Until 2020 you could still play with play money in all online casinos. Just as a pastime and fun at slot machines, slots or table games. You didn’t have to leave any data, register or log in, or download any software. You simply looked for the game you wanted from the casino on the homepage, selected the button labeled ‘Play with play money’ and the game started right away in the browser. So to speak, every online casino was one too Play money casino , however, this has unfortunately been the case since2023 History.

Without registering and verifying, nothing works anymore! At least not with most providers. You have to upload your identity card and proof of identification and address. Only then can you play with play money or real money and pay off any winnings. The reasons why this is so and a simple solution to this can be found in the following report. The trigger is the new State Treaty on Gaming, which will come into force in July 2021.

Legal online casinos – a tiresome evil

Roulette and poker forbidden

In every land-based game library, more money is used than since this year in the online casinos. The reason is the new State Treaty on Gambling, which brings with it some restrictions for players from Germany. In order for online casinos to be able to offer their websites and games legally in Germany and for German citizens, the operators must comply with the prescribed rules and laws. These state, among other things, that there can be no more games with play money and without providing personal data. Every single player who spins the reels must be registered in the German online casino with immediate effect.

The solution – a pure play money casino

Use Google and search for one Play money casino or various free games – casinos, you can quickly find a suitable solution to the problem. In a play money casino you can still play without logging in or registering. Private data is not queried here and the slot machines are all free to play. You can try out the slot machine games with play money without any risk. The reason why it is still possible to play for free on these websites is that real money gambling is simply not offered there. So there is no temptation to play with real money and the new gambling law does not apply. Everything happens here just for the fun of casino games.

€ 1 stake per game – it couldn’t be more boring

Online casinos in Germany

In these German online casinos you can play for real money after registration, but only with a maximum stake of € 1 per game round. Many players will also have noticed that there are only slots and slot machines in the casinos. This in turn has to do with the current gaming law. You can find a more detailed explanation below. Even to be able to play with play money you have to register, it’s really no longer fun.


High stakes are still possible here

In these casinos it is still possible to play with high stakes and without a break between the game rounds.

Mr BetMr PlayZodiac CasinoGoodwin Casino
Play Luck CasinoGate777NetBet CasinoHyperino

The reason for this is actually quite simple: These casinos still offer their websites in German, but not on the German domain. Guests and visitors are simply forwarded to the .at domain, for example, because different laws apply in Austria. So if you want to play with more than one euro, you should look at one of the above-mentioned casinos.

Why and why all the drama?

online casinos law

For years online casinos were in a gray area. Nobody really knew whether it was legal or illegal to play in an online casino. The reasons for the uncertainty were the server locations, domain extensions and operators of the casinos or software. Online casinos are virtual and not physical, like the land-based casinos here in Germany. For this reason, poker, roulette and co. May only continue to be offered live in casinos. Online roulette, online poker and other online table games are no longer available in online casinos.

Casino games, slot machines such as Book of Dead , one-armed bandits or slots, on the other hand, can be found in every game library, at every rest area or in the pub next door. For this reason, online casinos are still allowed to offer slot machines and slots online. After all, nobody in the village pub asks for your ID when you put a coin in the slot.

However, you play the online slots with a maximum stake of just € 1. Higher real money stakes are now no longer possible. In addition, the slot machines now come with one Wait pause between turns therefore. Very annoying the whole thing. This wastes a lot of time and the profits are correspondingly low.

A nice overview in this review

Questions & answers on the topic

Play in online casinos without registration?

This has been in German online casinos since 2021 Not more is possible. The reason for this is the current law on gambling in Germany – the State Treaty on Gambling. Due to the new legal regulation, online casino games can no longer be played without proof of identity and proof of address.

Play demo casino games with play money?

There are still a few sites on the Internet that allow you to play casino games with play money. There you play the demo version of the respective slot and only with points and without real money. The operators of the sites provide a budget that consists purely of play money, so that free games are possible.

Where to play with high stakes?

Playing with high stakes is no longer possible in German casinos. If you visit an online casino, for example on the Austrian homepage, and register as a player, you can also play with large amounts there.

Gambling Act in Germany – sensible or nonsensical?

As far as the prevention of gambling addiction is concerned, the new State Treaty on Gambling certainly makes sense. However, you can also play the lottery with huge sums of money and gamble away in the house and yard in casinos or in the game library. Only there the German state has a better eye on it. Nevertheless, a lot of money is invested in the game in land-based gambling venues as well. It remains to be seen whether the gambling addiction of the endangered players is actually counteracted there. When it comes to gaming fun for casino players, the law is deadly.

Play with high stakes in the casino – that’s how it works

Here we show you how you can still play with large amounts in online casinos can.

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Choose an online casino in German

    online casino vergleich

    It is important that you choose a casino that does not have the domain extension .de. We are happy to recommend the online casino https://mr.bet/at . Because there you can still play all games as usual, even with high stakes.

  2. Register and then log in

    netbet app

    It is important to provide the correct data, because if you want to withdraw money, you have to verify yourself. There should also be no duplicate accounts. If you have already registered with Mr. Bet before December 15th, 2020, you will have to choose another casino.

  3. Choose game and stake

    app sunmaker

    As in any other casino, you choose the game that appeals to you the most. Then you do your job. Mind you: More than € 1 per game round is also possible. There is also no break in play between spins.

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