We all know Löwen Play as play libraries in cities and communities. In times of the pandemic you have expanded your range and you can now play all slot machines in the Löwen Play online game library. The Merkur Casino has already done it and made all the games available online, so Löwenplay was called for and did everything right.

Löwen Play online game library

The online game library from Löwen Play has been a very good and new online casino for a long time. Not only the design of the website, the layout and navigation, but also the huge selection of games make this one of the Top online game libraries . If you know Löwen Play from your city, you will be surprised when you look at the website. We were definitely thrilled, no jungle of unnecessary information and the loading time was a hit. The manufacturers from Rhineland-Palatinate have spared no expense or effort to create this great platform.

Löwen Play online casino


The selection of games in the Löwen Play online game library is really huge and varied. If you think that only games from manufacturers are offered directly, you are unfortunately wrong. Other well-known game developers such as NetEnt, ELK Studios, Gamomat or Merkur can be found there. Unfortunately, as in other online casinos, you cannot play games for free without registering beforehand. As already mentioned so often, the reason for this lies in the new State Treaty on Gambling, which prohibits free games from being played without prior registration and verification. But this shouldn’t scare off new and die-hard players, because the data is treated absolutely securely and confidentially.


The most interesting thing in the Löwen Play Spielothek is the € 5 free bonus without a deposit. You get real money credited to your account for free if you verify yourself with your mobile phone number. Enter the number, confirm the number and then verify with the pin code. The bonus appears immediately after the first login or you can request it via the bonus page. As soon as these 3 steps have been completed, the € 5 no deposit bonus will be credited to your gaming account.


As in every casino or casino, loyal players are rewarded online. On this picture you can see the reward which you get as a VIP at Löwen Play. It gets exciting when you deposit € 1000 in 60 days or € 2000 within 90 days and play for real money.


Login & registration

Registering in the online game library is easy and takes a few minutes. As in other casinos, you have to enter your data and play online there. We recommend urgent always give the correct data, because if you win there and want to withdraw money, this is only possible with the correct personal data. Since the new laws, it is also mandatory to set a monthly limit. You can enter this in the last step of the registration.

Video identification verification

This is a fully automatic identification process. Please have your identification document and your mobile phone at hand or a laptop / desktop camera ready. The identification takes place in 3 steps:

  1. An identification document (ID card or passport) is automatically checked by different camera perspectives.
  2. A face match is then performed by recording certain facial expressions and head movements to ensure that it is a real person and not a photo.
  3. Finally, your ID recordings will be compared with the facial comparison carried out. If all comparisons are positive, your identity is automatically confirmed.

Löwen Play Casinos

loewenplay spielothek scaled 2

Everyone knows the Löwen Play Casinos in different cities, and the logo with the lion cannot be overlooked. Here we have brought you all the information about the game libraries together. You can find the address, telephone number and opening times of each casino in this list. In addition, we have put together a map with all locations for you.

