Since the year 2021 Demo games are no longer permitted in German online casinos. The reason for this is the new German gambling law. Online casino demo games are good for testing slots and other games. Which demo versions are freely available and how good is the entertainment factor? Are there alternatives to a demo version of Slots and Co.? We answer the most important questions.

These online casinos offer demo games

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How do online casino demo games work?

There are a variety of games in online casinos. Slots, table and card games such as roulette or blackjack shape the picture. Real money is regularly used in these games – and then more money is won or not.

Online casino demo games technically work just like regular games. In roulette, a ball is thrown into the wheel and then lands on a certain number. Slots are spun to wait for the symbols on the reels. The difference to a real game: Here players only use play money.

A demo version is therefore a regular game in which virtual money is used as stake and winning currency. There is no real money to be won, but there is also no risk of loss.

Otherwise the games do not differ. The same game math or the same probability of occurrence of events applies. In the case of slot machines, for example, the bonus round in demo mode is not triggered more often than playing with real money. The probability that the ball will land on red or black in roulette is almost 50% in the demo as well.

Access often even without an account

Many casinos offer their customers demo versions. Anyone who, as a logged-in customer, controls a game can choose between the version with real money and the online casino demo. Often times, you don't even need a casino account. Often it is enough to go to the website and choose a slot – the demo version can also be started without registration.

There are demo versions for most slot machines as well as for all software-based table and card games.

No live dealer demo

Blackjack Live Dealer

On the other hand, online casino demo games are not available in the live casino. This is where live dealers carry out real gaming operations. For example, he gives live roulette, live blackjack, etc. Participation in a demo is usually not possible here. If you want to bet, you have to place real money.

However, this does not mean that live dealer games would not be accessible without opening an account and making a deposit. The connection to a game can often also be started without a stake or account balance. Then observers can follow the course of the game without risk. However, participation is not possible.

Social casino

This is a special case of online casino demo games Social casino . Unlike in a real online casino, there is no choice between playing with real money and playing with virtual money. In the social casino there are only games without real money. The game is played with virtual credit such as points.

However, there are some differences between a social casino and a mere demo version of a game. Visitors to the social casino almost always need a user account. It is then possible to save game results and thus build up a history.

Social casinos are often ad-supported and try to retain their customers. Therefore, the virtual winners are often paid out in a point-like currency. The points can be exchanged for tickets for a raffle, for example. A lot of prizes such as mobile phones are often raffled off.

Advantages and disadvantages of the demo version

The biggest advantage of online casino demo games: Players cannot lose any money even with a very unfortunate course. This allows slots and other games to be extensively tested without obligation and risk.

This is more relevant than ever. Player manufacturers keep bringing new titles to market. Modern slot machines are equipped with a variety of features. Many players want to test the gameplay first before throwing in real money. Online casino demo games offer the possibility to do so.

The main disadvantage is obvious: there is no real money to be won. This has a major impact on the entertainment factor. After all, the thrill is the greatest attraction. And this thrill is missing in demo versions.

Alternatives to the online casino demo

Casino Demo Games

There are alternatives to online casino demo games. In particular, bonus offers without your own deposit come into consideration. With these, players can also test slots and co. Without risk – but with a certain chance of winning.

Free no deposit bonus

At many casinos, new customers receive a free bonus without making their own deposit. It is a starting credit that can be used more or less universally in the casino. However, live dealer games are mostly excluded.

With the starting credit, players can, for example, go to a new slot and have a look at the gameplay and graphics. In the worst case, the entire free bonus balance will be lost. Then there is no harm. The result is the same as with a demo version: At the end there is no credit available.

With a favorable course, however, a profit is conceivable. Winnings from a free bonus are typically credited as bonus money. If this is implemented often enough, it can be converted into real money. Then a withdrawal is possible – without having made a deposit beforehand.

This variant increases the entertainment factor considerably compared to a demo. However, these strategies come up against natural limits. At a single casino, players can usually only take advantage of a free bonus once. If you want to test a lot of slots, you may have to take advantage of several free bonuses from different providers.

No deposit free spins

No deposit free spins are very similar to a free bonus. Here the casino grants new customers a free game contingent. Unlike a starting credit, however, this cannot be used universally. It only applies to a specific slot or games from a specific manufacturer. If the slot is a machine that should be tested anyway, these offers are very suitable as an alternative to the online casino game demo.

Winnings from the free spins are credited as a bonus and must be cleared. In principle, however, it is also possible to take a profit without making a deposit.

Recognizing the properties of games in advance: this is how it works

Demo Slots

Many players want to test slots in advance because the differences in the market are getting bigger and bigger. There are classic slots with few fruits and numbers without any features. Newer slots are packed with additional functions such as free spins, collective symbols, cascade wins, jackpots, etc. If you take a look at the game description, you can already guess many features in advance.

Volatility or variance

The volatility or variance indicates the character of a slot. The lower the volatility, the calmer the character. Highly volatile slots pay lucky people extremely high winnings – but they also demand very long dry spells from players. In games with a lower variance, there are more winnings, but these are then smaller. The variance can be found in the manufacturer's description, but can also be explored quite well yourself as part of an online casino game demo.

Gameplay and Features

Game manufacturers are adding more and more features to their gameplay. This provides entertainment, but also makes the course of the game a little more confusing. Which features are widely used?

Free spins

In most slots today a free spins or bonus round is integrated. To trigger this, a certain combination of symbols must appear on the reels. Then there is a fixed quota of free spins. It is typical for the bonus rounds in modern slot machines that the chances of winning are increased compared to the base game. This is achieved through (higher) multipliers, more wild symbols or additional reels. With many slots, the free spins mode is the heart of the entire game. With a demo version – or a free bonus – you can test in advance whether this highlight really pays off or not.

Collection symbols

Some slots have collective symbols. Players must collect these symbols in some form to gain an advantage. This advantage can be the triggering of the bonus round, but also the activation of multipliers or additional reels. An online casino game demo is a good way to test how many rounds are roughly necessary to fill the bonus meter.

Cascade profits

Much of the slot machines emerging on the market today come with some kind of cascading winnings. The principle: After a winning combination, all winning symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by new symbols. This continues until there are no more winning combinations.

Cascade functions tend to lead to a concentration of profits. If you land a winning combination with a large number of symbols, you also have better chances in the following cascade, because more symbols are replaced. The cascades are often associated with other advantages. For example, a multiplier can increase with each cascade. The character of this function can be tested well with an online casino game demo.


A jackpot is built into many machines. These machines can usually not be played as part of a demo version and also not with bonus money. Sometimes the machines come in two versions – one with and one without a jackpot. The variant without a jackpot is then also available as a demo or with bonus money.


With an online casino game demo, players can test slots and other games extensively, easily and without any risk. In many casinos, the demo version is even available to every visitor to the website without registering.

However, those who spin with virtual money cannot win either – the thrill falls by the wayside. Demo versions are therefore well suited to test out the gameplay and features of a new game first and thus to maximize the entertainment factor when playing for real money.

An alternative to online casino demo games are free bonuses, which are often available to new customers. With these, an extensive test is also possible without any risk. Unlike the demo, however, there is a chance of a real profit. This also applies to free spins as long as they do not require a deposit.

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