Deposit anonymously in online casinos


Deposit anonymously in the online casino and play without the prying eyes of authorities, banks and other third parties: is that possible? We explain how players protect their data in the online casino, where the limits of anonymity are and which payment methods are best.

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Deposit anonymously in the online casino: is that even possible?

deposit anonymously

As is well known, the Internet is not a legal vacuum – nor is it completely anonymous. This also applies to online casinos . For legal reasons alone, providers are forced to know the identity of their customers. This is not least stipulated by anti-money laundering laws. Providers are not allowed to open accounts for people whose identity they do not know. It is also forbidden to accept payments from customers that are not booked to the gaming account of these customers.

This means: At every reputable online casino worldwide, players can only deposit into their own gaming account. This game account needs to be verified. This includes an identity document. There is therefore no complete anonymity in the online casino.

Where something else is promised, it is about dubious providers who violate international laws. These providers are not to be trusted in any way. Games are unlikely to be fair at such a provider. Players should not deposit funds with such operators.

Even though there are no completely anonymous gaming accounts, players do not have to reveal their data to the world public at large. There are ways to keep your own data traces as small as possible. The deposit method used plays an important role here.

Deposit methods differ in discretion

Anyone who deposits with a credit card in the online casino will inform the bank holding the account and the credit card company about the deposit. If you pay by bank transfer, the account-holding bank will be informed. This also applies if a payment initiation service (e.g. Trustly or Klarna) is used for the deposit. This, too, ultimately only triggers an ordinary bank transfer.

With credit cards, bank transfers and payment initiation services, traces of the deposit remain on the account statement or credit card statement. There are good reasons to avoid such traces. This in no way means the curious looks of the spouse, who perhaps should not be informed about a high payout.

Avoid traces on bank statements

It can be worth avoiding such traces on account statements. The reason for this are possible disadvantages in credit checks. Credit checks are carried out, for example, when applying for a loan or in the run-up to a leasing contract. If you do not have a sufficient credit rating, you will not receive a loan or a leasing car.

The reason for this is the mathematical-statistical process that banks and credit bureaus use to assess the creditworthiness of consumers. These procedures are based on a peer group principle and are not necessarily fair. Put simply, it is about assigning individual consumers to groups of other consumers.

Anyone who has similar characteristics to a group of other consumers is assigned to this group – and their creditworthiness. For statistical reasons, consumers who make a lot of deposits at online casinos may have slightly less reliable payments than other consumers. In combination with other characteristics, this can lead to a reduction in creditworthiness.

Fortunately, online casino players can deposit anonymously or use a payment method that leaves no trace on bank statements and credit card statements.

Anonymous deposit methods

Even if it is not possible to deposit completely anonymously in the online casino: Some payment methods offer more discretion with regard to bank statements and credit card statements. Four payment services or methods stand out.


anonymously with paysafecard

One of the best-known alternative payment methods on the Internet is Paysafecards. The concept has been around since the turn of the millennium. Paysafecard GmbH in Vienna was founded in 2000. Today, just like Skrill and Neteller, the company is part of the Paysafe Group .

Paysafecard is now available in 46 countries. The principle is very simple and hasn’t changed for more than 20 years: Users buy a 16-digit PIN code at authorized sales outlets (e.g. petrol stations and kiosks). A credit is stored on this PIN code. Amounts of 5-100 EUR are usual.

Paysafecard is then selected as the payment method in the game account and the code is typed into the field provided. The credit deposited on the code is thus transferred to the online casino and is available in real time on the game account. The maximum amount per transaction is limited to 50 EUR. However, several transactions can be carried out one after the other.

The advantage of this classic Paysafecard variant: There is no need to register or download an app. Players do not need to provide any personal information for payment, nor do they need a bank account or credit card. Accordingly, no creditworthiness is required for payments with Paysafecard.

Additional functions are available by registering with My Paysafecard. This includes a prepaid MasterCard and the option of transferring up to EUR 1,500 per transaction.

Paysafecard makes it possible, via a small detour to the kiosk, to deposit cash and thus relatively anonymously in the online casino. For this reason alone, this payment method is attractive for many players. However, Paysafecard does not specifically address players, but sees the technology as a universal payment method.

There are usually no direct fees for deposits with Paysafecard in the online casino. Paysafecard charges the online casinos a fee that is not passed on directly.

Withdrawals are not possible via Paysafecard. It is therefore necessary to have another payment method ready to receive requested payouts.


anonymous payment

CashtoCode is a payment service from the United Kingdom that specifically addresses visitors to online casinos, sports betting enthusiasts, etc. The service allows deposits in the online casino without registration and without classic means of payment. Around 100,000 CashtoCode partner branches form the basis for the service. These are usually gas stations, kiosks, small shops, etc.

To deposit in the online casino with CashtoCode, this payment method is selected in the game account. In the next step, a barcode is created on the smartphone. A special app is used for this.

A CashtoCode partner branch is visited with the barcode. The checkout staff scans the barcode with a standard checkout scanner. The scanned amount is then paid in cash on site. The partner branch reports the incoming payment to CashtoCode. The payment service in turn informs the online casino, which credits the deposit in real time.

It is not particularly difficult to find a CashtoCode partner branch, especially in urban areas. In particular, the large gas stations (Aral, Esso, Jet, Total, Agip, Avia, etc.) cooperate with the payment service. In total, the network includes more than 160,000 branches.