Opening times, address & phone numbers

Löwen Play CasinoBingen am Rhein55411 Hasengasse 8-1208:00–02:0006721 1596509
Löwen Play CasinoBingen am Rhein55411 Schultheiß-Kollei-Straße 908:00–02:0006721 1867877
Löwen Play CasinoMülheim an der Ruhr45478Ruhrorter Str. 124a07:00–01:000208 7403925
Löwen Play CasinoMülheim an der Ruhr45468Löhstraße 2807:00–01:000208 2999551
Löwen Play CasinoMülheim an der Ruhr45475Schultenhofstraße 1906:00–01:000208 7404475
Löwen Play CasinoMülheim an der Ruhr45472 Wiescher Weg 8506:00–01:00ohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoLauf an der Pegnitz91207 Industriestraße 2509:00–03:0009123 9809985
Löwen Play CasinoFulda36043 Kreuzbergstraße 3310:00–04:000661 38040869
Löwen Play CasinoPetersberg36100 Alte Ziegelei 410:00–04:000661 4801269
Löwen Play CasinoFürth90763 Waldstraße 9209:00–02:000911 7661792
Löwen Play CasinoFürth90766Würzburger Str. 17109:00–02:000911 7875065
Löwen Play CasinoFreising85356 Clemensänger-Ring 509:00–03:0008161 8846985
Löwen Play CasinoNeufahrn bei Freising85375 Bajuwarenstraße 509:00–03:0008165 6911299
Löwen Play CasinoFreising85356 Kepserstraße 4109:00–03:0008161 145069
Löwen Play CasinoFrechen50226 Hermann-Seger-Straße 2006:00–01:0002234 2025839
Löwen Play CasinoFrankfurt am Main60388 Borsigallee 4510:00–04:0006109 378067
Löwen Play CasinoFrankfurt am Main60314Hanauer Landstraße 21510:00–04:00069 43052505
Löwen Play CasinoKriftel65830 Beyerbachstraße 310:00–04:0006192 9518851
Löwen Play CasinoOffenbach am Main63067 Kaiserleistraße 5910:00–04:00069 80101999
Löwen Play CasinoGera07549 Keplerstraße 109:00–01:000365 77329912
Löwen Play CasinoGomaringen72810 Bahnhofstraße 4306:00–00:0007072 1399831
Löwen Play CasinoGöppingen73037 Ulmer Straße 4206:00–00:0007161 5030780
Löwen Play CasinoGoslar38644 Im Schleeke 10006:00–00:0005321 381159
Löwen Play CasinoRostock18055 Herweghstraße 5108:00–02:000381 2523996
Löwen Play CasinoRostock18055 Breite Straße 3-508:00–02:000381 1216080
Löwen Play CasinoNeuwied56564 Schlossstraße 2508:00–02:00ohne Angabe
Löwen Play CasinoWeißenthurm56575 Hauptstraße 219/22108:00–02:0002637 941618
Löwen Play CasinoBendorf56170 Hauptstraße 9708:00–02:0002622 887394
Löwen Play CasinoRemagen53424 Sinziger Straße 3008:00–02:0002642 9029296
Löwen Play CasinoErfurt99098 Über dem Feldgarten 109:00–01:000361 78967286
Löwen Play CasinoReinfeld23858An der Autobahn 1810:00–05:00ohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoHagen58089 Berliner Platz 207:00–01:0002331 25592
Löwen Play CasinoMenden (Sauerland)58708 Bräukerweg 12207:00–01:0002373 1702100
Löwen Play CasinoEssen45130 Paulinenstraße 707:00–01:000201 7491762
Löwen Play CasinoBochum44787 Brückstraße 3707:00–01:000234 9128087
Löwen Play CasinoRecklinghausen45663 Ortlohstraße 607:00–01:0002361 3024706
Löwen Play CasinoSoest59494 Overweg 3306:00–01:0002921 3451407
Löwen Play CasinoAachen52070 Jülicher Str. 138/14007:00–01:000241 95511350
Löwen Play CasinoAlzey55232 Weinrufstraße 1108:00–02:0006731 998424
Löwen Play CasinoAlzey55232Karl-Heinz-Kipp-Straße 4008:00–02:0006731 5471405
Löwen Play CasinoAlzey55232 Albiger Straße 1008:00–02:0006731 5471502
Löwen Play CasinoAugsburg86179 Unterer Talweg 11709:00–03:000821 8003043
Löwen Play CasinoAugsburg86150Karolinenstraße 1509:00–03:000821 3197569
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55120 Hauptstraße 2708:00–02:0006131 602326
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55129Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Straße 1908:00–02:0006131 9728771
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55124Am Sportfeld 3A08:00–02:0006131 5760788
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55124An der Krimm 21A08:00–02:0006131 9719357
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55124An der Ochsenwiese 1808:00–02:0006131 6294894
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55116Mailandsgasse 108:00–02:0006131 2150696
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55130Heiligkreuzweg 9608:00–02:0006131 9729289
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55118Nahestraße 208:00–02:0006131 6172876
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55130Heiligkreuzweg 10808:00–02:0006131 6275879
Löwen Play CasinoMainz55120Hauptstraße 2708:00–02:0006131 219160
Löwen Play CasinoWiesbaden55252Boelckestraße 6610:00–04:0006134 186651
Löwen Play CasinoBingen am Rhein55411 Mainzer Str. 14-1608:00–02:0006721 159800
Löwen Play CasinoOestrich-Winkel65375 Am Elsterbach 810:00–04:0006723 6016994
Löwen Play CasinoBergkamen59192 Rotherbachstraße 4007:00–01:0002306 9404842
Löwen Play CasinoBad Kreuznach55543 Planiger Str. 16008:00–02:000671 7946081
Löwen Play CasinoBad Kreuznach55543 Mannheimer Str. 16108:00–02:000671 9799687
Löwen Play CasinoBad Kreuznach55543 Bosenheimer Str. 8708:00–02:000671 4835677
Löwen Play CasinoBexbach66450 Kleinottweiler Straße 7510:00–04:0006826 5240088
Löwen Play CasinoBraunschweig38114 Wendenring 5+5A08:00–02:000531 2342702
Löwen Play CasinoBraunschweig38104Berliner Str. 52K08:00–02:000531 1217233
Löwen Play CasinoBraunschweig38100Sonnenstraße 508:00–02:000531 15352
Löwen Play CasinoBremen28309 Europaallee 1-300:00–00:00 24h0421 4581240
Löwen Play CasinoBremen28307Osterholzer Heerstraße 221/22308:00–02:000421 42809352
Löwen Play CasinoBremen28197Woltmershauser Str. 10508:00–02:000421 4306126
