No limit! 5 of the best online casinos with no restrictions

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Since the new one Gambling Act In Germany, many players still want to play in the online casino without a limit. However, this is no longer possible for providers with a German license. With a very simple trick you can still play in many online casinos without limits. We'll explain how this works in this post.

5 online casinos with no limit

With these providers you can play without hesitation and without restrictions. We registered ourselves in every casino and convinced ourselves that there really are no regulations there.

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Insider tipslotilda Die Mutter aller Casinos
  • High stakes in all games
  • € 450 free bonus money
  • Casino without verification
  • No deposit limit
  • No 5 second rule
recommendationDuelz Eine ganz neue Art von online Casino
  • Play against other players
  • No verification required
  • No 5 second rules
  • Without a € 1000 limit
  • No limits & high stakes
newcomerPlatinCasino Platin Casino – keine Limits!
  • New online casinos
  • Big bonus for players
  • Slots, Roulette & Black Jack
  • Registration without verification
  • Latest provider in the test
4.5 / 5 stars to the test report
Top providerzodiac casino Zodiac Bet Casino – Spielen ohne Risiko und Limit
  • Without video identification verification
  • Online for over 10 years
  • High stakes possible
  • No € 1000 limit
  • Not a 5 second rule
4.5 / 5 stars to the test report
Book of Ra!ocean breeze casino Ocean Breeze Casino
  • No bet limit
  • No deposit limit
  • Slot machines, roulette, jackpots
  • EU license without limits
  • Our Book of Ra Tip 2021
4.5 / 5 stars
Adventure!slot-hunter-casino Slot Hunter Casino
  • No limits & regulations
  • No verification
  • Slot machines, roulette, jackpots
  • EU license without limits
  • Best selection of slot machines
4.5 / 5 stars
No limit!gambola Gamboloa Casino
  • Table games, slots & jockpots
  • No video ID required
  • No betting limits
  • MGA license without limits
  • Best new provider
4.5 / 5 stars

These 5 casinos are in ours test ended up in the top 10, which of course has nothing to do with the limits or restrictions. This is a nice side effect, but it was not a decisive factor in the ranking. There are also other good casinos with a limit, but if you want to have all the fun on your side, you should play in an online casino without limit. But of course only if there is enough self-control in mind, because in a casino with no limit you can lose a lot of money very quickly in a really short time.

Online casino without limit, does that make sense?

Before you register in one of the online casinos, you should ask yourself whether it really makes sense to play without limits. Many factors play a role here:

  • Do I have enough money?
  • Can I handle large amounts?
  • Am I mentally able to cope with great losses?
  • Have I also played with smaller amounts for a long time?
  • Do I know my own limit and can I set limits?

With this simple trick you can play in the online casino without limits

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Here we explain in a few steps how you can play in the online casino without limits. This is no less serious or legal than playing limit games in German casinos. The trick is to play in online casinos with a European license. Many providers use the MGA license from Malta, others from Curacau. Please only play online in the casino without limits if you have yourself under control and know your limits. Because that's the only way you can have a lot of fun and win in the long run.

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Find no limit online casino

casinos ohne limit

First of all, you are spoiled for choice and you have to choose an online casino without a limit. Here we would not focus on the bonus, but on the games and the appearance of the providers. Since we have tested all online casinos ourselves, you can trust us and believe that we do not recommend black sheep to you. A list of the best online casinos without limit can be found above here .

Register without verification


This is also only possible in our recommended online casinos, registration without video identification verification. With all other German providers, you now have to verify yourself with your ID and a video chat. This scares off many players and therefore we can only recommend you in Casinos with a Europe license to play.

Deposit money with no limit

online casinos

Due to the new regulations, you can deposit up to € 1000 per month in German online casinos. With this limit, the German state would like to curb the debt caused by gambling. But if you would like to play for more money, you have to switch to online casinos with an EU license, because there are no limit to the amount of monthly payments .

Play casino games with no limit

casino spiele ohne limit

There is also a limit for casino games in online casinos in Germany. Not only the limit for the bets, but also the time limit. All slot machines have a 5 second pause between each round, but you can work around this, how it works you can here read up. The autospin function is also no longer there. So who with no limit play high stakes would like to choose a provider from our list above. There are no restrictions on the size of the bets, you can € 50, € 100 or sometimes € 500 per spin on Slot machines put.

European licenses

Many European countries have different laws regarding gambling. Therefore it is often easy for the operators and also the players to use licenses from other countries. Here we have listed the most common gambling licenses for Europe.

All providers with these licenses can offer their games, deposits and stakes without limit. These online casinos are just as safe and reputable as those from Germany with the restrictions of the new State Treaty on Gambling.

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