No arbitrary amounts can be deposited with CashtoCode. Amounts of EUR 10, EUR 25, EUR 50, EUR 100, EUR 200 and EUR 400 are possible. 400 EUR represents the limit per transaction. However, players can string together any number of transactions.

Players do not incur any fees for payments. Cashcode receives fees from online casinos and other acceptance partners.

CashtoCode and Paysafecard in comparison

CashtoCode offers some advantages compared to Paysafecard. In addition to the higher maximum amount of EUR 400, this also includes security and comfort. If you lose the Paysafecard code, you also lose the credit. The CashtoCode barcode, on the other hand, is displayed on the smartphone, which is usually not lost. No 16-digit code has to be given when paying – just showing your smartphone is enough.

Just like with Paysafecard, no withdrawals are possible with CashtoCode.


pay anonymously or Viacash (the company operates under this name today) is a payment service for cash payments on the Internet. The company was founded in 2011 as Cash Payments Solutions by Achim Bönsch, Sebastian Seifert and Florian Swoboda and started in 2013. Viacash describes itself as the largest bank-independent payment infrastructure in Europe. Viacash has been part of the Paysafe Group since autumn 2021.

The Viacash principle is based on barcodes in connection with a network of stationary partners. The application is very simple. In a special app, users can choose between two transaction types: deposits and withdrawals.

A deposit or withdrawal amount is then selected in the app. The app generates a barcode. This barcode is presented at the checkout of an acceptance partner. Money is then either deposited or paid out with these acceptance partners.

The connected retail partners include the supermarket chains Rewe, Toom and Penny as well as the drugstore chains DM and Rossmann. Viacash also offers services for banks – such as those institutes that do not have their own ATM network.

By integrating the app into their own account infrastructure, customers of such banks can deposit and withdraw money at cash registers. A well-known bank with Viacash cooperation is, for example, N26.

A big advantage over other alternative payment methods is that payouts are also possible this way.


anonymous with cryptos

Cryptocurrencies are another way to deposit anonymously at online casinos. The most well-known cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and Tether.

Deposits with cryptocurrencies in the online casino are typically made via a regulated payment service such as Coinspaid. In principle, casinos can also accept payments directly via a wallet. Then really anonymous deposits in the online casino would be possible. However, this is usually not the case for regulatory reasons alone.

Deposits at online casinos with regulated crypto payment services are very easy and can be real-time, especially when using hot wallets. In the game account, it is usually sufficient to select Coinspaid or another service. It will then show which cryptocurrencies are available. A login to the account is then required. There the transaction is authorized.

Deposits with cryptocurrencies are particularly interesting for casinos that also settle stakes and winnings in Bitcoin and Co. This requires account management in the corresponding cryptocurrency. Then the conversion into fiat currencies, which would otherwise be necessary, is no longer necessary – a process that many fans of crypto assets do not like, as is well known.

Not every casino accepts discrete payment methods

Unfortunately, not every casino accepts the discrete payment methods. Especially casinos based and licensed in Germany often only accept deposits via certain payment services. This is due to the regulation, which is particularly strict in Germany and excludes services such as Paysafe or CashtoCode.

Cryptocurrencies are also excluded because credits on game accounts in Germany can only be shown in euros and cents and there is also a ban on conversion into other currencies.

The solution for data-conscious gamers lies abroad. Online casinos from other EU member states such as Malta or the United Kingdom and other countries have been active on the German market for decades. These providers still exist – players can deposit anonymously in the online casino or use the payment methods presented above.

There are particularly large differences in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in particular. Foreign casinos often accept Bitcoin and Co. not only for deposits, but also as game currency. Then players can place bets in Bitcoin and have winnings paid out in Bitcoin. This requires account management in Bitcoin, which is prohibited in Germany.

Foreign casinos: account opening not anonymous – but uncomplicated

Even with foreign online casinos, opening an account is not anonymous. Likewise, players cannot deposit anonymously in a foreign online casino. However, by using the presented payment methods, the information about the deposit remains hidden from prying eyes.

Looking abroad offers further advantages. This starts with the account opening. So players can use the so-called downstream verification. This means that a gaming account can be initially opened within a few minutes.

It is sufficient to specify a login and provide some contact data. The account only has to be verified before the first payout. A simple document upload is often sufficient.

In Germany, on the other hand, it is much more complicated. Here players can defer verification for a maximum of 72 hours – and only for deposits up to 100 EUR.


There are good reasons why online casino players want to deposit anonymously. However, for legal reasons alone, complete anonymity does not exist. The casinos must verify the identity of their customers and may only accept deposits from the holder of the respective gaming account.

However, there are payment methods that leave fewer traces on bank statements and credit card statements. These include in particular CashtoCode, Paysafecard, cryptocurrencies and Barzahlen/Viacash.

Here it is possible to transfer money to the game account with cash using a code or by purchasing credit via an e-wallet. Although the payment methods do not allow players to deposit anonymously at the online casino, they limit the information about the payment to those who are most necessary. In particular, there is no reduction in creditworthiness due to too many casino deposits on the account statement.

Important: If a casino promises complete anonymity without any indication of personal data and deposits are accepted via completely anonymous means of payment, such as non-regulated crypto payments, in most cases these are dubious offers. Players should never deposit money here. Any deposit made with such providers is most likely lost.

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