There are many forms of entertainment available to us today. Online casino streamers enjoy a certain amount of interest, especially among teenagers and young adults. They romp around Twitch , YouTube and other platforms. Although gambling has been around for millennia, it has never been the focus of attention. The innumerable casino streamers have not just been under observation since yesterday.

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While the streamers can be said to have a certain entertainment, they suggest a completely wrong picture. Namely how easy it can be to win a lot of money in an online casino. Often they are not even aware of this danger or they simply don’t care. After all, they make a lot of money with their viewers.

The typical online casino stream

online casino streamer

Slot machines are almost always chosen because they offer the greatest entertainment value. Because here a dozen or more game rounds take place every minute. Simply clicking on the “Spin” button does not require a strategy. Only the stakes are changed from time to time.

However, the online casino streamer must have the talent to sweep his audience away. Which is represented by a loud and often overly hyped pronunciation. He rarely sits quietly on his gaming chair. If he wins big, it tears him away and sometimes there are still friends in the background.

A similar fascination can be observed with lottery draws. The big difference is that they only happen a few times a week. Online casino streaming, on the other hand, lives from its rapid gameplay.

Gambling Streaming: What’s Going On In The Background?

While the audience cheers enthusiastically, there is a certain scam behind it. Big casino streamers earn through tips, subscriptions and, last but not least, through their partnerships. Because there is almost always a link in sight. Viewers can use this to register in an online casino. There is also a specially negotiated welcome bonus.

When the first deposit is made, the doorbell rings again on the casino streamer’s account. What exactly was negotiated, of course, remains top secret. At some online casinos, partners earn a lifelong income. Just as long as deposits continue and the money is lost again.

What exactly is going on in the background remains hidden from the public. It is noticeable that the streamers win unusually often. Sometimes they even predict a certain event that will occur shortly afterwards. It can of course be a matter of pure coincidence. It is not for nothing that it is games of chance that only follow the laws of probability.

But every slot machine has a programming. It is no longer a secret that the payout ratio (RTP) of a machine can vary from provider to provider.

The question of morality


But let’s assume that everything would go as it should. So without the influence of the casino streamer and any agreements. Then there is still the question of a clear conscience. After all, a product is being advertised that has been shown to cause serious problems in a small percentage of gamers.

How big is the responsibility of the casino streamer? If he just does his laps without enthusiasm, the spectators and collaborations stay away from him. If he is consistently on the hype train and carries his fans away with him, they get the wrong idea of gambling. Then there is more money for the streamer, but can he agree this permanently with his conscience?

Popular casino streamers: a few examples

The following people should not be pilloried by us. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they do to earn their money. We just want to cite these people as examples to illustrate how popular such casino streams have become.

Marcel “MontanaBlack” Eris

With his live streams he has built a real media empire. He only uses his YouTube channel with 2.9 million subscribers sporadically. He seems to have deleted all gambling content there. MontanaBlack presents itself to the general public as a gamer and a nice person next door. What he wants to clarify with pure chat streams.

But for a long time Marcel Eris showed intensely games of chance, especially slot machines. That earned him 4.1 million followers on Twitch. But even on this platform nothing more can be seen of his previous life. Whereby his problems with the tax authorities are sufficiently documented.

Jens “Knossi” Knossalla

The 35-year-old has given himself the title of “King of the Internet”. On Wikipedia he is described as a “German entertainer”. In the meantime he can be seen more and more in TV shows, sometimes even as a presenter. However, he started out with live streams of poker sessions and playing slot machines. Because of the latter, he was repeatedly accused of glorifying games of chance. It was not until the beginning of 2021 that he gave in to the pressure and ended streams of this kind. After all, he has a role model function.

Financially, he shouldn’t be in a worse position because of this. He tries his hand at being a musician, published his first book in autumn 2020 and is otherwise well represented in the media. More than 1.2 million subscribers follow him on YouTube. Recordings of his slot sessions can still be seen there. These compilations often give the impression that big wins in online casinos happen non-stop.

Jens Knossalla can also be found on Twitch under “TheRealKnossi”. 1.7 million followers are interested in its content there. This makes it one of the largest live streamers in German-speaking countries.

Ishmael “Roshtein” Schwartz

The native Swede has found his home on the web. Almost 55,000 people follow him on Twitter. There he makes no secret of his work and still advertises (as of September 2021) with casino promotions. In addition, you can see excerpts from his biggest wins. In between he distracts with video games and talks about everyday things, so that it is not always a casino live stream.

