Card games have always been very popular and most of them are easy to play. For every break, short trip or socializing, you quickly have a few cards on hand. But which games are the most fun? Here we show you the 10 best card games of all time. Card games belong to the genre Board games , as well as board games or dice games.

Top 10 best card games

There are many top lists of card games on the net. But mostly it’s only about ready-made games to buy, i.e. card sets such as UNO, Skip Bo or Phase 10. In our card games Top 10, we have taken into account both the most popular games with playing cards in the set and also those with a normal French card sheet .

10th place: Durak

card games durak

Translated into German, Durak (дурак) means stupid. The card game is a traditional Russian classic that requires a French hand of 36 cards. Playing Durak cards is about getting rid of all cards as quickly as possible as soon as the entire deck of cards has been used up. The Durak (or the fool) is the one who is the last player to have cards in hand. If, after the winner has discarded all cards, there is still more than one player in hand, they continue to play until an absolute loser is determined.

9th place: phase 10

phase 10 card game

The popular card game Phase 10 is similar to the classic rummy. However, 10 different phases have to be completed one after the other in the course of the game, which gives the game a special trick. Only when one phase is over can you begin the next. If one of them gets out of the group, the others have to try their luck again. Joker and skip cards add extra excitement to the game. The card game can be played with 2 – 6 players and is suitable from the age of seven.

8th place: 17 and 4

card games seventeen and four

The card game Seventeen and Four is also one of the classics and was already popular at the court of Louis XV in the 18th century. The game 17 and 4 is also known to some as Blackjack or BlackJack and the English name is Pontoon . The game is played with either a French sheet of 52 cards or a double-German Skat sheet with 32 cards. You always play against the banker. With two or more cards you have to get closer to the point value of 21 than the banker. You must not exceed the twenty-one points. If so, the round goes to the banker. In many well-stocked online casinos you can even play this card game online for real money.

7th place: Skyjo

card games skyjo

Skyjo is an entertaining card game set for the whole family. The point here is not to collect as many points as possible, but to finish with the fewest points in the end. Whoever swaps, collects and reveals the most skillfully and also keeps an eye on all the actions of the other players has a good chance of being the winner of the game. The card game requires a high level of concentration, because the individual actions of the other players must always be taken into account. You can play Skyjo with up to eight people – the more, the more difficult it is to estimate the course of the game.

6th place: swimming

top 10 card games swimming

In the middle of our top 10 card games is the classic swimming, which is a forerunner of 17 and 4. Here, however, there are 31 points that you have to collect. To play you need a French card sheet or a double German sheet with 32 cards. Here an attempt is made by clever card swapping to get the highest hand – albeit with a value below 31 points – in hand. Three cards of the same rank, such as 3 queens, three nines, etc. always count as 30 1/2 points. The 31, the highest possible number of points, is achieved with an ace, a picture and a 10 or with an ace and two pictures.

5th place: Poker

Top 10 Card Games Poker

There are many variants of poker and, in addition to roulette, it is one of the particularly popular table games in land-based gaming halls. An Anglo-American card sheet with 52 playing cards is mostly used for the game of poker. Generally you play for game chips with different values. You can buy the cards and chips in a complete poker case and thus have all the game material you need together.

All players make a hand of five cards and place their bets. The player with the best combination of cards wins the so-called pot – i.e. all the bets of his fellow players. In other variations of poker, the hand with the lowest value wins. If you bluff well, you can even win with bad cards in this game. Online poker has been popular for over 15 years to play with other players in real time.

4th place: Skat

skat top 10 card games

The card game Skat is played with three people. It is a strategic game, but luck also decides a lot. This card game is generally played with 32 cards. Each player receives ten playing cards from the freshly shuffled deck of cards. The remaining two cards make up the Skat, which for the time being remains covered in the middle of the table. Two players who are not allowed to coordinate with each other play against one. The game consists of two parts, namely the bidding and the decisive game. When bidding, the declarer is determined. Then the stitching begins. The card with the highest value wins the trick.

3rd place: Skip-Bo

top 10 card games skip bo

In the upper field of the Top 10 card game you will find the entertaining cover card game Skip Bo der brand Mattel. Up to six people can take part in a game of SkipBo and the game is suitable for children aged 7 and over. It is a card game in which you lay down all cards as quickly as possible by cleverly laying out and with a little luck. The rules are simple and easy to understand. In this way, you can quickly play a round in between, even without much preparation. With up to four players each receives 30 cards face down, with more players only 20. This is the draw pile of each player and it is important to place or discard these cards. Whoever gets rid of your deck of cards first wins the game.

2nd place: Mau Mau

Mau mau card games

Mau Mau. Who does not know it? The game lands in our top 10 card games in second place because it can be played by small children and has been a family card game for several decades. The game is usually played with a French or German card hand. In the meantime there are also ready-made Mau Mau card sets to buy. The rules vary from region to region. The most common is the game variant in which if a 7 is discarded, the next player must pick up two cards. If this player can also discard a 7, the next player picks up 4 cards, and so on.

