Drinking games and drinking games are welcome at every party. Even if you should always drink alcohol with caution, the party games with alcoholic drinks are a lot of fun. There is hardly a celebration without a popular drinking game – be it a wedding, a birthday or just a social get-together with friends. We’ll show you which are the best drinking games.

The best drinking games ever

I have never… Drinking game

Beer pong drinking game

Drinking roulette

Kings Cup

Looping Louie

Flunkyball or beer ball


Mäxle, Mäxchen or Mieren

Throw bottle caps


Drinking game apps

Drinking games without accessories

Of all the drinking games, those without accessories are the most popular. Sure, because you can play these spontaneously without much preparation. In principle, all you need is a good mood and sufficient alcohol. As you can see in some videos above, games or accessories are needed, which not everyone always has at hand or at home. Therefore we show you 3 of the best drinking games without accessories. You can play it exactly when you feel like it and don’t need long preparation.

I’ve never…

This game is currently a big hit on YouTube and other social media. Here the players sit in a circle and the first one starts with a sentence, such as: “I’ve never stolen anything”. Now all players who have stolen something have to have a drink. Then the next player’s turn comes up and says, for example: “I’ve never had a one night stand”. Now everyone who has already had one has to drink again. So it goes on forever and you will see what embarrassing situations come out for some. In this game everyone can either use their own glass (which would be very useful in times of Corona) or it is drunk from a bottle, which is passed on in the round. Fibbling doesn’t count!

I am packing my suitcase

The I pack my suitcase drinking game is actually played just like the well-known guessing game. Only alcohol is added here. The first player starts with: “I’ll pack my suitcase and take socks with me”. The next player has to remember the item and expand the sentence with, for example: “I pack my suitcase and take socks and shower gel with me”. This continues, round after round, clockwise until one player can no longer remember all of the items. This loses and now has to drink. In addition, you can expand the game by adding a deposit to the drink or the player is eliminated.

Darn number

Before the start of a round, the players decide which number to be darned. In our example we take the 5. Now it is drawn which player starts counting from 1-100. For every number in which the 5 occurs or which is divisible by 5, the player must say the word “schnapps” instead of the five. If he messes up, he’ll have to drink. To defuse the drinking game a little, you can count from 1-50 first. When the first round is over, it is the neighbor’s turn and starts counting, but of course not with the number that has already occurred. A new darn number is chosen, which is then not allowed to be mentioned.

What are drinking games?

drinking games

Drinking games are, as the name suggests, Board games with liquids. It does not matter whether these are alcohol or other drinks. The aim is to achieve an action by the other player through results in a game. Usually the loser or the player with wrong answers or wrong actions is the victim and has to take a sip. The games are particularly popular at parties, in the club or at a celebration, because they can sometimes be played without a lot of accessories. For some, a card game is enough, for others a certain board game or parlor game is necessary and some need nothing but other players.

Drinking games for two

Of course, you can also play some drinking games for two. The selection of drinking games for two people isn’t that big, but there are some really good games that are also really fun. Here we would like to introduce a few of them to you:

High or low drinking game

For the drinking game high or low you need a card game and alcohol or other drinks for the drinking game. You can play the drinking game with two people, but it is also suitable as a party game with several participants. Shuffle the deck of cards well and place it face down on the table. The first card is turned up and the starting player must now announce whether the value of the next face down card is higher or lower. If he is wrong, he has to take a sip and it is his turn again with the next card. If he is correct, it is the second player’s turn and must guess.

Two truths and one lie

play drinking games

The drinking game for two or for couples with the name ‘Two truths and one lie’ is primarily used to get to know each other. You can play it, for example, when you take your new acquaintance home with you for the first time and at some point you run out of things to talk about. Have two glasses with drinks ready and off you go. It’s a drinking game with no material and you can play it spontaneously. Show your counterpart two true statements about your life and, in addition, a lie. The game partner must now guess which of them is the story of lies. If you guess wrong, you have to drink. If the lie is correctly estimated, the player who made the statements will drink. Especially on the first date, you don’t necessarily want your partner to get completely drunk – so don’t use anything high-proof for the drinking game and don’t overdo it. The drinking game also provides for further conversations or need for explanation and is sure to bring some laughs.

Helpful tips for drinking games

drinking games for two

So that a drinking game evening does not turn into a disaster, you should prepare a little for the drinkable get-together and observe a few tips for drinking games:

  • You should always eat enough before the drinking game party. On an empty stomach you get drunk too quickly and the game night can be over quickly. High-fat foods are best, because the fat prevents the alcohol from being absorbed into the blood too quickly.
  • It is best to set up enough snacks such as pretzels, pretzel sticks, cashews or peanuts. Slices of white bread or freshly baked flatbread, from which you can break off a piece in between, are perfect companions for an evening drinking game. A cheese platter with pieces of fruit or grapes rounds off the snacks on the table and ensures that the body is always supplied with fat.
  • Have a glass of water every now and then for a change. You can also have fun playing drinking games with still water. Ideally, all players will be given a glass of water at the same time to compensate for the fluid loss due to alcohol consumption. Mineral water with a lot of carbon dioxide is not the best non-alcoholic drink, by the way, because the carbon dioxide stimulates the blood circulation and therefore accelerates the absorption of alcohol in the blood.
  • Avoid sugary alcohol when playing drinking games. The same applies to sugar as to carbon dioxide – it stimulates blood circulation. You probably know this from alcopops, whose alcohol goes into the blood particularly quickly.
  • No tobacco smoke. If you smoke a lot of cigarettes while drinking games, you are sure to have a hangover the next morning.
  • Make sure that your party evening does not turn into “speed drinking”. It is best to take a break between individual games and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks – in the best case still water. If someone gets out because he’s too drunk, you should end the drinking game round.

Important instructions

Even if drinking games with alcohol are supposedly more fun, you can play these games without alcohol. There are also soft drinks, cucumber water, lemon juice, milk, sausage juice or other disgusting drinks. Alcohol can be addictive and should always be consumed with caution. If you or your friends have an addiction problem, please contact us anonymous bodies and describe your problems. If you are playing a party game or drinking game with alcohol, none of the other players should participate in the traffic afterwards. It’s best to call a taxi or escort drunk guests home.

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