More than 768,000 followers on Twitch get to see almost only these. It is not uncommon for Roshtein to stream for nine to eleven hours at a time. He regularly offers “bonus offerings” for his viewers. He has given himself the title of “casino philosopher” on his website. He is criticized mainly because he is supposed to play with fake bets during his casino streams.


Also a very active online casino streamer, where it is not always clear whether he is playing with real money. Over 71,000 followers on Twitter don’t seem to care. He also gives away cash and material prizes to make himself popular with his fans. On Twitch, Xposed is currently steering towards 400,000 followers.

There he writes about himself that he is 24 years old and his name is Cody. Although it also shows regular gaming content, according to its own information, the focus is on casino games. While we were writing this article, we were watching one of his live streams. A good 7,700 people watched and commented eagerly in the Twitch chat.

Online casino streams under observation

They still enjoy a certain degree of obscurity in politics. But it is becoming increasingly inconvenient for online casino streamers. It may not yet take the legislation into account, but the major streaming platforms are aware of it.


In its terms of use, the video platform YouTube reserves the right to block inappropriate content. Contents in the border area are at least proven with an age verification. Users have to confirm their age beforehand and minors are excluded from viewing. This means that at least one vulnerable group remains protected.

In addition, for a few months now, YouTube has made it possible to deactivate advertising on games of chance, alcohol, etc. In this way, the user does not even come into contact with them. However, this should not affect the content of the casino streamers. However, even the most popular advertising space, the large banner on the home page, may no longer be used for gambling advertising.


Twitch is even more popular for online casino streamers. Because for a long time the website was not so accurate with its controls. Until there was correspondingly great pressure politically and on the part of the users. In the summer of 2021, it was announced that gambling streams were subject to certain restrictions.

To the annoyance of the casino streamers, because they earned very well on Twitch. Viewers can donate so-called “bits”, which mean cash for the streamer. How much Twitch gives to them can only be guessed at. We found one for that Estimate on Giga.de . This says that 100 bits have a value of 1.47 €. Of which the casino streamer will probably receive € 0.83.

To what extent they will then correctly tax their income is uncertain. If you look at the donation list of the aforementioned casino streamers, they should earn as much or even more as they do with the games of chance themselves.

The public broadcasters and some private broadcasters have already raised the issue. As usual, a bit over the top, but there is a certain truth in it.

Gambling in society: when celebrities advertise it

But it is not only the online casino streamers who sometimes downplay games of chance on the Internet. The providers enter into targeted partnerships with celebrities. Suddenly a retired Oliver Kahn advertises sports betting. Reiner Calmund used his fame for a certain online casino for a while, etc.

Legally, this is probably okay, because the small print “Gambling can be addicting” is displayed for what feels like two seconds. So far, however, there is still a lack of control by the planned gambling authority. This is part of the State Treaty on Gaming, which has been in force since July 2021. But in the worst case, it will take a few more years to set up this same instance. Before regular checks take a close look at online casino streamers and other forms of advertising.

Will online casino streams be legal soon?

The said State Treaty on Gambling does not contain a passage on streaming. However, the casino streamers could argue that they are promoting the providers. However, this should only take place in cooperation with licensed online casinos. So anyone who does not have a permit from Germany is liable to prosecution.

But precisely because casino streaming has not yet made its way into the legislature, there is a certain risk for the providers. It remains to be seen whether they are ready to accept this. Under the interpretation as advertising, German-speaking casino streamers could pursue their beloved hobby again.

But only from the perspective of not promoting gambling as a way to earn money on the Internet.

Do casino streamers face legal consequences?

Not really so far. Many of them have deliberately moved to countries where the government has no eye on them. Loose legislation creates loopholes. In turn, viewers cannot see from which jurisdiction the streamer is offering his entertainment.

But with the new framework conditions, a lot could change. However, it will likely take some time before the state is actually interpreted.

What can we do?

Online casino streams are generally not a problem. However, it depends on how that content is presented and marketed. Some streamers have too often exceeded the limits of what is morally and legally justifiable here. First and foremost, only the legislature can do something about this.

Much better education and more transparency are needed. The casino streamers themselves would e.g. Make them much more credible if they regularly take up sensitive topics. Pathological gambling is to be taken seriously. Likewise, the real chances of winning, which give a distorted picture by combining large wins.

Anyone who notices in their children or young adults that these casino streamers are following should seek the conversation. Many questions should be asked. Why is he or she following the casino stream and what is it hoped for? Because the many giveaways are tempting, but can pave the way to regular gambling more easily.

The casino streamers often bridge the gap between normal video games and gambling. Many channels mix this different content. Which is why regular gamers keep coming into contact with online casinos. Adolescents and young adults in particular are often unable to make a clear differentiation here.

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