If someone goes on a trip, then … he should definitely pack board games for on the go. Especially if you are traveling with children, a travel board game can help over the long journey to and from home. There are now many travel games that don’t take up much space in your luggage. In this way, the children have at least short-term employment if it takes a little longer.

The best board games for on the go 2023

Every household should have at least one of the following board games for on the go. So that you can spend your holidays in a good mood and never get bored, we have put together the best board games for travel below. But board games are not only a popular change for children when they are on vacation, because they are also perfect for the waiting room when visiting a doctor. If the child has to stay in bed because of an illness or for a hospital stay, board games for 2 are almost perfect. They fit in the smallest bag and in the smallest bedside table, but offer great fun. Here are our top board games for on the go:

8 travel games from Schmidt Spiele

Board games for on the go

The classic board game for on the go is a game collection. 8 travel games from Manufacturer Schmidt Spiele contains everything you need for a cozy game night when you are on the road. The handy metal box contains a magnetic game board and six interchangeable game boards, on which the game pieces stick with magnets.

The game box contains the game plans and suitable game material for the classic and popular board games mill, checkers, chess, halma, Man don’t get angry , Solitair, the Goose Ladder Game and Five in a Row included. It is practical that the tokens do not slip even when the car is driving fast or when there is turbulence in the plane. It contains game material for up to 4 players and can therefore also sweeten the holiday evenings with the whole family. Due to the variety of play options, it definitely falls under the very popular board games for on the go and the game box can be found in every luggage.

Fast Fun Blokus from Mattel

Board games for on the go

With Fast fun blokus Mattel brings you a strategy board game for on the go. The board game is for 2 – 4 players, ages 7+, it doesn’t take up much space in the suitcase and the rules of the game are easy to understand. Even when traveling, you can do a little brain jogging and this strategic board game is ideal for that. In the tactical game, the players take turns placing their different-shaped stones on the game board, whereby care is primarily taken not to leave too many options open to the other.

The aim is to block the opponent so that he can no longer place stones on the board. Pieces of the same color must touch at least one corner when they are placed. Only where all the fields are free can you place them in this way. The game is played until no further move is possible. Then the remaining squares (not the stones) of each color are counted. The player who has the fewest left is the winner of the game round.

Roll for it

Board games for on the go

Roll for it is not a pure board game, but it is an ideal game to take away. Since you can see the different playing cards as a single game board, we still list the entertaining dice card game here as one of the best board games for on the go. The game is suitable for all age groups and a game round only lasts around 15-20 minutes. Therefore, it is also suitable for the little ones who are not quite as patient when playing board games. With Roll for it, you must be the first to roll the dice shown on the various cards.

With up to four players 3 cards are revealed, with more participants another deck of cards is required and you play with 4 cards. You first roll all dice and place the appropriate ones on the card / s. A player’s dice may be distributed across all cards, but you should still hold back one dice for the next round. Then it is the next player’s turn. When it’s your turn again, you can try your luck with the remaining dice. You can also take back dice from a card, but then you have to take back all of your dice that are there for the next roll.

If you are the first to occupy all of the spaces on a card, you receive it and a new one is revealed. The cards have different point values depending on the level of difficulty. When all cards from the pile have been used up, it is settled and everyone adds up their points. Whoever achieves the highest number of points at the end wins the round. Even if the cards are not really a game board, we would still like to include this game among the best board games for on the go. The game pack is easy to stow away and is perfect to take with you.

Sink ships

Fleet maneuvers board game

One of the most exciting board games for on the go is the battle game Sink Ships. At Hasbro, the game is available as a travel version under the name Fleet maneuvers offered. It is very practical that all small parts can be accommodated in the foldable game boards. So everything is always tidy up until the next sea battle. What is sinking a ship about? Each player has a fleet of five ships, all of which he places somewhere on his board. The opponent also places his fleet. Now the task is to destroy the enemy ships with the help of coordinates (there are numbers and letters on the edge of the game board).

Since you do not know where these are hidden, you first try alternately a few coordinates until you get a hit. Small pin pins remind you of where you have already fished in the dark and where exactly you hit an opposing ship. You can also keep track of your opponent’s moves using the pins on your board. If a ship was hit, it has to be mentioned. The winner of the game is whoever was able to sink the opponent’s entire ship fleet first. As one of the best board games for on the go, the fleet maneuver is definitely suitable, because it is easy to stow away and all game components are neatly housed in the game boxes.

Monopoly compact

Board games for on the go

The popular board game Monopoly is now also available as a Monopoly compact in travel size. Everything together in a small suitcase and ideal for the next vacation. The compact edition contains all the game parts you need for an exciting game of money and power. The board game for travel is designed for 2 to 4 players. All individual game parts can be stowed in the small, collapsible game board. The case fits in almost every pocket and is perfect for long car journeys, train journeys and air travel. Nothing stands in the way of an evening round of Monopoly with the whole family, even far from home. In any case, it should not be missing from the list of the best board games for on the go.

Ubongo – Ravensburger Bringing Games

Board games for on the go

The Ravensburger games to bring along are also very suitable as board games for on the go. We decided on the game Ubongo from Kosmos Spiele because you can play the game alone, but it is also possible as a family game with 4 people. It is an ideal travel game, because even if you don’t have an opponent, you can use it as a single player to tolerate the time during the journey or the flight. The compact game box has a handy format and can easily be accommodated in hand luggage.

32 task cards that are printed on both sides serve as the game board. These have to be filled in with parts in various forms. Ubongo is suitable as one of the travel board games for adults and children alike. You can play it alone without any problems, but it is also one of the board games for 2 or more people. The Ubongo bring along games are available in different versions: Ubongo Classic, Ubongo Junior, Ubongo Trigo, Ubongo Extreme and as an Ubongo Travel Edition.

HABA box game – mini orchard and ABC magic

Many of the Haba box games are also perfect as board games for on the go. We have selected ABC Zauberei from 5 years and the HABA Mini Orchard for children from 3. Learn by playing – perfect for the holidays. The small box games fit in every handbag and are perfect to take with you. You can play the games alone without any problems. For the ABC game letters have to be arranged and words have to be put together. You play mini orchard with a color cube and assign colors and fruits on the game board.

A nice pastime where the little ones can even learn while playing. Many of the HABA can game children’s games are perfect board games for on the go, which must definitely be carried in the luggage when small children go on a trip. The colorful HABA magnetic games are also ideal as travel games for children to take away.

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