Löwen Play CasinoBremen28195Katharinenstraße 12-1407:00–00:000421 327843
Löwen Play CasinoBremen28329August-Bebel-Allee 29007:00–02:000421 43669015
Löwen Play CasinoBayreuth95444 Wölfelstraße 2009:00–00:000921 5071029
Löwen Play CasinoBayreuth95448Riedingerstraße 1309:00–00:000921 78516931
Löwen Play CasinoStollberg/Erzgeb.09366 Hohensteiner Str. 5606:30–03:00037296 17846
Löwen Play CasinoDormagen41540 Kieler Str. 106:00–01:0002133 977017
Löwen Play CasinoDüsseldorf40476 Rather Straße 2507:00–01:000211 9468615
Löwen Play CasinoDüsseldorf40476 Münsterstraße 117/11907:00–01:00ohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoDüsseldorf40472Rather Broich 407:00–01:00ohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoSt. Wendel66606 Schillerstraße 210:00–04:0006851 8060979
Löwen Play CasinoDüsseldorf40468Unterrather Str. 3206:00–01:000211 414120
Löwen Play CasinoHilden40721 Düsseldorfer Str. 6706:00–05:0002103 2535991
Löwen Play CasinoSpringe31832 Burgstraße 507:00-00:0005041 6400151
Löwen Play CasinoRonnenberg30952 Chemnitzer Str. 106:00-00:000511 26235744
Löwen Play CasinoHameln31785 Hastenbecker Weg 86/8806:00-03:0005151 1079358
Löwen Play CasinoHameln31785 Am Güterbahnhof 106:00-03:0005151 8213554
Löwen Play CasinoRheinberg47495Industriestraße 1706:00-01:0002843 9076838
Löwen Play CasinoDuisburg47166Rathausstraße 1406:00-01:000203 547164
Löwen Play CasinoDuisburg47051 Schwanenstraße 1907:00-01:000203 25467
Löwen Play CasinoSpringe31832 Zum Niederntor 1607:00-00:0005041 640351
Löwen Play CasinoHildesheim31134Bahnhofsplatz 607:00–00:0005121 741460
Löwen Play CasinoBad Nenndorf31542Rotrehre 1409:00–03:0005723 799462
Löwen Play CasinoBad Nenndorf31542Rotrehre 2A06:00–03:0005723 7400061
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30559Anderter Str. 12806:00–03:000511 21380758
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30165Vahrenwalder Str. 5108:00–03:000511 3522632
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30167Engelbosteler Damm 4908:00–03:000511 12312625
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30159Scholvinstraße 1006:00–03:000511 3536275
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30171Marienstraße 708:00–03:000511 2352047
Löwen Play CasinoKaufbeuren87600 Neue Gasse 3611:00–21:0008341 9540735
Löwen Play CasinoSimmern/Hunsrück55469 Bingener Str. 31,08:00–02:0006761 9152402
Löwen Play CasinoKaufbeuren87600 Gürtlerstraße 3909:00–03:0008341 9557691
Löwen Play CasinoKaufbeuren87600 Sudetenstraße 12A09:00–03:0008341 9610615
Löwen Play CasinoSüdbrookmerland26624Ekelser Str. 5508:00–00:0004941 9749296
Löwen Play CasinoAurich26603 Fischteichweg 1508:00–00:0004941 9733485
Löwen Play CasinoHage26524 Halbemonder Str. 608:00–00:0004931 934320
Löwen Play CasinoKissing86438 Peterhofstraße 1509:00–03:0008233 7390092
Löwen Play CasinoAurich26603 Raiffeisenstraße 1908:00–00:0004941 9734782
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30159Reitwallstraße 6-706:00–03:000511 3069849
Löwen Play CasinoBad Driburg33014 Dringenberger Str. 24ohne Angabenohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoBad Dürkheim67098 Bruchstraße 1d08:00–02:0006322 956814
Löwen Play CasinoBad Neustadt97616 Saalestraße 309:00–02:0009771 990567
Löwen Play CasinoBad Windsheim91438 Raiffeisenstraße 5A09:00–03:0009841 6890312
Löwen Play CasinoBad Hersfeld36251 Frankfurter Str. 3-510:00–04:00ohne Angaben
Löwen Play CasinoBad Hersfeld36251 Breitenstraße 3410:00–04:0006621 169638
Löwen Play CasinoHamm59065 Poststraße 406:00–01:0002381 3050835
Löwen Play CasinoCoburg96450 Judengasse 5ohne Angaben06721 1550
Löwen Play CasinoDörfles-Esbach96487 Ziegelei 2009:00–03:0009561 2330699
Löwen Play CasinoNeustadt bei Coburg96465 Halskestraße 409:00–03:0009568 8908848
Löwen Play CasinoCoburg96450 Rodacher Str. 109:00–03:0009561 4264194
Löwen Play CasinoTrier54290Saarstraße 111-11508:00–02:000651 9933649
Löwen Play CasinoTrier54292Bahnhofstraße 30/3208:00–02:000651 4366377
Löwen Play CasinoTrier54290Margarethengäßchen 2a08:00–02:000651 1455680
Löwen Play CasinoTrier54292Zurmaiener Str. 17308:00–02:000651 1455935
Löwen Play CasinoDorsten46284 Borkener Str. 50A06:00–01:0002362 604490
Löwen Play CasinoBad Sobernheim55566 Bahnhofstraße 2608:00–02:0006751 856828
Löwen Play CasinoHannover30519 Hildesheimer Str. 420A08:00–03:000511 4756305
Löwen Play CasinoDüsseldorf40472Eulerstraße 3ohne Angaben0211 654389
Löwen Play CasinoVaihingen an der Enz71665 Walter-de-Pay-Straße 2406:00–00:0007042 9669538
Löwen Play CasinoBad Honnef53604Bahnhofstraße 16A06:00–01:0002224 9011058
Löwen Play CasinoDarmstadt64283 Eschollbrücker Str. 4210:00–04:0006151 3072224
Löwen Play CasinoWeiterstadt64331 Friedrich-Schaefer-Straße 1010:00–04:0006151 6677813
Löwen Play CasinoMünster64839 Darmstädter Straße 79B08:00–02:0006071 3035252
Löwen Play CasinoDatteln45711 Dortmunder Str. 1007:00–01:0002363 3577572
Löwen Play CasinoWetter (Ruhr)58300 Bahnhofstraße 806:00–22:0002335 846918
Löwen Play CasinoLünen44534 Münsterstraße 2607:00–01:0002306 9598864
Löwen Play CasinoWitten58455 Billerbeckstraße 107:00–01:0002302 2020545
Löwen Play CasinoHerne44649 Hauptstraße 29407:00–01:0006721 1550
Löwen Play CasinoHemer58675 Hademarepl. 56-5806:00–01:0002372 2503679
Löwen Play CasinoAachen52062 Peterstraße 4406:00–01:00ohne Angaben

