Every year a new game of the year, expert game of the year and children’s game of the year is chosen. This year, too, there are nomination lists and recommendation lists for the games of the year2022 announced.
Some Eggertspiele games have also already been nominated and have won various prizes. Among other Rococo , Camel Up or Village and many more. Some of them were game of the year, others were Kennerspiel des Jahres and some made it onto the nomination list or the recommendation list.

Game of the Year eV

game of the year ev

The Critics’ Prize game of the year is known worldwide and is considered to be the most important award that board games, card games and parlor games can receive as an award. The jury of the Spiel des Jahres eV acts on a voluntary basis and the game award has been awarded annually since 1979. The award for children’s game of the year has only been presented since 2001 and the expert game of the year has been chosen since 2011. The German-language editions of the respective year are always nominated. All recommendation lists and nominations are usually announced as early as May, the award winners then follow in June and July of each year.

Nominated Games of the Year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
Die Abenteuer des Robin HoodKosmos102 - 460 min.ca. 50 €
MicroMacro: Crime CityEdition Spielwiese/Pegasus Spiele101 - 415 - 45 min.ca. 25 €
Zombie Teenz EvolutionScorpion Masqué82 - 420 min.ca. 25 €

Recommended list for the game of the year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
Biss 20Drei Magier/Schmidt Spiele72 - 820 min.ca. 11 €
ChakraGame Factory81 - 430 min.ca. 20 €
PunktesalatAlderac Entertainment Group/Pegasus Spiele82 - 630 min.ca. 15 €
Switch & SignalKosmos102 - 4 45 min.ca. 35 €
The Key: Sabotage im Lucky Lama LandHaba81 - 420 min.ca. 20 €

Nominated for children’s game of the year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
DragominoPegasus Spiele52 - 415 min.ca. 25€
FabelweltenLifestyle Boardgames52 - 620 min.ca. 29 €
Mia LondonScorpion Masqué52 - 410 min.ca. 18 €

Recommended as children’s game of the year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
Hipp Hopp HippoSchmidt Spiele52 - 415 min.ca. 27 €
Inspektor NaseNürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag (NSV)72 - 520 min.ca. 11 €
Käpt’n KullerSchmidt Spiele52 - 415 min.ca. 27 €
Memo FriendsGoula / Jumbo31 - 210 min.ca. 18 €
Swip’SheepDjeco53 - 510 min.ca. 10 €
Tapikékoi?Djeco52 - 415 min.ca. 14 €
TraumfängerSpace Cow42 - 415 min.ca. 20 €

Nominated for the expert game of the year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
Die verlorenen Ruinen von ArnakCzech Games Edition (CGE) / Heidelbär Games121 - 430 - 120 min.ca. 60 €
Fantastische ReicheStrohmann Games102 - 620 min.ca. 20 €
PaleoHans im Glück102 - 445 - 60 min.ca. 45 €

Recommended list of the Kennerspiele of the year 2022

TitelVerlagAlter abSpielerzahlSpieldauerPreis
Aeon’s EndIndie Boards & Cards / Frosted Games / Pegasus Spiele121 - 445 - 90 min.ca. 45 €
Riftforce1 More Time Games10230 min.ca. 25 €
Gloomhaven: Die Pranken des LöwenCephalofair Games / Feuerland141 - 460 - 120 min.ca. 60 €
WasserkraftCranio Creations / Feuerland141 - 4120 min.ca. 70 €

Video – Presentation of the longlist of all nominated games

All game of the year lists

In the following, we want to provide you with lists of all recommended, nominated and awarded games from the past few years. How exactly the board games, card games or family games are selected, played and then rated is up to you here Read on the club website of spiel-des-jahres.de. There you will also find a lot of information about the game authors, various German game publishers and about the honorary jury, which in the end the Board games elects.

