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Every now and then one reads of fraud in online casinos and that winnings are not paid out. There are now thousands of virtual gambling halls on the World Wide Web and some players are unsettled by these bad news. We let you know which of the many providers are trustworthy and which ones could be expected to be fraudulent. On the basis of various clues, it is relatively easy to filter out dubious online casinos. We’ll show you how!

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Scams in online casinos

online casinos legal mit lizenz

Are there really dubious online casinos that pull money out of their players’ pockets and withhold their winnings? We have to say in advance that most virtual casinos work absolutely fair and derive their business profits from the losses of their customers. This is gambling – every game library, every land-based casino and every online casino operates in this way. A casino never uses its own money from the company, but always pays out winnings from the losses of other players. It has little to do with dubious machinations.

Most blacklisted casinos are accused of not paying out. Usually, the operator indicates the general terms and conditions, which the players have not complied with. In the most frequent cases, the customers who suspect online casino fraud actually violated the casino rules or did not comply with the specified bonus conditions and therefore no legal action against the provider.

At this point we would like to point out that it is essential to inform yourself about the casino rules and to read the terms and conditions as well as the sales conditions for the casino bonus in full – even if these are rather long texts and it is exhausting. Anyone who encounters vague clauses in the contract can ask the support team to explain exactly what is meant by this.

The most common points of contention in casino fraud

online casino scam test

Unrealistic wagering requirements for the bonus

Some online casino bonuses have high, almost unattainable wagering requirements. In this case it is more or less pointless to claim the casino bonus. However, some players do not read the bonus terms and conditions and are surprised in retrospect when their winnings are not paid out. In this case, however, one cannot speak of casino fraud. From a legal point of view, you enter into a contract that has to be fulfilled. If you don’t stick to the rules, in the worst case you will get nothing.

It is up to each player whether or not to agree to the bonus guidelines. If you do so, you also have to meet the conditions for a payout of winnings, no matter how unreachable. In this case, a refusal to withdraw can not be assessed as fraud. In approved online casinos with a license, you will always receive your winnings, provided you have met the conditions.

Denied payout

Some online casinos exclude certain slot machines or table games from the bonus wagering. This is not always pointed out in the bonus guidelines, but you can find the clause in the general terms and conditions. In addition, sometimes targeted strategies are not allowed. This is also listed somewhere in the long text of the terms and conditions.

If you then bet bonus money on these games or use the game strategy, you automatically violate the guidelines and lose the right to your bonus winnings. In this case, too, it is not a question of fraud in the online casino, but rather the inattentiveness of the player and the refusal to pay out cannot be challenged from a legal point of view.

Delayed withdrawals

A payout is generally only delayed if the verification has not been carried out. While you now have to verify yourself using the video identification procedure when registering in German online casinos, this is not mandatory for the EU casino. All you have to do is send in a copy of your ID card. If you do this in good time before applying for a payout, you can expect a speedy processing.

There is only suspicion of fraud in the casino if there is no payment even then. If you suspect a fraud, contact the support directly and let them explain to you why the payment is withheld. If you have not violated the guidelines or if you do not receive a specific explanation from customer service, it is best to contact the licensing office. You can always find the link there at the end of the respective website of the reputable online casinos.

Casino withdrawal limit fraud

Some online casinos have specified a withdrawal limit in their terms and conditions. It cannot be said that a withdrawal limit would be a casino fraud. However, the limits must be visible in the payment guidelines. Usually these are given there as monthly or weekly payout limits. With some providers, you can make additional transactions for a fee. If you win at the jackpot, there may well be special regulations. The support team can help here.

There may also be a payout limit for bonus winnings. One often reads in the bonus conditions that free game winnings or winnings from bonus credits are only paid out up to a maximum limit. In this case, too, there is no casino fraud. At least not if this clause is in the bonus conditions, the general terms and conditions or the payment agreements, which can be viewed online by everyone.

Fake slots as attempted fraud in the online casino

There are actually supposed to be black sheep among the casino operators who use fake slot machines – i.e. copies of slots. In particular, the popular Novomatic Novoline slots, such as the classic Book of Ra, are the target of forgeries that dubious online casinos can have in their range of games. Even if these games pay out winnings, they are still not licensed and are not monitored. The RNG random number generator is therefore not checked by a recognized regulatory body. In this case it is definitely a casino scam. But you can avoid this if you only play in the online casino with a license. Should you have the suspicion that such a fake slot is being used by your provider, report it immediately.

License fraud in the online casino

Online casinos that have a valid gambling license are always reputable, because they are under the supervision of the regulatory authorities and are regularly checked. The online casinos from our list all have a valid license. If you play with one of the other providers, you can find out for yourself whether the online casino is licensed. The license information can always be found in the footer of the casino website.

But be careful: dubious online casinos often display the logo of a licensing authority there, but do not provide any conclusions about the actual license. In most cases, reputable casinos link directly to the license. You can, however, obtain the information from the specified supervisory authority as to whether there is actually a valid license. The regulatory authorities make all information about their licensees available for inspection on their websites. So you will not be fooled by any cheater.