All stationary Löwen Play casinos on one card

Here you will find an overview of all gambling halls in Germany and the individual federal states.


The headquarters are located in the middle of Germany in the Palatinate town of Bingen.

Löwen Play GmbH
In the zoo 30
55411 Bingen
Tel .: +49 (0) 6721 155-0
e-mail: info@loewen-play.de
web: https://www.loewen-play-unternehmen.de

Play with real money in just a few minutes

Here we explain step by step how you can play online at Löwen Play.

Benötigte Zeit: 5 minutes

  1. Visit casino

    Löwen Play online Spielothek

    First of all, of course, you have to visit the Löwenplay website, you can do this using the Google search or directly here . The site is completely safe and loads really quickly.

  2. Scour the website

    Löwen Play

    Since you landed on the Löwen Play homepage, take your time to look around. Visit the individual pages of the games, the bonus offer, VIP area or the company page.

  3. to register


    If you want to play for real money now, free games are also possible afterwards, click on the red Register button. Now a smaller window opens in which you have to enter your correct data. This is done in 4 short steps. Now comes an email with a link to confirm the email address. As soon as this is done you can log in.

  4. Claim the bonus

    Bonus ohne Einzahlung

    After logging in for the first time, a small window opens in which you can receive a € 5 no deposit bonus. As already described above, 3 short steps are sufficient to receive the no deposit bonus from Löwen Play directly.

  5. Video Ident

    gratis 5€ bonus

    If you now want to play slot machines with the bonus money or the money you have paid in, you still have to verify yourself via video ID. We have also described how this works above.

  6. Play

    Löwen Play

    Once you’ve completed all of the previous steps, you can play for free or for real money on any slot machine. Just test out which game you like best, but also change the games more often, otherwise it gets boring quickly.

Question answer

Can I play online for free at Löwen Play?

Yes, after registration and verification, each game is available for free.

Online game library with real money?

You can play for real money in the Löwen Play online game library. Thousands of slot machines make real money play a great experience and the thrill is guaranteed.

What games are there?

There are hundreds of slot machines and slots in this online casino, and the well-known games do not come from the Löwen Play arcades.

Do I get a bonus?

This online game library also offers various bonus variants. From the € 5 no deposit bonus to various deposit bonuses, there is something for every type of player. There are also prize pool games and free free spins.

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