All games of the year – the winners since 1979

game of the year
2020PicturesPD Verlag83 - 530 min.
2019Just OneRepos Production83 - 720 min.
2018AzulNext Move82 - 430 min.
2017KingdominoPegasus Spiele85 - 415 min.
2016CodenamesCzech Games Edition102 - 815 min.
2015Colt ExpressLudonaute102 - 640 min.
2014Camel Upeggertspiele82 - 830 min.
2013HanabiAbacusspiele82 - 530 min.
2012Kingdom BuilderQueen Games82 - 445 min.
2011QwirkleSchmidt62 - 445 min.
2010DixitLibellud83 - 630 min.
2009DominionHans im Glück82 - 430 min.
2008KeltisKosmos102 - 430 min.
2007ZoolorettoAbacusspiele82 - 545 min.
2006Thurn und TaxisHans im Glück / Schmidt Spiele102 - 460 min.
2005NiagaraZoch Spiele83 - 545 min.
2004Zug um ZugDays of Wonder82 - 560 min.
2003Der Palast von AlhambraQueen Games82 - 660 min.
2002Villa PalettiZoch Spiele82 - 420 min.
2001CarcassonneHans im Glück102 - 530 min.
2000TorresFX/Ravensburger122 - 460 min.
1999TikalRavensburger102 - 490 min.
1998ElfenlandAmigo102 - 460 min.
1997Mississippi QueenGoldsieber Spiele103 - 535 min.
1996El GrandeHans im Glück122 - 590 min.
1995Die Siedler von CatanFranckh-Kosmos103 - 475 min.
1994ManhattanHans im Glück102 - 445 min.
1993BluffF.X.Schmid122 - 630 min.
1992Um ReifenbreiteJumbo102 - 460 min.
1991Drunter und DrüberHans im Glück92 - 460 min.
1990Adel verpflichtetF.X.Schmid122 - 560 min.
1989Café InternationalMattel102 - 445 min.
1988Barbarossa und die RätselmeisterASS103 - 460 min.
1987Auf AchseF.X.Schmid82 -690 min.
1986Heimlich & Co.Ravensburger82 - 645 min.

Sherlock Holmes Criminal-Cabinet

Franckh-Kosmos121 - 6120 min.
1984DampfrossSchmidt102 - 690 min.
1983Scotland YardRavensburger103 - 690 min.
1982SagalandRavensburger82 - 630 min.
1981FocusParker102 - 460 min.
1980RummikubIntelli82 - 430 min.
1979Hase und IgelRavensburger82 - 660 min.

Kennerspiele of the year – all winners

2020Die CrewKosmos103 - 520 min.
2019FlügelschlagFeuerland102 - 540 - 75 min.
2018Die Quacksalber von QuedlinburgSchmidt Spiele102 - 445 min.
2017EXIT - das SpielKosmos121 - 645 - 90 min.
2016Isle of SkyeLookout Spiele82 - 560 min.
2015Broom Service
alea / Ravensburger
102 - 575 min.
2014IstanbulPegasus Spiele102 - 560 min.
2013Die Legenden von AndorKosmos102 - 490 min.
2012VillageEggertspiele122 - 490 min.
20117 WondersRepos Production102 - 730 min.

Children’s games of the year – the winners

2020Speedy RollLifestyle Boardgames und Piatnik41 - 420 min.
2019Tal der WikingerHABA62 - 420 min.
2018FunkelschatzHABA52 - 415 min.
2017IcecoolAmigo62 - 430 min.
2016Stoneage JuniorHans im Glück52 - 415 min.
2015SpinderellaZoch Verlag62 - 420 min.
2014Geister, Geister, SchatzsuchmeisterMattel Games82 - 430 min.
2013Der verzauberte TurmDrei Magier Spiele52 - 420 min.
2012Schnappt HubiRavensburger52 - 420 min.
2011Da ist der Wurm drinZoch42 - 415 min.
2010Diego DrachenzahnHABA52 - 4 15 min.
2009Das magische LabyrinthSchmidt Spiele62 - 425 min.
2008Wer war's?Ravensburger62 - 430 min.
2007Beppo der BockOberschwäbische Magnetspiele52 - 415 min.
2006Der schwarze PiratHABA52 - 420 min.
2005Das kleine GespenstKosmos52 - 415 min.
2004GeistertreppeDrei Magier Spiele42 - 415 min.
2003Viva Topo!Selecta42 - 420 min.
2002Maskenball der KäferSelecta42 - 620 min.
2001KlondikeHABA62 - 420 min.

questions and answers

Why is there this critical award for games?

The Critics’ Prize is intended to provide an overview of the best board games that are coming onto the market in the current year. This way, players can orientate themselves better and find the top games quickly. In our list you will also find the best board games, card games and other games that have ever been awarded the coveted game award.

Since when have games been awarded?

The club, made up of leading game critics and journalists, was founded in 1977. The Critics’ Prize has been awarded annually since 1979. Vortsnad and the jury have changed several times, but it was and is always independent critics who want to bring the cultural asset of games to the general public and to convince people of the value of gaming.

When are the games of the year chosen?

The nominated games are usually presented to the public in May of each year. The awards for the children’s game, connoisseur game and game of the year itself will then take place in June and July. After that, the jury has almost a year to test and nominate the latest games.

Why are there three categories?

The award has now been divided into three categories because the flood of new games is huge and one wanted to differentiate between the areas of normal board games or family games, children’s games and expert games.

How are the games tested?

The jury members each have their own group of families, colleagues, acquaintances and friends with whom they meet regularly to play. This is how the first thoughts on the new game selection for the nomination arise. The most intense season starts in February, when the new releases are on the market, and continues into May. Of course, the jury will also play during this period. After the game phase, all the experiences and thoughts of the jury members are compiled and the most popular games are recorded on a list. The nomination lists will be announced in May.

Berward Thole – co-founder, for many years on the board and spokesman

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