Closure of player accounts as a scam

If your player account is closed and winnings are revoked, it is not necessarily a casino fraud. The most common reason for sudden account closure is that players are signing up with multiple accounts at the online casino. In doing so, you are definitely violating the general terms and conditions.

Sometimes this even happens accidentally if, for example, another family member from your own household registers with this provider. Since this is usually done via the same IP address, there is a breach of contract. It does not matter that it is a completely different person. In fact, only one user account per IP is permitted at every online casino. This is stipulated in the terms and conditions and thus the gambling provider is on the legally secure side. Here you have no control and cannot fight the lock.

It is also important that you provide correct information when registering. If there are discrepancies when you request a withdrawal and have to verify yourself, you may be banned. The Money Laundering Act stipulates that only the account owner can request a payout. If the data does not match the information you provided before, the account is closed and all your winnings are gone. Ultimately, however, this approach is for your own protection, because nobody but you can access the player account.

Report a casino fraud

If it actually happens that you have been cheated in an online casino, this case must be reported immediately to the respective regulatory authority. This is the only way you have a chance to get your rights after all. The supervisory authority will examine the case and help you if necessary. Of course, you must not have violated the casino guidelines for this. If you read the terms and conditions, the bonus guidelines and the payment guidelines carefully before playing, you are largely protected against unpleasant surprises. Should you still have reason to complain, contact the licensing authority that is specified in the online casino.

We do not recommend playing in an online casino without a valid license. Fraud is inevitable there.

This is how you protect yourself from casino fraud

Online casino fraud

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from fraud in the online casino.

  1. Read reviews : We have carried out many independent online casino tests on our website. Read through the reviews and only then decide which provider you want to register with.
  2. Check license : Every reputable online casino provides information about the available gambling license at the bottom of the website. Most of these are EU licenses from regulatory authorities in Malta, Curacao or other EU states. It is best to check directly with the licensor whether the licensing is still valid. Online casinos that do not provide any information about licensing should be treated with absolute caution. Either they were denied their license or they didn’t even bother to get it, but still want to get involved in the gaming industry. This is by no means serious. This also applies if a license is listed outside of the EU states – frauds are quite possible here and gaming is fraught with risks.
  3. Website check : Before you register in an online casino, you should take a closer look at the offer. Information about the seriousness of an online casino can be found in the legal notice, for example – this also applies to all websites and all online shops. Without an imprint one can legitimately doubt that it is a serious offer. In addition, data protection guidelines and general terms and conditions should be provided. In the best case, translated into different languages. You should also have direct access to the terms of payment. Furthermore, the browser address is an important indicator of the seriousness of the website. Only if it begins with https: // is it an encrypted connection to the casino website. If the line is unencrypted (web address begins with http: //), we would not need to register.
  4. Test support : Before you want to deposit real money into the casino, you should check the support. You can also send inquiries to customer service without registering. You can ask completely irrelevant questions, for example what the minimum deposit is if you want to use the bonus. How quickly does the support team react? If you have to wait a long time for an answer, we advise you to stay away from this online casino. Serious providers have a short response time. In the best case, at least one employee speaks your language.
  5. Read through the general terms and conditions : The terms and conditions usually give the greatest insight into how serious a casino operator is. If there are unclear or contradicting clauses listed here, caution should be exercised. The small print in particular often harbors fraudulent agreements – you know that from insurance contracts. Here it is really important to read everything carefully. If you don’t fully understand something, ask support. If no one can give you reasonable information, the alarm bells should ring. Then better hands off!
  6. Read and understand bonus guidelines : The online casinos try to set themselves apart from each other with bonuses and to inspire new customers to sign up. Some bonuses seem very attractive at first glance, but the devil is in the details: namely in the bonus wagering requirements. Since the refusal to pay out bonus winnings is one of the most common points of contention in the online casino, you should definitely know the bonus conditions. For example, some casinos exclude individual games from bonus wagering. If you still play one of the games with bonus credit, you’re out. The same applies to wagering limits for bonus money, for example a maximum of € 5 per spin. Again, this is often not paid attention to and the players are surprised when the winnings are withheld. And there are also time limits for bonus sales. Only those who know all the wagering requirements can adhere to all the regulations and receive their winnings if the bonus conditions are met.
  7. Don’t accept delayed payouts : You have winnings in your account, have met the bonus conditions, verification has been carried out, but are you still waiting for your payout? If there are weeks or even months between winning and booking or even payment and you have to inquire several times and chase after your money, this is a sign of absolute dubiousness. In this case, only a casino change is possible. Nevertheless, one should leave no stone unturned in order to get a legitimate profit. But we wouldn’t invest any more real money in such an online casino.

Our conclusion on fraud in online casinos

A few years ago, gambling had a dodgy reputation. Those days are now over and you rarely hear of fraud and dishonest machinations when it comes to casinos, arcades or online games. Sometimes this is due to the fact that the operators now have good licenses and the fair process is ensured by supervisory authorities. If you take heed of the individual points above and read through casino reviews from the individual providers, you are pretty sure not to be cheated on.

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