If an 8 is placed, the next player must skip a round. The jack counts as a wish card, which can be placed on anything and for which you can choose a color. The player whose turn it is then must comply with the request. If you cannot discard, you have to draw a card and it is the next turn.

1st place: Uno

uno card game

UNO from Mattel continues to be number 1 in the Top 10 card games. It is probably the best-known further development of the Mau Mau card game. The rules are very similar, but there are special color changing cards, side changing cards, +2 cards and suspension cards in the deck. The card game can be played with up to 10 players and is intended for children from 7 years of age. However, many younger players already understand the rules. Hours of fun guaranteed!

Card games on the net

You can find many more card games on the Internet, including some that can only be played by two people. To name just a few, there would be canasta, rummy, asshole or schnapps.

Rules of the game of card games

Swimming rules


Mau Mau rules

Card games for adults Children are generally very good. These are easy to learn, put you in a good mood with the many colorful pictures and can be taken anywhere thanks to the compact format. Even in the cluttered children’s rooms there is always a suitable place for playing cards and delights parents and children.

The usual games like Mau-Mau, Schwarzer Peter or Uno or perhaps every family has to lie somewhere. However, there are plenty of card games for kids and adults that fans should try.

Card games have been popular for a long time and most of them are easy to play. For the journey, the break or in a social gathering, the trailer quickly has a few cards at hand. These are a lot of fun. There is an overview of the best card games of the times on the Internet. These belong to the class of parlor games, just like board games or dice games.

The most popular card games

There are many different types of card games, and these are generally classified by the rule structure and the objectives of the game. On the net there are card games in almost all available variants. The most popular types are listed. Because each game has its own set of rules, players can follow the links for each type of card game to the appropriate pages for sufficient information on how to play those games. Most of these card games also offer a tutorial to make it easier for new players to start playing.

Games like FreeCell and other solitaire games are generally played by only one player. The aim here is usually to sort the cards in a defined sequence. At the same time, the cards are laid out in a predetermined order, which is referred to as a tableau. The gamers can then move the cards by adding them to the tableau, moving them to the basic pile or placing them on the so-called discard pile. The goal here is to clear the entire tableau while the player abides by a number of different rules that limit the way in which the player can move the cards.

The card game seventeen and four is also one of the classics and was played very often in the 18th century at the court of Louis XV. Many players are familiar with the card game 17 and 4 under the name Black Jack or Einundzwanzig and the English name Pontoon. This is played either with the French card deck with 52 cards or with a double German deck with a total of 32 playing cards. Many gamers always play against a banker.

With two or more cards, they must come closer to the point value of 21 than the respective banker. The players may not exceed the twenty-one card points. If it does, then the game round goes to the banker. The gambler can play this card game online for real money in the mostly well-assorted online casinos.

Skyjo is a varied card game set for the whole family. It’s not about collecting as many points as possible in the game, but about closing with the fewest points at the end. Whoever collects the most skilfully, swaps and reveals and at the same time keeps an eye on all the actions of all other players. Dan has a good chance of going out of the deck as a winner. In general, the card game requires a high level of concentration, because the respective actions of the players must always be taken into account. Skyjo can be played with up to eight gamers – the more there are, the more difficult it is to predict how the game will progress.

Card games in the casino

Casino card games are those games in which a bet is made on the outcome of the card game. These casino games include all of the card games of the poker class, in which players play against one another, and such card games as blackjack, in which the player’s aspect is to beat a particular dealer. These variants are very popular in online casinos and are often played.

In trick card games, gamers select a single card from their hand each round to play. Based on the values of all cards played, a gambler will end up winning the cards that are dealt on the table in that round. In card games like Klaverjas, the goal of the gamer is to collect a certain number of points. In other trick-taking games, such as Hearts, the goal is not to take cards that have a point value, and instead force your opponents to win such cards.

In shedding card games, all players are dealt a set number of cards. The player who can get rid of the cards initially wins this game. Games like Uno or Crazy Eights belong to this class of card games, but suitable games like Rummikub also belong in this category.

Fusion games are card games in which the player must either clear the tableau or get rid of all the cards in hand by putting them back together to form sets or so-called fusions. Mahjong is a fitting example of a tile-based melding card game, as well as games like Rummy or Go Fish.

The online card game

Card games have been around for many centuries and as a result many rules have been forgotten. What has remained to this day is the impressive variety that was developed from a few basic rules.

There are countless ways to compete for victory with a deck of cards. The individual providers in the network offer the player the card games online according to several basic principles in their palace.

In the trick-taking games Doppelkopf, Skat, Pinokel and Schafkopf, higher card values trump the lower ones. There are different trump cards for this. The goal here is to win the opponent’s cards.

Solitaire, Spider and Solitaire, is all about patience and combination. The cards are distributed partially face down over the entire playing field. By moving the cards according to defined rules, the hidden cards can be released again and the displayed cards sorted.

Multiplayer mode and patience are generally not mutually exclusive. The solution paths of the game are comparable for the individual providers. At the gaming table, everyone gets the same setup. Now every move counts towards the fastest and most effective solution.

