be played through quickly. Player protection is not at risk because the autoplay function only works within the limits set by the player.

Online casinos with autoplay offer further advantages due to the more liberal regulation. There is no tax of 5.3% here. In addition, there are no state-imposed deposit and wagering limits and no ban on live casino games.

Answer questions

What does this function do?

It can be used to activate automatic spinning on slot machines. That means you don't have to click every time to make the reels spin. This function is often and gladly used, especially when it is not used very often.

Which are the best providers?

Every online casino with an EU license from Malta, Cyprus or Curacao can offer this function to their players. Only small points make the difference when it comes to the best online casino for it. In this list you can find the best online casinos with the auto-play function.

Is autoplay good or bad for gamers?

This function has no influence on the game. The payout percentages are just as high or low as in games without this feature. The advantage here, as already described, lies in the combination with the turbo mode. Because here the slot automatically turns its reels and you can comfortably cheer.

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