How much money can players actually win in the online casino? There are a lot of rumors about this question. The fact is: Even small and relatively unknown online casinos have long been able to cope with the profit potential in terms of profit potential state lotteries take up.

Profit multipliers of 200,000x and more

Online casinos do not develop their own games. Instead, there are game manufacturers who continuously publish new titles and maintain existing games. The casinos lease or rent these games from the manufacturers. The manufacturers determine the game math – and thus also the maximum winnings.

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The maximum winnings in a virtual slot machine are set by two parameters. First, the highest possible win multiplier in the game. In the case of the NetEnt slot Starburst XXXtreme, this is 200,000x, for example. This means that with a single spin, players can win 200,000 times their stake.

The second parameter concerns the stakes. At Starburst XXXtreme, stakes of 0.1-50 EUR per spin are possible. Whoever chooses the highest possible stake of 50 EUR and with the necessary luck catches the highest possible profit multiplier of 200,000x, wins 200,000 × 50 = 10 million EUR. This amount can be won with a single spin on a single machine – provided Fortuna's support.

Of course, not all machines offer such high profit potential as Starburst XXXtreme. On some machines, the maximum win multiplier is limited to 1000x or an even lower value.

Is there a win limit through the casino?

Basically, players in the online casino can win as much as luck allows. If you have won a high profit on a slot, you can win again on the next spin. The casino does not limit the winnings (at most the stakes).

However, there can be weekly or monthly withdrawal limits. Then, in case of doubt, it takes a little longer until a large win can be paid out in full. Otherwise, there are limited winnings in online casinos only in connection with bonus offers. For example, a casino can stipulate that new customers receive 100 free spins and can win a maximum of EUR 100 with them.

20 million EUR with progressive jackpots

casino winnings

In the German state lottery 6 out of 49, there are often more than 10 million in the jackpot. Online casinos can now compete with this size. The reason for this is progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are slot machines that are linked together over a network. The slot machines are available in numerous online casinos around the world. Whenever a player makes a bet on a progressive jackpot in any connected online casino, part of this bet goes into the jackpot pot. At some point the jackpot is cracked – and then very high payouts are possible.

The biggest online casino wins of all time

A look at the past shows how high the winnings with progressive jackpots can increase. The highest documented profit was just over EUR 18.9 million. This amount was won by a player at the Microgaming slot Mega Moolah.

With Mega Fortune from NetEnt, one lucky guy has already won more than 17.8 million. Arabian Nights (also NetEnt) has already distributed EUR 8.6 million to a single player. A player could take more than 7.5 million with Hall of Gods (again NetEnt), after all approx. 5.9 million with Jackpot Giant from Playtech.

With progressive jackpots there is a basic game in which “normal” slot wins are possible. A jackpot function is also built into the gameplay somewhere. For example, a wheel of fortune can be randomly triggered. Whoever turns it and hits the right field wins the jackpot.

Many casinos share information about winnings


A tip: Many casinos publish current winnings on an ongoing basis. Often there is a stream with the winners from the past few minutes or hours. The customer's username, the exact amount of the winnings and the slot machine or the game of the event are then published. Often there is also a kind of “Hall of Fame”. Here casinos list their own customers with the highest winnings. If you look around here, you will get an impression of what is possible with the necessary luck.

Casino classic relaunched: Roulette with a 500x multiplier

Game manufacturers have invested a lot of money in the development of new games in recent years. Casino classics with new components are a success story. Lightning Roulette, for example, adds an additional function to the classic roulette game.

While the ball is moving around in the cauldron, one or more lucky numbers are determined by a random number generator. If the ball lands on such a number, there is a bonus in addition to the regular roulette win. As a result, profit multipliers of up to 500x are possible with Lightning Roulette – and thus significantly more than with classic roulette.

Can online casinos even pay out big winnings?

Some players fear that online casinos will not be able to pay out a big win at all if in doubt. This concern is usually unfounded – at least when it comes to a provider with a reputable license.

On the one hand: the casinos do not have to pay out all winnings out of their own pockets. In the case of progressive jackpots in particular, payouts are made via a network. The casino does not suffer any direct loss if a player hits the jackpot.

On the other hand: reputable casinos are regulated and licensed. As part of the licensing process and regular monitoring by supervisory authorities, the financial strength of the provider is also checked. Only providers who are financially strong enough to be able to cover larger winning series without any problems receive approval.

Recognize legitimate licenses

A license is essential so that high winnings in the online casino are actually paid out. But which licenses are serious? There are a variety of regulators around the world that regulate casinos. It plays a subordinate role for players which supervisory authority has issued a license.

Some casinos in Germany are licensed centrally or by the federal states. Other casinos in turn operate in other EU member states such as Malta. In addition, there are many operators based in (former) overseas territories such as Curacao or Gibraltar. These locations also issue reputable licenses and monitor the technical progress of the game as well as the financial strength of the operator.

What does the maximum win say about a game?

Is the game with the highest maximum win automatically the best? Definitely not! Maximum win is only one aspect of game evaluation.

A high maximum profit is typically associated with high volatility. In plain language: Where there is a lot to be won in extreme cases, the winnings are usually rather manageable. Those who are only interested in very high profits and are willing to put everything on the proverbial one card are well served here.

However, not all players are only interested in the highest possible profit. In practice, the typical payout behavior of a machine is very important. For example, games with regular but slightly smaller wins are often more entertaining.

High volatility and its characteristics

high casino winnings

Who games with high volatility should know their properties. In these games, there can be long dry spells. Very long phases without significant gains are also possible.

High volatility slots are often designed in such a way that significant winnings are only possible in the bonus round. However, this is only achieved after a lot of turns. So players have to survive a sometimes long phase in which almost only stakes are withdrawn and no winnings are paid out. But then, with the necessary luck, there is a brilliant free spins round with ever increasing winnings.

Players should also pay attention to the RTP

Modern online casinos work transparently. Players always know what the odds are about. An important metric of games is the payout ratio. This is also known as Return to Players (RTP). With a payout rate of 96%, for example, for every EUR 100 stake, an arithmetical EUR 96 will be paid out in the form of winnings.

The RTP is an important figure. The better the payout ratio, the higher the chance of winning. Players should pay attention to slots and all games in general to prefer titles with high RTP values.

However, the RTP is not an expected value for a single session. No player can assume that they will achieve an RTP of 96% in their own game. The reason: The payout quota is calculated over an extremely large number of game rounds. In order to reliably get a result close to the RTP at a machine, players would sometimes have to make several billion spins.

Increase chances of winning with a bonus

A bonus can increase the chances of winning. There are bonuses in almost every casino for new customers. This increases the first deposit – for which bonus conditions have to be met in return. The bonus money increases the chances of winning. With a 100% bonus, players can play twice as many game rounds or double the stake per game round without having to deposit more themselves. The expected profits are also higher.


High profits in the online casino are not only possible, they have long been a reality. In the past, individual prizes of almost EUR 20 million have already been paid out. Extremely high winnings in the seven and eight-figure range are particularly possible with progressive jackpots. But even classic slot machines without jackpots now offer profit multipliers of 200,000x and more. In extreme cases, a seven-figure profit is possible with just a few euros.

Online casinos are basically able to pay out high winnings. This is ensured by jackpot networks, licensing processes and regulatory requirements. However, players must be careful to play in a licensed casino. It only plays a subordinate role in which country the license was issued. Once you have found a reputable casino and an entertaining game, you only need one thing: the necessary luck!

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