Canasta, Mau-Mau and Romm are card games. Here the player has to get rid of the cards quickly. In order to discard and play the cards, the player follows various complicated rules. At the same time, the discarded cards can make further play more difficult for the opponent. On the net, the player can test card games for free, which can also be done with friends.

As different as the online casinos may be, it is very important to them that the players are provided with the best possible choice of card game variants. Even the classic Black Jack is available in different variations. Gaming tables that allow gamers to place side bets or many side bets are very popular. They not only increase the chances of winning, but are also particularly profitable.

The big advantage of card games is that the rules are mostly the same everywhere. Only in terms of betting options there are some differences now and then. However, once you have found the right provider, you can try your luck as a beginner or as a high roller. So players should check out the most popular card games on the net.

The classic Black Jack is versatile and quite easy to learn. The game is all about collecting 21 card points and beating the dealer with a higher number of points. This is played against the house, with other players at the table having the same challenge. As far as this is concerned, the player doesn’t have to worry about the gameplay.

If you have no experience with it, you have the opportunity to play Black Jack for free, especially online. However, it usually doesn’t take too long to learn the basics. These practice rounds are especially recommended for beginners. At the same time, most providers make European Blackjack and alternative versions available free of charge – and without any restrictions.

Here we have an exciting selection of card games that can be played with two or more players. New card games appear in the gaming industry at regular intervals and the game processes are becoming more and more unusual and interesting. In our list you will find the best games with cards. You can download the rules for the card games here for free.

The card game – fun in the 12th century

card games earlier

The first card games can be dated back to around the 12th century. At least the first evidence of playing cards dates from this period and they appeared in China and Korea. Early sketches suggest that the individual cards were then held folded in the hand instead of the fan position that is common today. It is assumed that the first card games were pure games of chance and that the combination games that are so popular today were only developed later.

According to tradition, the card game first found favor in Europe around the end of the 14th century in Italy, from where it came to France. Many card games were created there, which spread from France to Germany and all European countries.

Only since the end of 18th century one knows the double-faced playing cards, as they are still common today and in the In the 19th century, uniform printing began on the back as well. At that time, the game of skat was invented with the rules that are still valid today. Rummy, on the other hand, has only been around since the beginning of the Played in the 20th century, but also has its origins in France. You can find a free rummy app on Google Play if you ever want to play the game on your phone.

Card games in different variants

Card game

Many different card game variants have evolved over the centuries. There are many different types of games, but they all come under the card game category.

  • discard games
  • trick-taking
  • eye games
  • Card collecting games
  • Card robbery games
  • mooring games
  • Card games that cannot be assigned to just one type of game

Gambling with cards

In the beginning, the card game attracted the envy of many believers. The games have been dubbed the “Devil’s Prayer Book” because gambling was more about luck than skillful playing of individual cards. So it was assumed that ‘evil powers’ would drive the players into ruin, after all some lost all their possessions while playing.

Added to this was the bad reputation, because the card game was usually associated with copious amounts of alcohol and often ended in fraud, disputes and even fisticuffs. At that time, the church tried, with the agreement of individual towns, to ban card games, but this did not really work. If one of the games was banned, it was simply given a different name. The gambling fever that had ignited in Europe in the 14th century could no longer be contained, despite severe penalties such as imprisonment, fines and even flogging that were imposed on gamblers who were caught. Despite the ban, people continued to play, bet, win and lose their belongings in dark back rooms.

So it was decided to legalize the card game, at least in gambling houses, and the cities even made a decent profit: gambling houses had to pay taxes, which then flowed into the city coffers. The first casinos emerged – even if at that time they were more in pubs.

Playing cards – In the beginning still luxury handmade

play card games

The first European playing cards were hand drawn by the playing card makers – on parchment or paper. The luxurious deck of cards was only reserved for the nobility, because only the rich could afford the playing cards at all. With the invention of the printing press around 1450, it was possible to print decks of cards more cheaply and to produce larger runs. This was the moment when playing cards could be made available to a wider audience. From then on, all social classes played and newer forms and variants of playing with cards gradually developed. So it happened that even long-established rules of the game were changed or expanded and a wide variety of game variants emerged.

Even today, new playing cards are conquering the scene again and again, and the creators really aren’t lacking in creativity. Even for the little ones, games with the simplest rules are developed so that they too can discover the joy of playing cards. Mau Mau or UNO can also be played with smaller children without any problems thanks to the simple, easy-to-learn rules. Card games with funny illustrations can be found in heaps and they are all currently experiencing a real boom – not only as a result of the Corona pandemic, in which parlor games have regained a higher status within the family.

Yu Gi Oh card game

At least with the invention of Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards, youngsters are also caught in the playing card spell. Rather, the individual cards are now trading cards rather than playing cards. Some of the early prints are now trading highly and individual playing cards have significant collector’s value. For example, a single Yu-Gi-Oh card, the Crush Card Virus, is trading for no less than €3,000 – and rising in value.

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