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Casino jackpot games are among the most exciting games you can find in online casinos , as there is always the possibility of big wins. The jackpots, like so many areas of the online casino, have their roots in the offline gambling halls. But it is precisely these top prizes that benefit immensely from the technical advantages that you can find in online casinos. In this article we explain everything you need to know about jackpots and how they are influenced by the new gambling law.

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What is a jackpot?


A jackpot is a slot machine game in which you have the opportunity to win a huge win every round. The main prizes in online casinos can then be further divided into two categories. With the fixed jackpots you can win a predetermined amount every round. With progressive wins, on the other hand, you can win an increasing amount every round. In both cases, of course, only until someone cracks the main prize. In the following we explain the different variants to you in more detail.

Fixed jackpot prizes

Fixed jackpots are a welcome guest in online casinos, the total profit is either determined by the casino itself and then mostly only applies in this casino, or the jackpot is determined by the developer. If the profit is determined by the developer, then the jackpot usually spans several online casinos and does not only apply to a single one. The size of the jackpot only changes if the provider intervenes directly or if someone dusts off the big win. More does not always mean better, but more on that later.

Progressive jackpots

With progressive jackpots in online casinos, the winnings grow continuously. Here it can also be that only customers of the selected online casino pay into the jackpot or all players worldwide. An example of such a jackpot would be “Mega Moolah”. This also explains the sometimes astronomical sums that are offered to you at some jackpots. As a rule, only 5% of your stake is thrown into the jackpot. But even here it is unfortunately the case that less is sometimes more.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better

Of course it is good if many players deposit worldwide and thus drive the jackpot in the online casino into the millions, but this also reduces the chances of all players. It is therefore often more advisable to take part in a small one, such as NetEnt or Yggdrasil, as the chances are better here. With the developers mentioned, a prize pool is often “won” within a casino, with two or three games often sharing a main prize. In most cases you can find the winning amount above the reels.

Of course, the machines also differ. It is often the case that a minimum bet or a fixed bet is set for the main prize machines. It may also be the case that a time limit has been set for the jackpot. The main prize is paid out every hour or every day. But developers also like to combine. There are slot machines that offer both a progressive and a fixed jackpot, or machines that combine pots with and without a time limit. In the following list we summarize all the variants for you.

The different jackpot variants in the online casino:

casino jackpot

The different variants are briefly and precisely summarized for you in a handy list.

Slot machine progressive jackpot:

All players who use the slot machines worldwide pay a certain percentage into the steadily growing jackpot for each spin. These are often linked to additional controls. So you may have to play with a certain amount or have set minimum and maximum stakes.

Casino Jackpots:

Work exactly like the progressive jackpots on slot machines, but are only limited to a single casino.

The static jackpots:

These are either main prizes with fixed winnings or those that grant a percentage profit, such as 10,000 times the stake.

Series Prize Pot:

Several games from the same developer and the same series share a main prize. For example, it can be that three games from Play’N Go share one. These jackpots can be progressive as well as static and “play” worldwide or locally.

Machines with multiple winning pots:

These machines offer two or more different ways in which you can win. The different pots can be in any of the categories already mentioned.


This type of jackpot is a time-limited win. The win will therefore be triggered within the specified time at the latest. The main prize can also fall into any of the above four categories.

What do you have to consider when playing a jackpot?

Before you try your luck at one of the countless jackpots you should ask yourself a few questions. Just like registering at an online casino itself, this decision also needs to be carefully considered. Always be aware of how the deposit is made using the machine of your choice. You should also always pay attention to whether it is a progressive or static jackpot. We also recommend that you choose a slot machine game which, in addition to a main prize, generally offers you good opportunities to win. For this you can always consult the RTP, also “Return to player”, which we will explain to you later. Bonus functions, such as a gamble feature, and the general fun of the game should also influence your decision.

What does RTP mean?

This indicates how high the expected win rate per stake. So let’s take an RTP of 97% as an example (generally the RTP is between 95% and 97%). With such an RTP you would “ideally” “get back” 97 € for a stake of 100 €. We consciously say the ideal case here because you can win several hundred euros with a single spin of € 0.50. This rate is calculated from all games of the slot, distributed across all providers. So we want to point out once again that the rule is not set in stone and you are guaranteed to get 97% back, but that this machine generally “gives back” this percentage distributed over millions of games.

Are there any successful tactics?


Countless myths are circulating on the Internet that promise you can win big with a trick or a few tips. But these are always just random coincidences or “logic errors”. If profits are made after using this tactic then it will always be present in the memory and overshadow the times in which the tactic did not work. In addition, due to regulations and from a technical point of view, the machines are calibrated so that they cannot be outwitted with a “tactic”. We are therefore of the opinion that you should not get involved with these charlatans.

But are there really no tips at all?

As already mentioned, the chances of winning a main prize are always the same, which may sound sobering at first glance, but at least it ensures that the slot machine is fair. But of course there are smaller tips that you can apply, these will not increase your chances but the eventual profit if you are lucky. In any case, don’t let your perception misguide you. The machine does not show you beforehand that it will now spit out the jackpot or anything like it, and a long dry spell does not indicate a huge win. Our brain just wants to interpret order into random events.

Also, a recently known jackpot is not an indication that it will be cracked faster or last longer. The odds are cast in hard numbers, so they always stay the same. With this in mind, we recommend that you always go for the bigger jackpots in online casinos, as these offer the same chances of winning as the small jackpots. So if you are one of the lucky few, your happiness is even greater.

How does it look legally?

online casino jackpot spiele

Since July 2021, new rules have been in effect for online casinos that are aiming for a German license or that have one. Of course, as always, the principle that only German casinos are 100% legal applies, casinos from other European countries operate in a gray area. Including a minimum duration per spin of 5 seconds and a deposit limit of € 1,000. You also have to trigger all spins manually and can bet a maximum of € 1 per spin. Many people ask themselves how these regulations affect the games.

Fortunately, these regulations only have a minimal effect on the jackpots. Above all, there is no general ban on jackpot games in online casinos, unlike, for example, slot machines with an autoplay feature or turbo spins. The general rules still apply, so you can only start a spin every 5 seconds and bet a maximum of € 1. However, the other regulations have no direct impact on the game. With the exception of the progressive jackpots, the legal situation has not yet been fully clarified. However, it appears that these are currently prohibited.

Our conclusion

Jackpots are one of the classics of the gambling industry. The big profits in particular make many dreams come true. However, you should always keep a clear head when playing and not be tempted by supposed patterns. With our tips you only need your luck to win big. That these winnings are not fake, you can see from many providers an up-to-date list of winners from all over the world. We have convinced ourselves of this and contacted some winners to confirm the accuracy.

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