The online casino login is different for each provider. For one you have to type in your email address, for the other you have to type in your username and then the assigned password. You can find out which online casinos have which login in this article.

Online casino login overview

Online casinowebsiteLog inpasswordForgot PasswordSocial loginmobile number
SlotildaUser name
SlotHunterhttps://www.slothunter.com/de/E-mail address
Platinum Casinohttps://www.platincasino.com/de/login.htmlE-mail address
Casombiehttps://www.casombie.com/deUser name
4 Crowns Casinohttps://www.4crownscasino.com/de/E-mail address
National Casinohttps://nationalcasino.com/deE-mail address
SpinAwayhttps://spinaway.com/de/loginE-mail address
Casinorexhttps://www.casinorex.com/deE-mail address
LuckyDayshttps://luckydays.com/deE-mail address
Winny Casinohttps://winny.com/de/login/E-mail address
OnlineCasino.dehttps://www.onlinecasino.de/User name
WunderinoUser name
CasinoClubhttps://slotclub.deMail or Users
Online Casino EUhttps://www.onlinecasino-eu.com/User name
HyperinoE-mail address
NetBet Casinohttps://www.netbet.de/anmeldenMail or Users
Wildzhttps://www.wildz.com/de/login/E-mail address
888https://www.888slots.de/User name
DrückGlückhttps://www.drückglück.de/Mail or Users

Login options in the online casino

Log in

The login is different in every online casino. Here we explain the different options, which there are, which there will be and which are the simplest and safest. With some providers, a pop-up window opens to be able to log in, with others you get to a log-in page and rarely you stay directly on the page where you log in.

Email address as login

With almost all providers, you have to enter your email address to log in, which you provided when you registered. Often it is highlighted in gray in the input field which input is required. In this case it would be the email address. If you have forgotten this, you are often faced with a problem because in most cases you have several email addresses. The forgotten password function does not help here either, because you have to enter the address of your email. You can of course try out all of your addresses and see if there is a message from the casino. If this doesn’t help either, you can only contact support. There you have to identify yourself with your ID.

Username as login

Some providers only allow a login via username, which has advantages on the one hand, but also disadvantages on the other. If you have forgotten your nickname, but you know your email address, you can request the name by email. This works the same as if you forgot your password. However, if you still cannot get your user name in this way, only the support will help after a successful verification.

Tip: Simply use the forgot password function, because there the username is often mentioned as a salutation or in the text.

Social log-in (Facebook, Google, Trustly & Co.)

Log in

The easiest, but not the most secure, way is to log in via social platforms. Here, Facebook is right at the top, because everyone supposedly now has a Facebook account. You do not need to know any email addresses or user names in order to log in successfully. Of course you should know your login data from Facebook, Google or Trustly, because only then can you log into the casino. When you log in for the first time, you will also be asked which data can be released and forwarded to the online casino. Here you can decide for yourself what to allow or not, but the email address is always mandatory, because this is what is communicated.

Mobile number as login

At the moment it is still very rare, but logging in with the mobile number is becoming more and more popular. Most of us only have a cell phone number, as opposed to email addresses. Many users now have several of them. The advantage of logging in with a mobile phone number is that you usually keep this number for years and can often memorize it. The disadvantage is the advertising that some online casinos send you to your mobile phone via SMS. You can find online casinos without a mobile phone number here .

Fingerprint or Face ID

The possibilities of logging in with Face-ID or fingerprint will follow in the course of time, especially with mobile games and online casinos. Online banking, IPhone & Co. are showing us how to do it. So it is only a matter of time before you can log into casino apps or websites with these functions. In our opinion, this would also be the safest and easiest way to use your log-in permanently.

One should pay attention to that

A log-in in the online casino is not a registration or registration, because you have to enter your data in order to be able to log in for the first time. Often the players are confused when they do not know whether logging in does not mean registering. If registration is required, you can assume that you are registered. If you “only” want to register, you mean logging into the casino system.

More functions

online casino login

Memorize data

With the “Remember data” field, cookies are saved for the next login. This means that the next time you visit the website of the online casino, the login details are automatically saved. The advantage here is that you don’t have to memorize or write down all the data. The disadvantage is the security, because everyone who uses this device, whether PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, can log into the respective account using this login data. So it is better if you only enter the login when you are using the device alone. If you have children in the household, in particular, you should refrain from storing the data and remembering the login data to be on the safe side.

Forgot Password

Everyone should be familiar with this function by now, because if you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a new one here or change the old one. Of course, this only works if you know your email address. In some cases, the username is enough to use the forgotten password function.

Is an online casino login safe?

This is just as safe or unsafe as with any website. The online casinos usually rely on more security, so we claim that it is more secure than on many other sites.

What data do I have to provide?

There are several ways to log into an online casino. With some providers you have to enter your email address, with others the user name and more often you can even choose between these two types.

Log-in, login or register?

This is a little confusing at times. Some people think of “registering” as a registration, which means logging in. Since every website operator interprets this differently, only testing and trying will help. If you use “Register” and land on the page where you have to enter all the data again, the login was not meant here.

Which data are noted?

If you can remember your login details on the website, your email address, username and password will be saved here. Mind you, only in your own browser, otherwise nobody has access to the data.

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